What do you think about GTW tax system?


This is the pool for people who don’t participate in GTW.

What do you think about GTW tax system?

  • I don’t care, I am ready to make another’s guilds stronger for my money
  • I want neither participate in GTW nor pay tax
  • It is unacceptable, I’m going to quit the game

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If you don’t want to participate in GTW or GVG in general, what difference does it make if your tax money goes to another guild that does participate, or into the ether that it currently goes into?


I think there are better ways to reward guild winners than passive silver incoming. Specially when GvG (and I can extend this to Boruta) can be easily abused if you have a “mob guild”.

It seems too much for a content that happens once in a week.

Edit: poll options are kind of extreme.


Im fine with that
Next question


These answers aren’t mutually exclusive, nor are they covering enough varieties of opinions.

Biased survey won’t be taken seriously. If you really wanna bash IMC, you should give the poll some answers supportive to IMC, and show them none of us voted for IMC.


Because I’ve taken Constitutional Law, I can’t support this system by American morals.



Taxation = Theft.

Putin is behind tos taxation system.

Плоти нологи.


These tariffs apply to Silver spent by players who are not members of the owning guild within the corresponding city in the following transactions.

Item Merchant: item purchases
Equipment Merchant: weapon and armor purchases
Accessory Merchant: accessory purchases
Companion Trader: companion adoption, companion food purchases, companion training
Blacksmith: repairs, recipe purchases, socket addition, gem extraction, identification, item dismantling, weapon appearance changes (if the potential loss prevention option is ON)
Storage: Team Storage expansions
Geraldas Family: gem purchases
Magic Association: item purchases
Fishing Manager: item purchases
Teliavelis: item purchases, seal enhancement
Appraiser Master: identification

Tariff rates do not apply to Silver spent in the following transactions:

  • Warps
  • Class-specific supply purchases
  • Guild foundation
  • Etchings
  • Personal Storage transactions

I will stock bonfire and blessed gem recipe before 1st GTW starts,
and their tariff won’t touch me, mwahahahaha!


I think casuals don’t care and most will likely not even know, and will stay in Klaipedia because it has all the bells and whistles as well as an easier to navigate map.

I only noticed or knew anything about this because when I was doing the Exorcist costume quest, the announcement froze my screen for 3 seconds and scuffed my flawless run.


Only if the tax is left at 10%. If it is raised to 20%, almost everything you buy in town will cost you 10% more. So yeah, it makes a small difference…


When I choose “Not participating in Guild Territory Wars” in the guild menu settings I expect I will not be affected by this part of game at all.

Yes, it is a way to monopoly of big guilds.

This survey is for players, not for IMC. As we can see some people know nothing about this tax still they are not interested in GVG. For IMC I’ve sent a ticket, although I think they doesn’t care about any player’s opinion.

Don’t forget to buy fishing gear :slight_smile:
Bonfire and blessed gem recipes are fine but if you play you won’t avoid the tax. Eventually, you will need to dismantle item or make sockets and so on.


Yesterday after the tax was deleted, I made sockets to my Velco mace and shield and spent around 9kk.

At a tariff rate of 10% (default rate) I would spend the same amount, but winning guild would receive 10%, e.g. 900k.

At a tariff rate of 20% (maximum rate) I would spend 900k more and winning guild would receive 2x900k=1.8kk.

The only case when guild receive nothing is at a tariff rate of 0%. But I don’t believe somebody set this rate.

Moreover, you forget about market. “Guilds who own a Spot Area can also receive a set percentage of the Silver spent on Market fees (both registration and sale fees)”. This tax is fixed and can’t be cancelled.

Further, all this silver can be distributed: “Retrieved funds are sent to the inventory of the character that receives them”. Afk-farm? RMT? Are you still bother about it?

In short, even if you don’t participate in Guild Territory War or even you are not a guild member, with the new GTW tax system you must pay your money to another’s guilds. There is no way to avoid it once you play. Once you play and spend your time, the result is you make another people stronger. It already goes beyond the game and entertainment.


But your poll answers are clearly inviting sentiments. And they don’t represent all options.

For example, what if I wanna participate in GTW, but I don’t want to pay tax. What if I think it’s unacceptable, but I don’t want to quit the game.

You are just baiting us to agree with you with those answers you planted.


It is fantastic. It create a good snowball and make players do something


Shut up your piece of sh…


Welcome to Mother Russia lmao


well, the problem here is how much silver those tax generate and how this literally throw all the equip race into the thrash can… Any Guild that gets the silver will get a BRUTAL difference of silver relative with other guild that will probably use the market until the next war, after 1, or in best case scenario 3 weeks, we will get 1 up to 3 guild so strong that no one will be able to contest the territories for like one entire year the way the pvp is right now. eventually anyone that want to try pvp will be slaughtered by those guilds and will lose any interest because they would need too much time to just barely try.
And i m not even mentioning the impact with the economy of the endgame content/gear.

Well, just complains dont get anywhere. My suggestion is rethinking the rewards for the GTW and re-balancing the pvp in general, principally the way they see the roles of tank, support, dps, healer, control mages and assassins.

I m not putting all my thoughts here because the point of this post are the taxes.


In real life we pay taxes to allow the ruling government/administrators to

  1. run the community.
  2. to clean up the streets
  3. remove criminals/exploiters/vandals/crooks
    4.other community works for a better place to dwell in.

now I’m paying my hard earned/farm silver to GVG guilds that DO NOTHING? IMC is really good in reducing their player base.


fishing reward aren’t interesting anymore
i already have all my endgame gear socketed, so i will never socket anymore
dismantle? hmm, nice reminder. I will make them as gem fodder then.
Problem solved

If i am the GTW winner, i will make fedimian tarrif 0% and make it lively again


What you folks don’t realize is that this feature is good for politics and interesting player-created gameplay, which is the best thing you can get in an MMO. PERIOD.

Let me explain.

Say there is a top guild that is holding Boruta and playing GvGs. First of all, no matter how strong that guild is, it’s not like it will be as strong if it splits it’s numbers three-fold. Meaning, there is always a chance to take at least one spot from them.

Then, there are taxes.

Say this guild puts a tax of 10%. They do get their money, most ppl play the game without any knowledge of it, nothing changes much.

Now, what if this same guild puts a 20%? The guild gets villified! Forum posts about this guild being root of all evil emerge. And people, unwilling to pay additionals (10% is quite a lot!) actually get to choose whether to support the E-guild (don’t forget that guild slots are limited) or finally team up against it and do something, taking at least one spot from them with combined effort if they have to.

Taxes breed hate. Hate breeds player-driven politics. Politics breed good GvG and player alliances. Player alliances and GvG improve the game.

As a result, taxation is a great feature and I really hope IMC doesn’t listen to leftists who, as always, want to achieve everything without doing anything.

What you suckers don’t realize, because you are too busy with whining, is that any “monopolist guild” can be taken down if people actually get their heads out of their asses and take it seriously for once. It’s not like it’s IRL where police can come to your house and thrash you, nobody is preventing your progress, just go for it!

I mean just look at Klaipeda Wars thread (Boruta Vengeful Fever thread). People are so salty about one guild monopolizing the event, when they could’ve prevented it, but they are kept apart with hate, which the monopolist guild cleverly uses against them to further divide competition. That is SMART.

Just look at Fedimian. I personally am with Maid Cafe and I like farming Boruta on mondays, thank you very much (tho I caught a cold from open window doing it two days ago and am now ill - that is called workplace commitment, rofl).

I am not even that well-equipped. I won’t speak for my guild and I don’t represent our opinion on the matter in any way, but I personally would LOVE to see a strong, organized opposition. Alas, there is none. Don’t other guilds have numbers? Oh but they do. Don’t they have equips? They also have that as well! A lot of them are much better equipped than I am, having quit the game in the past 3 times already. They are just fractured and unorganized. This way, we will always dominate content and have the best players join our ranks, in lots of cases - leaving YOUR guilds.

And you know what? I personally hate it when our competition gets even weaker. Because cannon fodder leaves the game en masse, whining about monopoly and stuff. And one person quitting drag other people with them as a result. It happens in every MMO, believe me, I’ve seen it all.

So, if we get interesting politics, maybe those people would feel interested in playing the game again, feel like their contribution in GvG and Boruta may actually mean something.

I initially joined this game during beta with a GvG oriented guild that dominated many servers of other games dure to having a core of nolifer aggro players whos love for killing only rivals their love for thrashing losers on forums afterward. Almost everybody left by this point because of simply being bored. Because we haven’t had a feature like this. Because game was just stale without player-driven hate politics.

So I really hope to show them how I am being destroyed at GvG, so that they say “hey, it’s fun!” and get back into the game again.