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What are your guys opnions on cannoneer class?

I played this game long time ago and recently I’ve been wanting to play again but I’m looking for a class that I’d enjoy to play. So far I liked cannoneer class, what can you guys can say about this class for a beginner? thanks in advance

It is too slow for my taste, even if they have high power. I only like their big AoE, but other classes have that too.

I see, but do you think cannoneer damage/dps is on a par with other dps classes?

I do not believe so.

Given max gear on everyone, Mergen/fletch should outdps any other archer spec atm.

Damage wise Cannon is perfectly fine, it might have slightly less dps than Mergen-Fletcher, but the thing with Cannon is that it has BIG BOI DAMAGE, it just deals it in a burst rather than straight up dps

So, basically, Cannon is perfectly viable for all content if thats what youre worried about, it just has a different playstyle that is very much subjective, you would have to play it yourself to see if you like it, if you like the “heavy” high damage playstyle it probably is the class for you, but if you instead like the “flashy” death-by-a-1000-cuts kinda playstyle then you proabably wont like it too much, but its up to you fam!

Hey I haven’t played the game in ages, what synergizes with Cannoneer? Other than Matross of course.

Edit: and other than Falconer, which is quite obvious.

Cannoneer is often paired with Hunter and/or Wugushi in top-end scenarios.

It is one of the highest DPS classes in Archer, and there is a player in KTOS that gets rank 1 in Weekly Boss Raid every week playing Cannoneer.


there is actually a method to diffuse that rock attack, just jump sideways and you’re safe … I completed it with my cannon/falcon/matross with the free kedoran equip from neringa quest in orsha with 50% attribs on most skills … around 20k attrib points total or less …

My falcon attacks from long range and laying down 2 sweeping cannon while running back ( which really hurts the boss ) chipped away its hp till its dead XD … took around 5-8 mins but doable …

i play a cannoneer-matross-pied piper, and i really like piper for the utility

You like cannon? hehe

Cannoneer has its charms, the character looks nice carrying those huge B’zooks on their backs. Attack wise they have slow attack speed, you’d mostly avoid using auto attack ( unless you have a party and use Bazooka skill to auto attack from behind ). This is a skill based class which you need to make a series of combo and chain attacks.

I can recommend cannon/falcon/wugu for cm … very fast clear and all skill based attack.

I like that cannon brings some good utility with its DPS. Clearing raids is easier with Siege Burst when not everyone is overgeared. Smoke Grenade is wanted in Boruta. Cannister Shot was secretly improved in the last patch and is better CC now, great for Dimension Collapse.

To be fair, I also had a hard time with that boss with all my chars using Kedoran gears

does anyone know how to get that addon that shows the group’s DPS?

It’s self only in Weekly Boss Raid. There is a DPS meter addon called “dpsmeteralltime” that allows you to use it outside of Weekly Boss Raid, but it’s still self only.