What are guilds? [v3.03] - Added Guild Territory War info(Re:Build Ready)


when i do a guild mission or boss raid and finish it i get nothing guild exp. is this normal?
have open a ticket but still open since more weeks


Boss guild and missions dont give any guild exp.


Add info: Guild raid lv18 also drop guild hat box.


but it have give guild exp my ticket is still open :smiley:


hi guys,

since i noticed that there is a limit on how many words a post can contain, i’ll be editing the format a little to include the hangout raid once we’ve gotten more information on that one since i’m not able to add it entirely due to character limit.

in case you’re wondering, it is 32000 words maximum per post.


Waiting for Hangout raid info :haha:


I’d like to add them but sadly I can’t incorporate them entirely haha, I wanted to keep all the historical information for guild notes so it’s easier to refer to them when needed, sadly I might have to take them out and reformat the guide to fit it in :’(


How Much Silver can be made with the new hangout boss?


we’ve killed a few bosses, it’s quite fairly easy, but there’s no option to exchange these to silver currently. we’re still working it out, my hunch is it might be due to next week after reset then possibly the option may appear.


For hideout raid, it seems like you can stack contribution points the more u run the raids.

It seems to be every 10,000 damage dealt = 1 contribution point.

for the level 11 raid(not sure about the lower levels), there are 4 bosses.

  • Molich
  • Biteringa
  • Wiggling Lutopus
  • Achat

The contribution points seem to cap at 49904, unable to increase further.

Your members will need to speak with the sage envoy npc and click the participate option BEFORE they are able to hit the boss and acculumate points.


If a member dies, they must speak with the NPC again and click participate.

The bosses themselves are HP sponges for the most part.


If we kill more then 1 Boss per week, we Can acumulate more than 44904 points?


No. The 49904 was when we ran multiple bosses and the contribution increased until that amount.

When you reach that amount, it is no longer possible to go further I think

[edit 49904]


Guildmate was able to reach 49990, after doing multiple bosses solo


ah sorry i typo’d there, i managed tro get to 49904 only doing multiple raids yesterday :thinking:, cant get higher but i will try again solo and see what happens


hm managed to get to this much after doing some lower level bosses with less people:

perhaps the cap looks to be closer to 50k instead?

(though ive heard someone has apparently 200k+ points? cant confirm if its true though)


Is there any limit how often you can do this guild hangout raid?

Like e.g. with the guild quests that require tickets to start?


No tickets are needed, whoever has the appropriate permissions by the guild lead can speak to sage envoy npc in hideout to start it.

you can essentially run them all day anytime if u really want to.


I’ve also gotten 49,904 currently after running multiple times.

Right now I’m waiting on Monday to see the distribution of silver from the envoy npc


Is it possible that no Korean guild diffused the news about how much silver corresponds to those points and if it’s worth anything?


So its reset already, and my 49998 points/grade 1 thing turned into 1 mil silver which was given.