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What 4rd class with Pied Piper/Falconer? (Qual classe 4 junto com Pied Piper/Falconer?)

I saw that the vast majority indicate musketer or mergen in that combination. However, I wonder to what extent Wugushi would have no advantage, given his damage via DoT which seems to go well with Pied’s control skills. :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

(Vi que a grande maioria indica musketer ou mergen nessa combinação. Porém me pergunto até que ponto o Wugushi não teria alguma vantagem, tendo em vista seu dano via DoT que parece cair bem com as skills de controle do Pied.)

I’m from Brazil dude, hello ^^

Well, Pied Piper is my favortie archer class but for PvE … There are better classes.
People will say musketeer or mergen because mergen is a really strong class with a lot of AoE skills and musketeer + falco is because musk doesn’t have enough AoE skills. It’s a class used for bossing (one-target) so… falco is used for boosting AoE damage.

Wugushi is a strong class with poison element and good DoT skills.

But the question is: what’s your purpose with this archer? Bossing? CM’ing? Dropping? Leveling?

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Olha quem eu achei por aqui… PiclesFalante here :smile:

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So, Pied Piper is also my favorite class! Despite seeing little in the game, I find a lot of op because of the area control and buffs. This is going to be my main char, so I want to try to build the build so that I don’t exclude my flutist from love.

The point is: I also really enjoyed the falconer. So that would be the third class already right.

The problem is coming is what to choose for the fourth class. As you indicated, this will vary in relation to my endgame objective. What if my goal is to do a little bit of everything, even if half a mouth? Has as? Which one do you suggest?

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Vida de noob é isso né mano, pesquisando lol

Pied Piper - Falconner - Arbalester is good. I’ve tryed and I really liked it.
If you don’t like crossbow, you can switch Arbalester for Mergen. If you don’t like both you can pick musket: Pied Piper - Falco - Musketeer for bossing.

Mergen only works with bow. Arbalester only works with crossbow. Musketeer only works with musket.
All can work and you can do a bit of everything. <3

@matheuspardini123 Glitterwings here :smiley:


Thanks a lot Tim!!! :pray:

I have more doubts than before now, but I feel smarter now somehow (laughs) :smile_cat:

Let’s rock! :facepunch:

Since you already have Piper and Falconer, why not make a full support archer and go with Appraiser? Sometimes you will do party content and your team mates will be happy to have Overestimate, Blindside and Devaluate.


I paired my piper with sapper … follow me till you get screwed gahaha XDDD


Pied Falcon Mergen você consegue fazer tudo como Musket tbm, a diferença fica em que com Mergen vc vai dar mais dano em CM e vai bater mais em gtw pq todo mundo sempre fica agrupado. Já o musket vc vai bater mais em boss e vai bater mais em pvp 1x1 pelo falto de vc bater de mais longe e ter um dano maior em single target, além de ter uma skill a mais de controle.
Agora pelo boss semanal se fosse pra escolher eu irei de musket… eu tenho uma pied falcon mergen da pra garantir o dano mas da muito mais trabalho

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Hi! I know I’m too late for the party, but I’m just in love with PP and thought it makes a lot of sense to use his control skills to lure foes into damaging over time areas or traps.

Is Sapper dmg nice? Is ir fun or repetitive? It the setting up time or cooldowns too long? I mean do you always have to wait a lot between mobs? Does it pay off? And what other class did you take along with PP+Sapper?

Please, help a newbie running away from LoL and leaving yeas of Ragnarok behind because I’m seeing so much better use of classes and skills potential in ToS, inside and outside of battles. (Come on, wtf PP can actually play notes and then songs outside of battles?!? How come people still be satisfied with Ragnarok bards and performers in general?? Seeing a PP play Celine Dion made my eyes shine :pleading_face:)

Errr i moved from archer tot wiz so I have no idea if Sapper is still good for dps or just for mobbing in cm … cant help much … though tomorrow maintenance xbow users have a boost in damage so you might want to try them out XD

I play on Steam version (PC) :confused:
And I already have a Dark Wizz going on (FF+Shadowmancer+Warlock) that’s pretty fun, but I want to try a PP build. If not the “lure to traps” one, I may try the PP+Falconer+Musk or Mergen (or even PP+Falconer+Wugushi, but really no idea if that one is viable).

Thanks anyway :two_hearts: