Tree of Savior

[Weapon Costume] Shessyta // Klaipeda


Team name : Shessyta

Server : Klaipeda

Weapon 2H mace:
Name: Taiko Drum Mace

The sound comming out from this percussion instrument seems to be seeking for war.
Gimmick suggestions:
-Every hit sounds like a taiko japanese drum.

Weapon 1H Mace:
Name: Koi Fish Lantern

A beautiful paper lantern used in festivals.
Gimmick Suggestions:
-The lantern is separated from the base so it looks like it’s floating up.
-It glows

I wasn’t able to finish the rest of my sketches :cry:
(If it’s still allowed to upload more entries tomorrow as the last day i will post them then)


:3 festive weapons give me good memories :blush:


oooooh~ these are kinda sorta useful in many occasions aside from combat Owo