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[Weapon Costume] Pendragon_ // Telsiai


I’m really bad at drawing so I just edited some in-game items and put them all together.
I played AC Syndicate recently and got my inspiration from Evie Frye’s Cane Sword

  • Art used in this submission was extracted directly from the game.
    cane diamond rapier

Team Name : Pendragon_
Server : Telsiai
Weapon Type : Rapier

  • A walking-stick great for walking and stabbing the hearts of your enemies.
  • The diamond pommel of the rapier has glowing particle effects.
  • When out of combat, the rapier is sheathed and held on one hand. In combat, rapier is unsheathed while the sheath remains on the right side hip of the swordsman.
PSD - Google Drive Link


whoa der zato-1 Owo i was thinking of putting a particle effect for mine as well owO


Particle effects on weapons would look pretty in this game. PLS IMC


The biggest yes, I love cane swords. It would be also awesome to have the cane pose like all those NPC lords. Good job on the edit and design!


nice!!! penpen.
i would like to submit some of my idea too. but too busy.


Thank you, I’m glad you liked it.
I played Assassin’s Creed : Syndicate for quite a while, that’s where I got the inspiration.

Looking forward to your submission.


i just realized that the title should include team name owO;


changed it already :haha:


you are one of the winner, penpen


Omg my cane rapier