Tree of Savior

[Weapon Costume] oAo // Klaipeda


Team Name: oAo

Server: Klaipeda

Thousand Thorns Bow

Weapon Image:

Every rose has its thorn. Be careful whose heart you break next.

Gimmick Suggestions:
Soft petals fly with every shot/critical shot.

PSD Link:

Guardian Angel Shield

Weapon Image:

Your guardian angel is always looking out for you. Just believe!

Gimmick Suggestions:
Soft feathers fly with every block.

PSD Link:

Thank you for viewing!


Omg, you’re entering! These two submissions are amazing! I hope one of these get picked! <3


Thank you so much! Your Giltine Spear is very detailed and creative as well! :blush:


Both of them are gorgeous!


Thank you! :sparkling_heart:


does the wings open when they’re placed on the back Owo


I wish! But I doubt we could have that as it’ll compete with their current wings. :scream:


well, it is a gacha item Owo