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[Weapon Costume] nxLynz // Telsiai


I will definitely freakin buy that 2h bow skin if you win. Ffs it’s nice! Keep up the good work!


woah! these are cool. Some of em look like weapons from Aion! Love that game!


if none of these win i’ll personally fly to korea and ToiletPaper their office


why would you give them game currency :smirk:



  • Update 21-nov 2018
    added: Finished shield render, gimmick, & in-game preview


OUU!!! now I want my bow and that shield on same character at same time D:


I’m gonna say this now, I would love it if imc decide to took you out of the competition AND make a deal with you to release all of your work in the game… Its that good!
All of your weapon designs are awesome!
Keep it up!!



  • Update 22-nov 2018
    added: Finished 1h-spear render, gimmick, & in-game preview



  • Update 22-nov 2018 pt.2
    added: Finished rod render, gimmick, & in-game preview



  • Update 23-nov 2018
    added: Finished 1h-sword, gimmick, & in-game preview



  • Update 23-nov 2018 pt.2
    added: Finished 2h-sword, gimmick, & in-game preview


Powerful!! love it :3


Niquila Rod looks amazing!! I-I want…so bad.


please finish 2h Mace and Staff in your remaining time… these are amazing



  • Update 25-nov 2018 pt
    added: Finished 2h-spear, gimmick, & in-game preview


Damn, that freaking Greatsword.


You wonnnnnn. Cant wait for your 2h bow skin bro




This is AMAZING piece of ART.