Tree of Savior

[Weapon costume] Monstz // Klaipeda


Team name: Monstz,
Server: Klaipeda

Owl skull rod

I want a cute rod for my Sorc <3

Gimmick: Shiny and effect when using summon or buff skill:

Link PSD:

Fish bone dagger

I need a cute dagger for my Assassin when Re:build come!

Gimmick: Bone scattering after each hit.

PSD file:

Swordfish bone sword

I want a cute & cool sword for my scout

Psd file:


Gimmick updated!!! xD


I want this for a bokor too hmm


bird theme I LOVE IT! More love to tos owls!


oooh~ my sis likes bone stuff Owo

why do both of you think skulls are cute oAO;;;


But they are cute :partying_face:


then again Owo

i do like this game X3


woa so cute xD
I’ll try it


mons cats should like em very much


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