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[Weapon Costume] Lovkin // Klaipeda

Team Name: Lovkin
Server Name: [NA] Klaipeda




Here are some weapon designs I came up with. I think weapon skins should look unique, but kept as vanity items. For this reason, some of my designs are rather impractical. I hope you like them!

One-handed Sword

Name: Anchor One-handed Sword

Description: A cursed sword forged from an ancient anchor. Its weight heavier than the ocean itself.


Name: Accordian Crossbow

Description: A musical instrument crafted by a travelling peddler. His works inspired many townsfolk, despite not having any applicable functions.


Name: Bonsai Dagger

Description: Created by a foreign sculptor, these daggers were desired by many Dievdirbys Masters.

Tooltip: “Cut down trees along with your enemies.”


Name: Selfie Stick

Description: An extendable rod designed to capture images at distances that would not have been possible with the human arm.

Tooltip: “Camera phone”


Name: Valhalla

Description: An omnious shield containing the souls of fallen warriors.


Name: Swordfish Rapier

Description: A rapier assembled by a group of Bokors. It’s rumored to have incredible hexing properties.

Two-handed Blunt

Name: Brain Freeze

Description: A delicious frozen desert that was often used for treating a bad case of “Swell Brain”.

Tooltip: “Delightfully painful!”


Name: Space Pistol

Description: A futuristic gun derived from science fiction.


Waow the crossbow is rlly nice one ;O~

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Selfie stick! So creative :smiley:

loved the anchorsword~

i want the selfie stick rod OAo

aaaah soo many rods that i like ; w ; i hope imc can choose more than 1 weapon type

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that rapier similar to this

Nice Pistol need this one to.

sadly only 0.5% uses crossbows haha … i like the designs!