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[Weapon Costume] Katt // Klaipeda


Hello! Unfortunately I lack the skills necessary to make these look pretty, but really would like to see a proper 2-handed blunt weapon for monks–punching with a giant mace is wonky. :frowning: If my design is chosen, I hope the talented artists at IMC can make the tonfas much prettier.

Anyway, I present a 2-handed blunt mace skin: Royal Tonfas!

Possible layout on back:

Thanks for viewing and have a great day!


these are really cute >w<

but i think you have to incorporate on how 2hand maces are held Owo;;

but i would love to see the idea if you can owOy


Ahh thanks for that point! I forgot to note how they should be held, as not everyone is familiar with tonfas and I wasn’t able to create a great representation on-character. It would be different than a traditional 2H mace and would have to be a special adjustment with this skin.

They would be held in this manner:


It would be more akin to bare hand attack stance/animation + the tonfas on the arms. If we could look just a fraction as cool as the guy above, that would be a victory! :3


i guess this would be a nice gimmick if the pose will be different from the usual 2hand mace Owoy


This concept got my interest not just about cuteness like 99% artworks go about on these kind of events, but specifically the idea to change completely the appeareance of a weapon in this case a Mace.
Monk lovers let’s be honest here : don’t like the Mace concept for their class and this idea gives them the chance to at the very least look like they are hitting with something different than a mace, in this particular case : A Tonfa. It could have been a Fist design concept but the idea is to, in fact, change the appeareance of a weapon on its own meaning and not just make it look like a cute or revamped mace design.

On a side note, this idea can apply not just for Maces but any other type of weapon on this game.

10/10 gets my approval.