[Weapon Costume] Hadezuka // Telsiai


Team Name: Hadezuka
Server: [SEA] Telsiai
Weapon name: Beastorm Bow

A bow which the demon goddess can’t even see or touch it, only the true savior can see and use it.


  • little lightning sparks from the mid to the edge every 2/3 hits.
  • shiny blue glowing if not in use for battle.

I am not using photoshop, i am using corel draw.
here the CDR file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xqzwh1Ntb9vAKENSgu1Do53txBeKpXU9/view?usp=sharing


does it have water effects as well? * w *


The cold never bothered me anyway. *Dramatic hair movement


its supposed to be like lightning bow, haha, so maybe no… :smile:


but but but… storm… ; w ;


i won’t let my bow being wet :rofl:


If Elsa had a bow, it would look like this.