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[Weapon Costume] Foxy // Silute



Team name : Foxy

Server : Silute

Weapon Design : Burning Needle

PSD File :

Description :
A Needle burning forever. Forged from the flames of a mighty ancient dragon.

Gimmick suggestions :

  • Incandescent blade and/or with smoke comming from it
  • Burning sounds when enemy is hit

SInce I play Corsair/Matador using ‘Rapier and Pistol’ and I also have a Bullet Marker… I thought would be a good Idea making a #PistolDesign following the same idea of my rapier! If I’m selected I don’t mind if you guys pick only the rapier, but it was fun to make it a duo.

Weapon Design : Frost Fang

PSD File :

Description :
A pistol with a frost blade as bayonet. Forged from the fang of an ancient ice beast sleeping forever inside his own ice

Gimmick sugestions :

  • Slightly glowing blade
  • Blue shot effects
  • Burning sounds when enemy is hit

One more I made thinking about weapons you can use together with the Rapier.

Weapon Design : Tidal Hook

PSD File :

Description :
A dagger made from a fishing hook, forged by a legendary fisherman and blessed by an ancient sea serpent. It emanates water magic from deep waters a human may never reach.

Gimmick sugestions :

  • Slightly glowing blade
  • Little bubbles popping around the blade (as the image shows)


I didn’t understand how to put a PSD file on here tho.


Wowwww :smile:
You could provide the PSD format files by link - (google drive, etcs) as well So the format will look like, the picture of your design, and the PSD files link under


Did it. Thanks a lot! <3 <3


how about steam coming from the dragon’s mouth Owo?


that could be nice too owo


And so I managed to win a spot. I’m very proud of myself. I have to say thanks to my friends who believed in me before I decided to actually try. Without them I probably wouldn’t. Also I say thanks to the staff for this awesome contest. Was very nice to see everybody showing their creativity. I can’t wait to see my work in-game. I’m sure it gonna be great to have a part of me in this game that I love so much!


Wow, great ones!
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