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[Weapon Costume] DrRM // Klaipeda


I am so tempted to put Orsha instead of klaipeda but oh well, must let the past die like Orsha…

This thread is more of a preview than anything cause I still don’t follow the PSD thing am not good with the techy thingy…

may I present you all…

Staff of The Bug Queen

Description: Many bugs were kill in the making of this Staff…
Gimmick: It add a sword like slash effect when using melee attacks (C key)…

Fated Bow


Description: The duality of this bow is the reflection of the one that once crafted it…
Gimmick: Cute butterflies will follow appear when attacking with this bow…

PD: ugh so tilt I couldn’t precisely center the bow pieces D:


Description: Legend says this Rapier is feared among Matadors as it is told it has ended the carrier of any matador too foolish to hold it…

Gimmick: If a Matador holds this weapon it will grow darker and darker an emanate an evil aura towards it holder…

PD: Killed is matado in Spanish as Matador is Killer in English… amazing how a single letter can be the difference between life and dead :smiling_imp:

Sand Wishes

Description: This Sword was made to honor the wishes of those who joined the sands and dust…


Description: This Crossbow was created on the deepest rift of the Demon Prison…

Gimmick: Vapor comes out of the crossbow after used and flame particles come out of the front with each shot…


Description: Some people still question whether this dagger has 2 blades or just 1…

Gimmick: The chain is flexible, it hangs when standing and tails behind when running

It got so crowded :smile: I wasn’t expecting to make so many but oh well :relieved:


You suddenly give me ideas. :smiley: Mil gracias


i forgot staff weapons has an alternate button OAo


Can someone help me out with creating the drive link I cant get it done, I suck at this D:



:crossed_fingers: Let me know if links work…

@STAFF_Yuri is this thread ok?_?


The staff of the Bug queen’s file name is pxd but yeah the link is working fine. :hey:


should I change it to psd?_?


Waaait… yeah PXD is layered pixel image… yeah should be fine… I think :tired: sorry


question, should we retain our layers or merge the layers when submitting?


Hmm… I don’t think the layers would be the issue.


roger. thank its gonna be a flattened image.


Added a new weapon to the main post, this time a rapier…

ugh! using small images make things look ugly when enlarged :pensive:

Fun fact: I was going to make a spear when the inspiration for the rapier appeared xD


This time is a 1H Sword that makes the cut, don’t let it shape fools you for it is as sharp as the will of the one it is base on :wink:

EDIT: Finally got to make a crossbow worthy of my talent level… ugly as sin :rofl:

Hope people like it :smile:


Ah! triple posting isn’t my fav thing to do but oh well…

I organized the main post to make it easier to go through and added a new weapon… this time is a Dagger :3

Here is my secret…

Each Weapon Represents a Boss… more like I killed and took apart the bosses to make the weapons…

Can you tell what boss each weapons is from?_?


is matado from a certain netherbovine? Owo?


Yes :satisfaction: I thought that one would be harder to guess :smiley:

EDIT: It’s been long enough and I doubt anyone was actually willing to guess all…

here is where the Weapons came from…

Staff of The Bug Queen > Biteregina


Fated Bow > Diena


Matado > Netherbovine


Sand Wishes > Svitrigaila


Oblivion > Magburk


Mirrage > Mirtis


And that’s it :smile:

I also did a spear base on Naktis but it was meh! so I never added it to the list xD