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We need new bird/falcon pets!

  • Do it, IMC!
  • Nah.

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With Toucan dead, locked behind the worst content ever made,

we are back to a complete lack of flying companion variety for falconeer pets. Recent itos/ktos updates have brought new monsters perfect to fill this role:

  1. Sunfish(!?): these guys are amazing, would be a great leticia/goddess cube drop to counter the Goro overpopulation


  1. White Crow: new boss got a white crow over its head, a falcon pet would be an amazing drop from the legendary raid

That’s it, @STAFF_Bob pls


  1. Grita from Mage Tower Story quest
    An old suggestion from @Inkness [Suggestion] TP Hawk


  1. This unfinished owl

icon_item_egg_barnowl image


I would kill for the owl. I will kill for the owl.

A Corvid or owl for falconers and a cute fox companion for everyone please

I want a CROW!!! and a OWL…

I vote for Sunfish, his face is synonimous of war and inminent obliteration

I want a JU-87;Stuka for a pet. :flight_departure:

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Will buy that Phoenix flying pet. Put it in TP shop IMC

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