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[Suggestion] TP Hawk

Hey everyone, Inkness here.

I just wanted to make a suggestion about pets for Falconer Class, since we only have normal Hawk to be our companion in adventures I was wondering why there arent more pets avalibable for us (I know only Falconers can use Hawks as pets) I think everyone knows about Owl and Toucan being in the files for a long long time now, but we dont have any clue about if IMC ever gonna release them.

Now, If we go back to our quest days some might remember Grita from Mage Tower Story quest,

She’s Goddess Gabija’s companion, as we saw at the end of the quest she transformed into a Phoenix and I thought it would be cool to see her as a TP “Hawk” in the TP Shop just like Pengu and BB were released long time ago.

Here are some screenshots of Grita at Mage Tower 5F

I really love to play Falconer and I think we need more love in form of new companions for us.
Hope to read some news about it soon


@Staff Make this happen it would be the best thing ever. :distinguished:

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I want a crow as a pet for Falconer.

Tiny flying velco to replace hawk

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we can only hope :tired:

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Wow, great idea, gimme dat Phoenix

Personally, i wouldn’t like to see a phoenix as a companion for the following reasons:

  1. That phoenix is AWESOME!
  2. If everyone is able to just buy it for cash (or just get it) it’s less unique and thus emotionally percieved as less awesome. I’d rather keep it unique.

How about instead getting Owls? TOS already has many maps, quests and a class centered around Owls so it’d be more logical lore-wise to have owls as companions.
There are also many other bird monsters in the world that are more common and thus would be more likely to be trained by Falconers.

That penguin mount pet would be funny as a hawk-replacement… instead of flying circles around enemies and doing nosedives from the air it could dance on the ground in large circles around enemies (Circling) and do dash attacks through enemy masses (Sonic Strike).

It doesnt have to be the exact same 3D Model as Grita, It could be a smaller one.
I would love to see the Owl too but no word from IMC about it

A phoenix pet would be ultra cool!!! +0+ :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

Maybe Grita doesnt have suitable partner to lay a ton of phoenix eggs yet?

Also would pay for an TP Hawk :slight_smile:

I would also buy a TP hawk if it looks cool af!

I think if imc would listen to us they could generate a good amount of revenue for this idea

Tree of Harry Potters… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

A crow would be great!