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We NEED a PvP System NOW!

Guys, DON’T CLOSE your eyes for this thread, PLEASE.


The future of games are on the COMPETITIVE stuffs. I mean, what is the most played games in the world now? MOBA. And what they do on MOBA? They fight with other all the time. Today, we have a PvP System that WE CAN’T EVEN play it when we ACTUALLY want it. I just don’t get the reason for that. A game that was suppose to make us play it, just FORBID US of DOING IT. We’ve been seen Ragnarok servers FULL OF PLAYERS only because of BATTLEGROUNDS. I mean… Tree of Savior ARE BETTER THAN THAT, so DON’T CLOSE YOUR EYES for BATTLEGROUNDS and PvP System, I BEG YOU.


This game needs all kinds of fixes, including the one you say (it is part of the solution to lack of fun, as well as PK and other things), however, reality is different; this message will be buried and forgotten in nothingness like many others of the past. But don’t worry, there’ll soon™ be more P2W boxes, and hopefully more will stop playing, so in luck? will mean the closure of ITOS.

p.d: It’s time to give up and do like many other smarter people, who fled to the sea in safe boats before this ship began to sink…


Akanechan, I understand your feelings, but I BELIEVE that they’re watching the community now… One good exemple of that is the “REBUILD” system, that BROUGHT me back here on the game and a lot of my friends from different places and countries! So, the only thing I’m asking: a system that MAKES US to stay, like a BattleGround System that works 24h on day. It doesnt need to be complex, the one that already exists could support the ones who like to play PvP 'till they create a better system or events.

Finally, I find one of these old legendary themes in this forum (there’s another one, but I can’t find it, would they delete it?). Its old, but 90% of content remains applicable, it’s very sad, you know. Slender, and others… the main problems have not been fixed from “preorder”, only worsened, disguised with placebos like Rebuild. The only reason I keep playing ToS is because, is the less worst of all the worst fantasy-themed Online RPG-“Diablo system”.

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There is PVP in this game?

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what? battlegrounds was abandoned on iro and the playerbase is dead compared to a year / two years ago. to be fair iro’s like nearly a decade behind on updates and gravity and warpportal is just milking off money.

can’t say tos is any different, we could clearly see a lack of effort trying to encourage more players to play. i don’t think i would feel like pvping in a game full of opponents with 30+~40+ upgraded gear if there was another pvp mode where the gear was standardized i wouldn’t mind that being open for 24 hours though.

not sure how different it is from back then but i hated how i needed to go full con to not get one shotted by both players and raid.

i also hate that they use amazon web service instead of physical game servers so our friends that live a country away are forced to play in their region unless they want to spike to 300-700 ping (this depends on how well your oversea connection is so eu players can play on us just fine but most of asia and oceania can’t do the same. i hate that i had to leave my friends because of my region… atleast i still have 170 ms on bdo.

Just need to accept that the pvp part of the game is not at par with other mmorpgs… Can’t implement the pvp system of other games into tos. Vice versa… Hence we just need to accept it. Majority of content is pve focused. And more on cutesy / girly stuff and for afk

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a 24 hrs arena full of whales? no thank you
Unless the game wasn’t this heavy gear to win / p2w with the worst enhacing system ever and the most broken equip sets i have ever seen


PVE on MMORPG like ToS is bullshit in terms of endgame… What is the meaning on getting a Trans 10 set, with high ichor’s and stuffs to kill things that we WOULD kill even with a quest weapon or any other random equipments? We CAN’T accept that. And the "P2W’, that’s absolutely WRONG. ToS is NOT a pay to win. I’m relative new on the game (1 month). Never bought any equipment with real money nor any other item, and yet, I can kill 90% of PvP players. So, ANYONE is absolutely capable to get a good character for PvP or any possible BattleGround.

Them attempting good PvP systems would only highlight more underlying issues.(performace, class balance, stat design)

I wonder if they simply CAN’T optimize this ■■■■ game any better, due to it being basically a broken pile of garbage, because if they ARE working on honestly optimizing gameplay…lol embarrassing

I wish ANY other company would make a Topdown, Dungeon Crawler MMORPG.

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as long as its not any PK system im up for it

having forced pvp in a map with quests and mobs/loots is annoying and forceful for pve players

I hate this. I know its a bit harsh, but I hate when people make gaming friends with people from other regions. 170 ping is garbage. In a competitive shooter you are looking to have 10-40 ping, and even 50-70 is OK, so why should MMOs be any different? International players are lagging everyone out and you are a burden on the servers. I urge people to play locally because latency MATTERS, since latency is for everyone and “I don’t get along with ppl in my region” is a selfish piece of bs.

EDIT I know this is probably a “hot take” on a game such as this lol

i do fine with 250 ms, 170 felt great but yes theres always an option to play locally which is still laggy being unable to reach max attack speed with 60 ping sucks (i have
6 ping in other games)

a few players playing away from their servers isn’t going to make game lag free when we have actual threats like venezuela, chinese, russian bots with the worst possible vpn botting with 1k-3k ping.

people that play locally on a wifi cause more issues especially when someone else is downloading / streaming reaching over 500-1000 ms. :woman_shrugging: