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We didn’t get Demonic Sanctuary First Clear Title on EU (Fedimian)

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : July 1, 14:40 CET

Server Name: Fedimian

Team Name: Kasane

Character Name: Nanako

Bug Description :
We got the First Clear on the [EU] Fedimian Server for Demonic Sanctuary (Legend) but didn’t get the First Clear “Death Empress” title. We only get the “Begin a Prelude” title.
We did automatch to farm voucher and we did again another run, still no title.
Hours later after our 2 runs, another party clear and get the title instead of us.

People in the party:

First clear (Norman’s screenshot):

After second clear, still :

Hour laters when they cleared it:

Check server time, both screenshots and messages.

Video of the second run we did, check server time aswell. Still no title for us.

Please @GM_Francis look into this


Please @GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri look into it, its serious and it needs a fix soon.

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I’m pretty sure some ingame stuff is not reset after maintenance/6.00am server time. Like for example Adventure Journal or Bernice rewards, which only appear at roughly 7.00pm server time. My guess is that the “first clear” title was not available yet. It’s lame… you guys definitely deserve that title.

But we cleared it again after that hour after farming more vouchers in automatch and still didn’t count. It must be other kind of bug as the party bug or who knows with IMC…

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I don’t think that’s the issue, since it was available on other servers too and we even cleared again and still no title

@GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri
Pls respond to either thread we made on this

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Just happened on Fedi: party getting new record for completing WW Hard in 6.10mins while the actual record is 5.31mins. The problem is clearly an array access error, where the check is made on array[1] instead of array[0] somewhere, giving record to the actual 2nd best time in all cases.

And now they set a new “record” that is not the record, it seems our first clear didn’t count at all for first clear/record for IMC bug. More proofs:

Please @GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Alex we need a solution.

Well, as said above, it makes sense if it’s checking on whether newClearTime < clearTimes.OrderBy(x-> x.ClearTime)[1], or whatever you want to write it.
Cause when there is no second clear time, then it would just cause an exception, thus skipping the rest of the function and not writing the new server-wide record message and eventual additional rewards (like the first clear title in this case, if the check or attribution of the title is made at this point). Or they could have made the same indexing error on the check to see if there is any clear at all.
Well, we don’t have the code to check it, so we can only make guesses either way.