Tree of Savior

Wastrel legendary Demon Lord card


I guess it’s pointless to argue about this because it defies simple logic but I’m going to do it anyway:

Why does the legendary demon lord Wastrel card only increase the HP by 500 per star?

Given it is so hard to upgrade the card to any level above 5, that card yields little more than a 10 star Yeti card, but with several times the costs.

In my opinion, the card effect should be increased to +5000 HP per star, so it’s actually worth using it over e.g. Zaura or Nuaele.

With just 500 HP per star, no-one is ever going to use this card actively but is just using it as a fodder card, similarly to the Kugheri Balzermancer card, for the better legendary cards out there.

If that was the initial target of the developers, they could’ve just made the raid cubes drop legendary enhancement cards instead of actual cards…


to be honest most cards in ToS are useless anyway, the increase for whatever they give isn’t enough to make them worth using.


I know, but this card is a by-product of raiding, and people who don’t have a really good alternative might just invest in this card (e.g. some CON-deprived Wizards/Archers).

It’s still more likely to get this card than any Zaura or Nuaele card via Field Boss hunting…

That’s why it should at least try to be useful (look at the other legendary card that adds 15 crit rate per star e.g., which is 10 times the value of Marnox card);
if they did the same with Yeti vs Wastrel, Wastrel would’ve to give at least 1800 HP per star


That’s such bullshit tho and unthoughtful imo… why can’t legendary cards be legendary? If they think a raid boss is too easy then don’t make them drop legendary cards or make the drop rate low enough to be hard to get…or most likely there are still multiply otherways to solve it… It annoys me how much useless things are in ToS…

Thinking of them as fodders… just don’t make any sense and so unnecessary…


They already have a system in place that could accommodate what they want, Legend Enhance cards.

Better utilisation of them would allow IMC to use these fodder cards as actual alternatives, even if there’s some discrepancy in usefulness.


The problem I have with that reasoning is that the other raid card is actually useful.
it gives +15 crit rate per star, and 3 stars are achievable without requiring a legendary enhancement card.

This means you can get 45 crit rate from this card, which is equal to 3 x 10 star Marnox card.
Given how rare Marnox card is (you need a lot of purple albums, a lot of luck to get Marnox and another ton of luck not to end up with with an enhancement card), the legendary card is probably easier to obtain on your own than 3 Marnox cards, and on the long run it will be even more useful (unless you get a legendary Marnox card).

The Wastrel card at 3 stars cannot replace a single 10 star Yeti card, which is much more common and much easier to obtain.

So there is an obvious discrepancy at what the developers say and actually do: they introduce one really good and worthy card and one really bad and shitty card.
Even the legendary Froster Lord card is actually useful, even though the raid only consumes 4 Raid Portal Stones (so you have 1,5 times the chance with the same amount of stones).

Only the Wastrel Card is complete and utter trash, going into the same category as the Balzermancer card.


For people like me who never seen a legendary card and who probably never will, I would be more than happy having Wastrel give +500 HPs to any of my characters. :haha:


Still feed to Marnox even +5000 hp per star… Om nom nom nom… :prince: