Was just reminded how bad this game is


Doesn’t mean that others don’t enjoy the PvP. Like you said you don’t need top gear to clear content but if you plan on pvping or doing gem fued then you are gimping yourself in that aspect.


Exactly. That’s why all whine about mythical RNG wall is kinda awkward. There is no such thing.
There is RNG-piss-your-off-make-you-feel-depressed factor. But you still can decently complete everything in the game with +5 0 pot dead items.


Where is it? I’ve been looking for it for a while, but I just have found out dailies.


End game is raids, PVP, field bossing, challenge mode, and more. Some activities like dungeons are limited on a daily basis, but this is no different than any other MMORPG. They always have some sort of rewards or content time gated (daily, weekly, etc).


Doing dailies is why people are quitting? This is nowhere close to the amount of say MS2 or WoW dailies. If you’re talking about lack of content, I guess I can kinda see that because its only been doing CM, Saalus, Dungeons for a while now.

Isn’t that all mmos? It’s the progression/gear treadmill.

Ok, I was basing it on my experience in Klai.

Like I said before, the ichoring portion is what people have the biggest issue with, me included. Not the previous 8 steps you mentioned.


Sadly I’m in Fedimian :confused:

I still think that we are living very different experiences. In my ToS I cannot join any Velco party even if I have a full +6 Primus Galak set (all pieces with CON). And I’m not talking about being a DD, but even as a support. To me it’s required to trascend them, wasting additional resources.

I do 5 to 8 CM per day but I’m definitely not swimming in sierra powder or primus. The only good weapons I got never reached an abysmal +11.
All in all I’m slowly growing, but the events that should help everybody are just enlarging the gap. I still think the game is too frustrating and Imc should realize it and do something. Population speaks more than words about the situation of the game.


I know people complain about the endgame gear dead loop but ideally what actually made me quit the game, on the game’s behalf, was the engine. It’s still garbage, in the nicest way to put it. IMC probably worked as hard as they could on making this cardboard plane fly, but at its base it’s still just objectively bad and eats memory despite being unable to process half the time under any sort of multiplayer.

If the game actually ran smooth with multiple people on screen, I might be able to enjoy it with friends. And before you go, “Well its’ obviously your computer lul”, I thought that too. So I saved up enough money and low and behold, most games run quite well but ToS still has trouble in cities, let alone in parties due to the frenzy on what’s going on. It’s definitely better than it was in 2016, but you can only sharpen a blade so much.

In that, a newbie would be discouraged by the game’s performance, not having to worry about going 0 potential by semi-late game on gear they farmed hard for. They wouldn’t even get that far to complain about it, all the semi-laggy drops is enough to do that by itself.

Personally I never found a heavy point in min-maxing my gear; there’s nothing that really calls for it other than flexing and the time period after release when everyone was flexing their +30 gear due to soft resetting upgrades back then. The premise in making yourself as strong as possible is nice, but you know exactly what you sign up for once you learn the layered RNG. I think the enchant system does need an overhaul considering it’s been the same for pretty much the entire game’s lifespan but there’s certainly worse systems in more popular games, here’s looking at you Elsword-

They did change Trans, so maybe before we’re all in our deathbeds we could get an enchant revision.


Hey chill, haven’t seen you for a long time.

Imc posted this a while ago, their optimization process. God only knows at this point when would this get released but if you haven’t seen the video, here it is.


the story of all staff member that arrive to the forum…

@STAFF_Bob I think am out of cookies and I don’t know what to do… HELP ME


Holy crap someone remembers my presence. This is what we fight for.

Yeah, admittedly I’m also of the Re:Birth crew, but for a time I was helping the kTest discord out in testing things out going through the various changes. In all honesty, I did feel it even with 300 Ping. It felt smoother despite the delay. It’ll still slow down at times but as far as I noticed, there wasn’t any sputtering aside input lag.

Might actually make me pick up the game abit longer, but we’ll see if it comes bundled with the Re:birth.


it wont as far as we are tied to that shitty enhacement high cap, RNG, and absurd high level with poor content (maps/repetitive quests on a game that promotes the massive creation and testing of builds and retaking quests just shows how awful it is)


End game should have been semi “Open PvP” as it was initially when the game released in 2016, declaring wars back and forth since there was no neutrality button. But things turned out to be awful on almost every aspect.
Way too many bugs, cryomancer-psychokino abuse aka stuck in place after frost pillar + Raise combo, channel crashing, hook64 and whatnot.
Generally speaking, on every MMORPG, PvP/GvG should be the endgame to keep players motivated/interested while giving developers a breath to release proper content and class balancing, Tree of Savior was the exception to the rule for obvious and numerous reasons.
Looking back from 2016 to 2019 game “seems” to look better to give GvG a shot, call it Territory wars or Borutas boss guilds fight. Kind of reminds me of Shaiya US 2009 with factions and guilds fighting for world bosses to get the unique and OP items for themselfs.

This is off-topic, but here i found a 2009 video of Cloron Dragon, aka “Borutas” on TOS, too bad that game was released by Aeria Games, one of the worst companies ever, along with Gravity.co.

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