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Was just reminded how bad this game is


Wasted 100m for set of ichors that went horribly.

Would probably get back on track if I sell all of my blessed gems but at this point I question whether it’s even remotely good to play the game, since there are literally layers upon layers of RNG, with no decent system that caters to streak of bad luck.

I say this with all my salt and rage, that this is one of the most stupid MMORPG that I have played in my entire life. I would gladly celebrate once I know in the near future that this game is about to close off indefinitely.

See ya all masochist, rng gods, and p2w warriors.

I’ll maybe be back if things get better or not at all.


I feel you, bro.
Yesterday I fcked up a very good Primus staff because RNGesus wasn’t with me.

That said, if you rly wanna quit, I suggest you to give away all of your stuff. This way you won’t feel the desire to come back. This is the suggestion from someone who just came back from a 10 months haitus :slight_smile:


The only thing I can advise is to not play the rng game, if you know you have a low chance of succeeding without any backups. It will only end in frustration.


I crafted four asio daggers and whole bunch other asio and wastrel weapons to prepare the rebuild weapon swap. I am okay as long as getting one ichor out of two weapons. Thinking 5% does not sound so bad for an end game gear that is going to last for at least a very very long time.


You know, it all comes down to what one player can do. On my side I can’t even get 1 recipe, thinking about making 4 of them just to have a chance to make it happen sounds a little too much.

I don’t know where the truth lies, but I wouldn’t say that the standard player is happy to play RNG to find 4 recipes, invest money and time to craft them, and face RNG more time to make a single piece of end game gear. That’s why the game is frustrating :frowning:

And I’m not even talking about the enhancement system, which can screw up your item in 2 minutes (doesn’t matter that enhancement will be less powerful, system and frustration will be the same).


@Csiko coming to defend the stupid rng system of this game in 4,3,2…


Understanding averages is not the same as defending an RNG system. I literally destroyed 6 muskets from full potential to 0 trying to ichor.

I was also willing to farm and bust my ass to get successful ichors and many Velco pieces for alts. My guildmates and I help each other a lot with runs, materials, and we balance a bad RNG run in one aspect (let’s say, anvils), with good RNG in another (like ichors). It’s an MMO, you should not expect to plow through the content alone. I blew up 6 muskets, but later I was able to succeed on ichors for both myself and others, and help them out too. It’s just a numbers game. You either accept it and do what you need to do to succeed, or you get mad at it.

There are way too many layers–not even of RNG–just, layers–to get the “perfect” set of gear in this game, and it’s offputting to new players. But they also want content to last as long as possible, it’s not an easy balance. You can move on to another MMO with RNG which is more deceptively placed, but it’s not even RNG that anyone is mad about. It’s that usually they’re overspending (or worse, destroying/bricking items) out of frustration over a failure, and they don’t capitalize on their successes by wasting any good fortune they do get. No one is any luckier than anyone else, in the aggregate. Some people just have a few bad runs in the valley and they quit before they ever see the peaks.


Lucky you that you have the time to farm all of those things managing the frustration of losing time for nothing :slight_smile:
Your point of view on the guild aspect is amazing and totally irrealistic. I would love to find such a kind of guild but I’m pretty sure it will never happen. Probably because I don’t have the time to farm 6 muskets + other things for my guildie to fight a retarded RNG system. But it’s a good dream, I would like to live someday :slight_smile:

Maybe no one is luckier than anyone else, but I cannot make a +11 weapon and on Fedimian I see ppl with +38 ones. If I quit before ever seeing the peaks it just means that the system is retarded, not that I have to suffer, while looking at all the ppl who made it while I fail.

Take it as the slightly salty point of view of somebody who needs to work 8-10 hours a day to live. That’s why I talk about time.





lemme prepare your emblem along with babou’s ; w ;/


Lately in the world of mmorpg, RNG seems to be a commandment. is the stupid form with which the developers use so that the player does not achieve the objective of the game that is the maximum strength of the character. They also use this to sell Cash Shop items, which help the player in this matter. That is, everything done to make the player spend money. Many people think that these companies want us to have fun, but the only thing they want is an addiction full of goals that they will never achieve, and they will continue to spend fortunes to “TRY” to have what they need. Truth naked and raw.


Guys, you know velco weapon clean will have the same dmg as a +16 primus? As far as I was informed that is…

I also dont like the rng, but the game is unforgiving in that way… We take the risk, get rewarded or none at all… I am personally farming velc gear and also afraid to enhance just like you. But they said weapon dmg is mainly from weapom grade in rebuild, which is nice…

If it was easy to get the perfect set we want, game will be boring in no time, wouldn’t it?


After a day of internal debate on whether it’s even worth it playing the game.

I guess I’ll try one more time, it sucks that I’m kinda addicted to this game but whatever.
If I’m going to crash and burn, might as well do it spectacularly.


Just put one thing in your mind, the game is not your friend, the game do not want you to be happy, the game just want your money and this is the only truth behind cute 3d characters of tree of savior.
Knowing this how do i deal with it? I just play it without care about to be the best player of the game. Going slowly, getting something today, one more tomorrow, but without spend i single coin in the itens that a know is made just to cash grab players (Yes Leticia and god bless cube, im talking with you). Oh you made RNG to make me spend tons of money? Ok i just dont buy it. I just buy itens that have 100% chance to get. This is how i fight this ridiculous lottery system.


Previous system: farm a miki weapon. Smack an anvil and pray on RNGesus.

New system: farm a velco weapon. Fight RNG to drop a weapon, fight RNG to drop a jewel, fight RNG to ichor the weapon. Then, smack an anvil and pray on RNGesus.

By making legendary weapons much stronger than primus/Asio/Was they effectively forced anybody everybody who wants to be rly strong to live by the power of RNG, since they have to get Velco. and, at the end of the day, you’ll still end up to anvils, doesn’t matter if it’s just a 5% more.

ToS lives by a simple dev rule: add RNG instead of content. This way they don’t have to create new challenges to make ppl play the game more and more.


while success and happiness varies for each person

do we really can truthfully say we are successful and happy based on worldly achievements such as fame, fortune and the likes?

“the game only wants your money” isn’t really that much of an impact as it is free to play, and these things are optional for the player whether to pay for stuff or not. i myself would pay to buy tokens instead of getting it for"free" by purchasing them in the market for silvers . i’d like to, at the very least, contribute something back to the game at my own pace

not participating on gearing mechanics involving RNG doesn’t shun a player from getting a full experience from game content if you ask me

this is an mmorpg after all, it’s expected to have a massive amount of players having varied performances playing in it

if everyone would reach the same maximum performance, then what’s the point?

as they say, it’s not about who wins or lose, but how one treats these two states when presented to them


I just finished crafting Asio weapons for my characters… I’m gonna anvil them to +5 and wait for re:build to add transcendance with the 50% cost reduction. And you know what? They will make my characters happy with zero RNG involved.


The question you have to ask: do you really need perfect Velcoffer items to play the game? In its current state, the response is no. Hell I’m still playing my mergen with just a +5 berthas 350 bow and have no problem soloing the last maps to complete the quests, run dungeons and raids. Of course, I won’t use that character for PvP or Velcoffer runs, but unless that’s your goal you’re just fine.


Use your time more wisely. The content in this game doesn’t take a long time.

No, so they got lucky on their upgrade. Everyone eventually gets “lucky” or “unlucky” if you have a large sample size. You’re not owed anything from this game, just keep trying. @Csiko said he broke 6 muskets before his ichor. I thought 5 pairs of boots were bad on my end. But I got lucky and ichor’d my first wastrel recipe. I’ve also bricked and fragged countless velcoffer weapons and armor already.

I hate this excuse. You think you’re the only one with a full time job and everyone who has better gear or better at something than you must not have a job and play this game only for a living. Use your time better and be more efficient. Stop whining in town, go do cm or do velc or run dungeons for silver.

Sorry if this comes off harsh, your original post just sounds like a “poor me” post that is the same as every other post plastered on these boards. Everyone deals with the same rng, same anvil, and same game. No one anvils all their items to +40, ichors on their first try, gets recipe drops every raid. Sometimes people get lucky, sometimes people get unlucky. But the ones you see constantly with good gears and stuff are the ones that just use their time and resources better. There are obviously outliers but that’s just rng.


What you said is beautiful and poetic, but this does not undo the true intention of online games. The game really is free to play, but this is just a bait. When you give something addictive, probably the addict will invest in the vice itself. You may not even buy anything in the game, but for each person who does not buy, there are ten or more who buy cash items. The focus of the online game is not you who do not buy cash items, it is the player who buys the cash items. The game is made by a company, and this company needs to bill, and for this reason the mechanics of boxes of random items were created so that the player does not get what he wants without first spending tons of money. Everything in the game is thought out and designed for the player to spend, and the day that the player does not spend the game simply closes. Truth true and undeniable. That’s why I say that the company is not a friend of the player, and the only intention is to keep entertained without providing what the player wants, so that it is always full of goals that can only be concluded with a good amount of cash items. You may agree or disagree, but this is the only truth about online gaming.:tired:


First of all, don’t worry about harshness. You’re just explaining me your point of view :slight_smile:

Honestly, mine is not rly an excuse. In many MMO the more time you invest the better gear you’ll have, but ToS takes it to new heights take to the RNG layers.
To farm one 380 unique weapons, provided that you have the recipe, it takes hours. To make six of them just to fight RNG will be a timesink. This makes the system totally retarded, imo.

You’re right that I could invest my time more wisely, but that’s mainly because I wanted to try too many builds and ended up with too chars, which are taking a lot of time to level to 380 right now. But this doesn’t change that farming that amount of weapons or armor will takes weeks to be done, unless one could play several hours a day.

Lastly, the ones I constantly see with good gear and stuff are probably whales, since RNG made the game P2W in an indirect but simple way.