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Was just reminded how bad this game is


And then you look at the state of MS2. :tired:


but tbh it’s simply u who being unlucky instead of how bad the game is, more or less those mmorpg has rng content, few days ago i did break 3 masi to get 1 ichor while some ppl get 3 ichor out of 4 but, it happens :stuck_out_tongue:


IMC don’t care.
They prefer 100 people playing/paying blindly over 10k people playing casually and having fun.
IMC don’t want you to have fun, they want you to get frustrated.
That’s how this game works and how this game has so little of the population left.


Actually, I even wonder if rebuild would even fix the core issues of this game.


It won’t. The core issue is the game engine.


No, it will just bring players to have fun testing things and leave.

Like Rank 10 patch.

A lot of people have moved on to a certain mobile game where the walls of RNG could actually be covered easily.

Anyhow I’m still lurking around forums to see if anything interesting that isn’t re:build joke would come.


We need some type of harder to get anvil that doesn’t cause you to lose progress.

and like an Ichor extraction kit that costs a higher amount of Sierra Powder but is guaranteed to work.

Naturally both should be obtainable to both F2P and P2W players so I suggest coming out with an event every couple months or so, one that isn’t based on your ability to jump or see though, so maybe like a pet battling event, and it could reward these anvils and extraction kits. Perhaps they could also be added to the end of some type of Calender event that rewards free stuff for playing the game.

Then for P2W players you could just add them both to some type of cube that gives other combat supplies like potions, albums/cards, shards/gems and mounts.


People should learn to deal with frustrations. Every MMO or most of them have its RNG aspect maybe not on gear enhancement but probably accessory socketing or finding rare pets, there’s always an RNG aspect to differentiate casuals from hardcore players. Most games nowadays try to minimize the frustrations just to keep players playing and paying.

If you’re frustrated with anvil enhancement you haven’t faced real frustration from some old MMOs, like:

  • Dropping your silver/levels/gear from dying by monsters or players. Sometimes losing a week or more worth of grinding.
  • Open PvP maps where you simply are not able to grind/farm because people will hunt you down 24/7.
  • Dying by DDoS attacks, ISP disconnections constantly, etc.

From 1997-2005 to 2019 the way MMOs are developed are way too soft, i miss the old days. They should make you deal with frustrations cause once you’re beyond it, everything is success. Just like in real life.
MMOs are a reflection of real life on every aspect and how you behave in the game is how you behave in real life as well.

Personally, completing Mesafasla Collection is more frustrating than anvil enhancement system but i’m almost there!


Do you want to play this dead game alone or what.
People use this non-argument to defend everything about ToS. How “all games have RNG aspects, therefore RNG in ToS is fine.” Works for bugs and performance issues too: “All games have bugs, therefore, ToS’ perf and stability is fine”.

The problem isn’t RNG but how it’s used and implemented in the game.
Path of Exile is literally RNG: The Game and yet, look how popular it is.


RNG is fine, 20 layers of them is not.

talking about old MMOs i miss those too. when the gear progessing wasn’t so abysmal.
Get the drop straight from boss/mob >> enhance it >> put gem/card/crystal in it >> done.

Good old days indeed.


MS2 accessory socketing is just as bad as the ichor system or even worse, I have never played PoE so i can’t tell how good the game is in general or its RNG system. But it’s how you deal with frustration in general.
Sure, you can blow up 4 weapons while trying to ichor it and then make 4 ichors in a row. Which has happened to me. The streaks are sometimes on your favor, sometimes not, just like the anvil enhancement.

Instead of ichoring Wastrel/Asio, you could try with Masinios which is cheaper and wait for re;build to get the 100% ichor vouchers instead. Which is what im doing with some weapons.

But definitely not a reason for me to make a thread on the forum stating that the game is bad, that’s for sure. If anything, go to the suggestion section and make a proposal for a better “ichor system” or whatever system is bothering you. Pretty sure GM Yuri would listen for suggestions.

  • Yeah like loosing your earned silvers that you spent grinding for crafting raid equipment for ichors?
  • Aside from anvil enchantment, you have to be lucky in rolling cubes for some equipment
  • you need to daily repeat saalus, and gem feud wherein you get nuked by geared players for 15 minutes, but you suck it up since you want to earn that hard earned blessed gem?
  • You do world boss for 2 hours to get stones?
  • You have a gacha system that has shitty mechanics and no certain threshold mechanics?
  • Parstis Solution for velcoffer
  • Raid stones on a ■■■■■■■ velcoffer cube?
  • Gem enchant system
  • Enchant stat on armor
  • Transcendence
  • A ton more

Please tell me how do your “OLD” MMOs compare to these layers of stupid crap
Also we have those, we drop silver on some maps/dungeons.
Open PVP Feud is cancerous as hell if you get pinned down by some really geared players, and those with brain dead classes
And a ■■■■ ton of disconnection server side

I hope you’re not telling me that Tree of Savior is similar to real life as to how I should strive on dealing with my frustration and it would be bliss after the storm. Buddy, it’s not real life.


You talk like if 100M was alot of money in 2019, all those layers you talk about rely on money which can be earned quite easily if you farm properly and sell or re-sell stuff on the market.
I spent 300M+ silver rerolling Velcoffer cubes and im not complaining on the forum on “how expensive Velcoffer cubes are”.
There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to play cause 40+ players want to kill you on an Open PvP game with gear/silver and exp drop and are online 24/7, where you have to do sneak attacks on Ventrilo/TS at 3-5 am to be able to grind just after 7 hrs team fight, those are old days, not this is bullsh*t.

There’s alot of things changed on re;build, like removed portal stones from Velcoffer cubes and saalus dropping more shards, gem feud consuming 1k less badges. But even then, Saalus and Gem feud are not the best way to farm shards anyway but farming Elite mobs or maybe HG.


Are you on Klaipeda? What ichors are you after?

Are you on Klaipeda? I’m recruiting, if you like to PVP. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the case.

New system:

Socket your Velco weapon first, upgrade until it fails to 0 potential. Golden anvils are plentiful, so anvil it back up to 11 if it never makes it to 16 or your desired upgrade. Or, as long as you socket it and kept it at 1 pot, sell it to someone who is satisfied with golden anviling it to 11.

Farm raids for a desired ichor, because the raid weapons largely blow primuses away, with very few exceptions. Plan on having a backup, plan for the first one to fail. If you run a couple CMs a day, you’ll be swimming in powder for attempts because primuses drop like candy from CMs. If you don’t like CMs, farm HG. Do Gemstone Feud for kits, or blessed gems to make more money, you can get like a kit a day or every other day if you don’t do so well.

If you were farming CMs, you probably have a healthy amount of silver to buy partis solutions. Buy 4 at a time, turn them on, they fill up in one CM. If you get lucky and get the set bonus you want, sell the other solutions (or save em, you’ll need em).

I have a full time job, though I do play this game a lot. It’s less about the amount of time you have, and more about what you do with the time spent. I still spend a lot of time bullshitting in town, but I’ve been sitting on 2 full sets of ichored/set bonused Velco gear and several weapons for several months. The event has allowed me to fill out the weapons I wanted for my highest priority alts, and help others either by getting ichors for them, running them in Velco/raids by resetting more chars to carries, or buying any of their failed Velco upgrades so that I could golden them up to 11 and use em myself.

I absolutely know how frustrating the system can be, but there’s a give and take here.


it’s not an intention that deliberately deceives people or something like a bait, is what i mean Owo;;

realistically speaking, a company needs funding to run, and this is where the TP comes in

everyone has a choice on when and how much they’re willing to spend on the game, rather than being totally denied of the game because they cannot pay a monthly subscription ‘w’/

this type of format is better for me since i only have a very limited free time so i can “pay” for the game when i can, while at the same time, play it “everyday”

as opposed to a subscription based game where i may end up paying for a whole month while only to be able to play for 7hours at most owO;;; (IRL RNG always hits me hard =w= )

the main point i’m trying to say is that everyone has the free choice on how much they willing to spend for the game

now if we were to say someone has a somewhat gambling problem, i think the problem lies from within, as this applies to anything the person does, not just the game owO;;

a company becomes not your friend if these trust in the form of funding is irresponsibly used. but i think imc has been improving eversince, slowly, but at least it’s been improving

tbh, i think the only reason it’s been slowing down is because of peeps who think they’re robin hood… sabotaging the game, making people “open their eyes”, and other activities that hinder the planned progress for the game…

this form of dunning-kruger mentality of players needs to be addressed, and just let imc do their thing

this is not similar to a player’s critique, where their feedback is supplementary to improving the game

there is a big difference when someone say

“hey, can you please consider where it is possible for us to play the whole content of the game without being an RNG god?”


“hey, pls abolish RNG to make the game better or else, other companies are doing it so why don’t you?”

looking at imc to be able to keep on going despite these hindrances only shows that they are putting effort to it

it may look like it’s lazily done, but keep in mind that it’s not a very big company, worse is that some peeps have been making it hard for them, needless to say the average playerbase can be easily convinced why the game is not worth the time…

i fail to see the logic that when someone blatantly made a statement that they want to see the game crash and burn is seen as an eye-opener

but someone who tries to defend the game with reasons are perceived as an ass-kisser…

while the real blind ones are people who cannot make a decision on how they personally see it, and listens to another’s opinion


You can use cheap random berthas to ichor which is more economical
Only hardcore player use expensive max random stats (and most of them shifted to raid armor alr)


I have always been a supporter of diamond anvils as rewards from events. It is just the way that IMC handled their events and restrictions that caused people to exploit it.

If they just restrict them heavily in a way that people can’t spam accounts, then rewarded diamond anvils like in an event once a quarter is not bad. You want events to encourage people to log on and do them. They can surely think of ways to restrict rewards that people can’t exploit.


I could say that Tree of Savior is 50% you, and 50% me. :tired:


what do you mean? Owo?


I mean , what you wrote and what i wrote walk together in a mmorpg free to play!