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[W] TOS Support Guild Activity Info and Starting Navigation

Last updated on: 2 March, 2024

All time stated below is with respect to the Sever Time (SVT) that you can see on the game mini map,
i.e. KST (UTC+9)

Current VGMs (Contact for summoning guild hangout raid boss)

  • Eibon
  • No97
  • 수아


Missing Teams and Characters


Held on Server Time 21:30, every Thursday by 수아 (kTOS VGM)
Held on Server Time 21:30, every Friday by No.97 (jTOS VGM)

About Istora Ruins (Fallen Dragoon)
  • recommended Level 500
  • limited to 15 participants ← to be confirmed
  • rewards distributed with Raffle
About Hidden Passage (Baubas)
  • limited to Level 480 or above
  • limited to 10 participants
  • rewards distributed with Raffle
About Demonic Sanctuary (Giltine)
  • limited to 8 parts of Goddess Rank Equipment equipped
  • limited to 15 participants
  • rewards distributed with Raffle

About Raffle for rewards distribution

Rewards obtained from guild quests are sent to the guild storage.
It will be distribution via Mailbox by VGMs within 1-2 days after the event.

Moving via Guild Tower to the Guild Mission venue

Where is Tenet Garden (or other guild quest location)?
  1. Select “Guild Quest” at the Guild Tower
    2022-12-13 02.06.48

  2. Beside the Objectives of the Guild Quests, there is a corresponding ‘Move’ button.
    You can change the Quest time from the top right drop down

Possible Guild Tower Teleport Destination

Following is the corresponding destination of the Move function:

Guild Boss Raid

  • Defeat Rocktortuga - Glade Hilroad
  • Defeat Bebraspion - Khonot Forest
  • Defeat Kirmeleech - Viltis Forest
  • Defeat Cactusvel - Overlong Bridge Valley
  • Defeat the Kurmis - Khamadon Forest (Jaugar Master is here)
  • Defeat Riteris - Elgos Abbot
  • Defeat Pantorex - Tenet Garden (For Pantorex on Sat)

Guild Mission

  • Gele Plateau - Tenet Garden (For Hamama on Fri)
  • Mage Tower - Mage Tower 4F
  • Roxona Underground Facility - Ruklys Street
  • Mishekan Forest - Syla Forest
  • Sulivinas Lair - Vedas Plateau (For Boruta on Mon)
  • Demonic Sanctuary - Pradzia Temple (For Giltine on Wed)
  • Hidden Passage - Hidden Passage (For Baubas on Thur, or maybe EXP party)

Other FAQs

Official guild function specifications for references:

Where is the Guild Tower / Guild Hangout?

West Siauliai Wood Ch.1 generally, unless the duration isn’t over and tower not yet rebuild again.

To ensure the tower location:

  1. Click on the Guild Info icon and open the guild panel
    2022-12-12 21.00.30

  2. Look at the information about “Guild Tower” on the top

  3. Click on the Coordinates in the Guild Tower Info area to check the map with tower location marked

  4. Talk to the guild tower and get into the hangout

What can I get from the Guild Quest?

Regareless of the Raffle prizes, rewards will be sent to mail box.

For Sulivinas Lair:
2022-12-12 23.40.57

For Demonic Sanctuary:
2022-12-12 23.41.09

For Gele Plateau and Defeat Pantorex:
Let me borrow our official guilde content…

How to join the Guild Quest?

When it is the scheduled time, the recruit panel will be initiated for you to join:

On the recruit panel, the Objective is the name of the guild quest.
While the ““Location”” is where the quest instance entry tower located.
Go to the stated location before the recruit time runs out.

If you get lost, use the Guild Tower

Notable Patch Notes

Navigation to teams created in TOSW

Target #0: Equip your gears... (Starts from Lv 1)

Right click to open the orange boxes.
Equip the weapons and sub-weapons in the 1st and 2nd set slots
Click on the ‘1’ and ‘2’ below the weapon slots to change the editing weapon set.
2023-04-26 02.38.59
2023-04-26 02.40.28
2023-04-26 02.40.28

Target #1: Enhance Guardian Gears (Starts from Lv 1)


For the Lv 480 gears

Enhance Material for the Guardian Series

2023-04-26 02.50.26

In Summary

Enhance Panel

Click the Goddess Equipment Management icon under your character image in the Inventory (F2)
2023-04-26 02.41.21
Drag the gear that need enchancing to the slot and start enhancing.

Succession Panel

When Guardian gear reaches +20, succession is required to proceed to its next stage

Click the 2nd last icon on the left for Succession
Make sure you choose the correct equipment type before the succession

Normal to Elite Stage Succession

2023-04-29 09.44.56

Enhance the Elite Guardian to +20 again and proceed to next stage by succession

Elite to Royal Stage Succession

2023-04-29 09.44.56
royal stage

…and same for the Royal Guardian

Target #2: Complete EP Quests (Starts from Lv 1)

2023-04-26 02.53.20

2023-04-26 02.54.56 ← Click on the icon to check the reward of corresponding Episodes

Target #2.5: Getting Assisters(Starts from Lv 100)

2023-04-26 03.12.35
“Ask about Assisters”

Hover on the Passive Text to check the activated passive effects

Some reference on the combos:
-TOSkemon - Assister Tips (updated day 1, month 2, year 2021)

  • Porahound not exists

Target #3: Getting Accessories (Starts from Lv 450)

2023-04-26 02.57.03
2023-04-26 02.58.01
2023-04-26 02.58.11
2023-04-26 02.58.21

Juoda for healers;
Kantribe for Summoners (Wizards purple class);
Prideti for Auto-attackers;
Pyktis for Physical skill users;
Triukas for Magic skill users
2023-04-26 03.01.28

Use the “Luciferie Accessory Set Create Voucher” from EP13-1 rewards from Target #2 to create a set,
2023-04-26 03.05.30
Creation costs 5m silver each piece.

…and probably not new to the environment anymore XD"


1. Goddess Token (Lada) Shop

2023-04-26 03.21.15
2023-09-08 00.29.42

P.S. Change Point shop can sell items for silver even when you are not in any Cities~

2. Goddess Token (Gabija) / (Vakarine) Shop

Shop is accessed via [Previous Goddess Token Shop] Kupole in Klaipeda
2023-09-08 00.26.45
2023-09-08 00.29.27

Mainly for the Collection that buffs character attack values
2023-09-08 00.39.49

And some other stuffs like Legend Card and Res Sacrae enhance materials

3. Mercenery Badge Shop (Weekly reset on Saturday 0 AM)

Mainly for Entry Voucher to Silver sources

4. Achievement Shop (Weekly reset during Maintenance

  1. TOS Coin Shop (Monthly reset on 1st day of every month…seems to be 0AM)