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[SEA-Telsiai] TOS Support Guild Community Thread? (Guild Notes, FAQ, etc)

Last updated on: 12 December, 2022

Created for putting the detailed guild notice…and user guide?

All time stated below is with respect to the Sever Time (SVT) that you can see on the game mini map, probably the EST time but I am not sure.

Official Discord Server

Some recommended steps to do after joining:
Discord Opening Event guides in the past

  • get a role in #get_roles
  • rename Profile Name to [Server name] Team Name

Activity Schedule

Monday 8:30am - Sulivinas Lair (Boruta)

  • limited to 30 participants
  • has Raffle
  • Entry Requirement of the quest instance:
    • Lv.480 (or Lv.460?)
    • Goddess Rank Gears (Vasilisa or Falourus)

Wednewday 8:30am - Demonic Sanctuary (Giltine)

  • limited to 15 participants
  • has Raffle
  • Entry Requirement of the quest instance:
    • Lv.480
    • Goddess Rank Gears (Vasilisa or Falourus)

Thursday 8:30am - Hidden Passage (Baubas)

  • limited to 10 participants
  • has Raffle
  • Entry Requirement of the quest instance:
    • Lv.480
    • Goddess Rank Gears (Vasilisa or Falourus)

Friday 8:30am - Gele Plateau (Hamama)

  • limited to 30 participants
  • has Raffle if Guinea Pig Egg drops
  • Entry Requirement of the quest instance:
    • No specific requirement

Saturday 8:30am - Defeat Pantorex (Panto)

  • limited to 30 participants
  • Entry Requirement of the quest instance:
    • No specific requirement
  • After getting into the quest instance, wait a bit for all the participants to enter

Saturday 9:30am - Card Party [No participants limit]

  • Party Venue: West Siauliai Woods Ch.1, Delon Shelter
  • Forming party is recommended
  • Unequip some of your equipments to lower your attack
  • Autoattack on summoned card bosses gently and pick up the cards

About the Raffle after Boruta, Giltine, Baubas (and Hamama)

What is Raffle?

After supressing Boruta, Giltine or Baubas during Guild Quest,
a Raffle will be held after the Goddess Grace at around 9:25 am.

Participants of the Guild Quest can put a number ranging 1 to 30
in the guild community tab to join the Raffle.

There are 4 tabs corresponding to different Guild Quest:
2022-12-13 00.14.332022-12-13 00.05.502022-12-13 00.06.00
2022-12-13 00.14.03

You may ask:

The Community is broken / empty / cannot load at all

Click on the ‘<’ and ‘>’ arrows to let the tab list loads again.
2022-12-13 00.06.13

Moving via Guild Tower to the Guild Mission venue

Where is Tenet Garden (or other guild quest location)?
  1. Select “Guild Quest” at the Guild Tower
    2022-12-13 02.06.48

  2. Beside the Objectives of the Guild Quests, there is a corresponding ‘Move’ button.
    You can change the Quest time from the top right drop down

Following is the corresponding destination of the Move function:

Guild Boss Raid

  • Defeat Rocktortuga - Glade Hilroad
  • Defeat Bebraspion - Khonot Forest
  • Defeat Kirmeleech - Viltis Forest
  • Defeat Cactusvel - Overlong Bridge Valley
  • Defeat the Kurmis - Khamadon Forest (Jaugar Master is here)
  • Defeat Riteris - Elgos Abbot
  • Defeat Pantorex - Tenet Garden (For Pantorex on Sat)

Guild Mission

  • Gele Plateau - Tenet Garden (For Hamama on Fri)
  • Mage Tower - Mage Tower 4F
  • Roxona Underground Facility - Ruklys Street
  • Mishekan Forest - Syla Forest
  • Sulivinas Lair - Vedas Plateau (For Boruta on Mon)
  • Demonic Sanctuary - Pradzia Temple (For Giltine on Wed)
  • Hidden Passage - Hidden Passage (For Baubas on Thur, or maybe EXP party)

Other FAQs

Official guild function specifications for references:

Where is the Guild Tower / Guild Hangout?

West Siauliai Wood Ch.1 generally, unless the duration isn’t over and tower not yet rebuild again.

To ensure the tower location:

  1. Click on the Guild Info icon and open the guild panel
    2022-12-12 21.00.30

  2. Look at the information about “Guild Tower” on the top

  3. Click on the Coordinates in the Guild Tower Info area to check the map with tower location marked

  4. Talk to the guild tower and get into the hangout

What can I get from the Guild Quest?

Regareless of the Raffle prizes, rewards will be sent to mail box.

For Sulivinas Lair:
2022-12-12 23.40.57

For Demonic Sanctuary:
2022-12-12 23.41.09

For Gele Plateau and Defeat Pantorex:
Let me borrow our official guilde content…

How to join the Guild Quest?

When it is the scheduled time, the recruit panel will be initiated for you to join:

On the recruit panel, the Objective is the name of the guild quest.
While the ““Location”” is where the quest instance entry tower located.
Go to the stated location before the recruit time runs out.

If you get lost, use the Guild Tower