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Vote option 2 (1month)!

Anyone hyped for option 2?! It’s one month and the benefits rock! Join me please c:


This one is actually the best option in my opinion. Everyone who wants to be a Founder gets in at the same time. The only difference is the true Founders who wish to fund the game, and those who wish to only play on day 1. Perfect.


It’s not only about the benefits… it’s even a good time for them to work on adjusting the servers and make the game better for everyone so it’a win-win-win situation.

Founders win
F2P win
Devs win

Some people like myself have been asking for this 1 month plan for hours… many people just laughed and addressed us as people that just wanted “everything for free” and didn’t care about the game… now everyone is voting for it… justice actually show up at times.


Much agree you guys! Option 2!

The only problem with option 2 is that the servers will get flooded since there’s no staggered launch. Going to be a pretty laggy experience at first but I guess we all have to live with it now.

Yeah, a staggered launch for option 2 would have been nice but they tailored the options to favor number 2. It’s the most fair and addresses the community’s concerns at large.

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Now the question is, When can I throw my money away?

The Hype train is back guys! Choo! Choo!

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Its back with a vengence! The staggered launch feels like it wouldn’t make sense with only 1 month.

But hype train away!

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The only thing bothering me is the date :frowning:

Your main concern as a Founder is not to actually play the game to play it. (It’s a side effect instead). Your focus as a Founder is to test the waters for the masses and give the Company data, also to fund the game’s initial start. The “laggy experience at first” is data.

As much as it hurts the Founders; it’s better in the long run.

Only thing im learning from this is that this game really doesnt seem worth playing with forum community as crazy as this, IMC coming up with 3 month plan in the first place, and how confusing it is to pick which class to use every rank up. Hope this game actually survives long just for its looks.

That is your first mistake. Basing the entire gaming community around… the forums…

Its ok. We have our solutions and they’ve apologized anyway! c:
Time to rock the servers for a month!

“no I still angry I want fre gaem”

Voted 2 tho-.

The vote list is not balance, its obviously the winner will be 2 due to the benefits, its a bait and IMC needs more time for them to test that founder’s server and I just hope nothing goes wrong after this voting.

I think I’ll pass due to server’s physical location which may cause me dilemmas, unclear statement and what will happen to the founder’s server after (wipe/transfer account etc)

Regardless of bait, its still a great option isn’t it? There’s no reason to feel bad about something good.

It’s pretty bait, yeah, but it’s a compromise. The entry fee is flexible, the early access period is less ridiculous, I think this is pretty fair all things considered.

Some times a fish just wants to bite the hook, you know?

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It is already the majority percentage. We are going to get the game next tuesday.

Lets all just vote option 2 and get on with the game already. i cant ■■■■■■■ wait.

In 2, regardless of which pack u buy u are entitled to 1 month EA.

And IMC apologized. Be appeased people and ppl owe them an apology now, go and unflag them at steam, like on facebook, delete mean comments, here we go.

TOS IS STIL THE BEST FKING GAME AWESOME, IMC is awesome too next to the game

option 2. f2p players u cant get it any better than this.

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