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[VOTE] Companion Size Vote


Larger companions look awesome! I vote we make this the new companion default size. All those in favor? All those against?

  • Yay (favor)
  • Nay (disfavor)
  • Abstain (neither)

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some are really a little too big (e.g. the Penguin), but I don’t really see a problem with that in a fantasy setting.

The Armadillo at least looks fitting now, the size isn’t too small but also not too large.

I can see a problem with Falcon,though. Maybe they can introduce some TP items to boost the size of your companions?

Imo there aren’t enough TP items to modify the companions, we need extra armor&weapon sockets for non_TP companions via TP, maybe some speed booster and/or a durability booster so you can mount all companions (not only the sled) without the fear of getting unmounted every time a monster hits you with anything.

Without that, there is ± no gain in having a companion on a non-riding, non-Hunter character.


Some Pets look really good in giant size.

But at the other hand… if they always be like this, people would barely notice and not care at all.
Keep it as a timed not-often event, or its not ‘special’ anymore.