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[VIDEO STARS] Ultimate Scout Farmer


Server Name: Klaipeda

Team Name: RandyBK

Character Name: FeelsBadMan

Hello, I’ve been playing SR since late 2016 and I’ve been farming mainly with SR before and after Re:Build. I feel that this build has improved on rebuild and I have a lot of clips to show how powerful this build is. This build excels greatly in AoE and has above average single target damage.

Challenge mode:

Video Description: Few of these videos vary between Stage 1-5, 6, and stage 1-7. Asio pistol ichor plays a big part on these challenge modes. Also, I’m using Mineloader cards to further proc Asio Pistol effect. With this build, spamming CM vouchers can net you a large profit over time.

Gemstone Feud:

Video Description: This build is very efficient in farming Gemstones. Stacking movespeed also helps a lot to escape enemies.

Remnants of Bernice:

Video Description: Due to Re:Build coming over, SR’s limacon was not gaining its attack speed bonus from DEX. I was only able to get up to round 40 until they fixed the Attack speed on Limacon. This build is also very good for Bernice as it is very effective in killing a whole ton of mobs. Concentrated fire makes its grand appearance here, since this skill was not good before Re:Build.

Hunting Grounds:

Video Description: Testing out the new Hunting Ground bosses.


looks real ricey.




I don’t know what’s going on anymore but I trust RandyBurgerKing