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[VIDEO STARS] #Paladin

I like this combination because you can survive solo, and heal your party even tho, it doesnt do as much damage as the meta zealot/inquis still does good dmg and offers support if you dont have a strong healer on your team.
If you love playing on a party i recomend this build to helo your friends and also do some dmg :smiley:.
2h mace is the way to go on this Velco set or kraujas ( you have revive and mass heal no worries about being kill ) plate armor to be able to take some dmg :smiley: and lots and lots of str and con ( some spr is nice aswell for your heals and buffs to be stronger.

HereΒ΄s a little show of what this build is capable of, remember have fun in tos :smiley:

Server: NA Klaipeda
Team: syouz


cool build! but if you are joining video star event u need to post your entry in here :sweat_smile:

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