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[VIDEO STARS] - Bullet Marker, Corsair, Outlaw - Road to Meta


Server Name: [SA] Silute

Team Name: Team-Z

Everything changes. We all know. But the Outlaw Master that goes by Ocelot wasn’t prepared for this.

Linker is now part of the Scout tree. All lights are focused on it.

As for Outlaws… They are almost gone from every build. But Ocelot won’t let that happen. He will fight for his class and for his build.

The question is:

Will he succeed?



Nice video but i think the only thing this build will dodge is the meta. …

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PvE? There are better scout builds. PvP? There are better scout builds.

This build will not be meta just because it is a huge bloat of buttons - BM on it’s own have a pretty decent uptime on skills with overdrive and outrage allowing to pass time and wait for cooldowns. Taking TWO red classes with BM is counter-productive. Thaum will outperform this build when farming or being support, because very few ppl do like Boruta with Thaum and it’s so nice to actually have one on your party. Enchanter will outperform in PvP due to block, accuracy, crit rate (with new attribute) and movespeed being ultra-important, while other buffs being pretty decent as well to say the least. Linker will outperform in any content because it is so well-rounded overall.

Video is nice.



Thanks for the comment! But it’s just a fun video! To make fun of Outlaw (unused class) and Linker (former mage and now outrageous scout) o.o

I still like to play Outlaw but I know there are better builds. But it’s just an “outlaw parody video” showing Outlaw still there, even during Linker times!

Glad you liked the video!



Nice video! Linker > Outlaw

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Whoa ! Waiting for Krivis/Sadhu and Monk/Chap movies :haha:
Not saying they are bad, just not so meta at this moment, as outlaw.

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I’m not a Cleric player but I understand the feeling!