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Viable Wugushi PVP build? (non musket/cannon)

I recently came back to the game and find out scout was split from archer tree, i used to use archer scout combo for range and cloaking. Now i don’t know what to make, the only cloaking skill i know is either the rebuild wugushi’s wide miasma or the new tiger hunter camoflage but uses musket which i don’t want. Can anyone suggest a viable build?

Wugushi sucks at PvP, not worth picking for 10s invisible.

Yea, heard about that. I guess its pointless now trying to find a cloaking archer build. I can’t find a single build nor video about it even on youtube that utilizes the wide miasma for stealth.

If you want to do stealth stuff from range you can still just go Scout and choose Sheriff + BM.

The thing is i’m trying to make a character that only use bow and xbow. Anyway, i think i’ll just play assassin than having a halfassed class.

If you want to use Wugushi go ahead and use it but it has its problems in PvP.
Nothing is stopping you from combining it with Mergen and what not.

How good is mergen in pvp tho?

If you are to try to make Wugushi relevant on PvP, you gotta make use of Zhendu, imo.
Like everyone can point to you, if you build your Wugushi to rely on your poison debuffs, you’ll face the Antidote problem.

Zhendu gives you elemental damage, that bypasses defenses. The only damage reduction against elemental damage is the PvP factor (80% reduction) that every damage gets through. So, if you push your elemental damage to 5000 damage during Crescendo Bane, that would add 1000 damage to every hit of every skill on a PvP match.

If you get to that route, you gotta research every single true multihit available to you and probably use Masinios Crossbow Ichor. Then you could add Drakonas Frieno or even Kite Moor (if you can’t afford Frieno).

That’s just theorycraft, but seems fun. I guess I’ll give it a try =P

Wugushi should be fine in PVP. I’d recommend piper for the CC and double damage and knockdown immunity, and then a utility class like falc or sapper.

A lot of people are going to spew bad ideas about how it’s terrible when they haven’t even played the class, ignore them.

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Wugu poisons+fletcher bleed+Burning+masi crossow especial property can be a good damage?

I have it +sapper to do CM and the numbers are low but the hit rate it’s just insane

It’s terrible I’ve experienced and also saw many people trying to use this class for PvP, aside from the lame 10s invisible the class has nothing to offer. Wait for some changes or rework maybe he can have some use then.
I do have 4 archers with Wugushi but only use for PvE content.

That combination gives the highest masinios proc rate, but i wouldnt put all my damage on debuffs below level 3.

I was thinking about multi hits. I know the following skill list includes classes dismissed as crappy, but I just want to get multiple 2600-3000 (1000 elemental + 600 Masinios +
1000 elemental on Masinios) increments in a reliable way.

Quick research:

  • Barrage: 5 hits, can burn 3 OH in 2 seconds (15 hits)
  • Tomahawk: 10 burning hits, but debuff based
  • Dissonanz: 5 hits, debuff level 3
  • Caltrops: 15 hits, but needs falconer;
  • Rapid Fire: 6-7 hits, CC dependant
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This actually quite brilliant, didn’t thought about this multihit stuff. i’ll try to make a build for it then. Thanks

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Yea, i heard it quite a bit. They say wugushi got worse when rebuild came up, wasn’t it? But i love cloaking too much, so gotta take what i can get i guess.

Hmm can ranger - wugu - piper work? Or is it seems lacking?
I was gonna try ranger - wugu - mergen, but that obviously leaving me lacking CC, only have soft CC on slow and 1 knockdown from barrage.

I’ll try this idea, “just” got to farm my Drakonas jewelry.

I’ll report any findings and testing results

Thanks man, in the mean time i’m gonna level my character aswell.

i dont know if youre the same person i answered to reddit to. but take this in mind alot of people forget to bring antidote in pvp (specially in gem feud) :sweat_smile:

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Piper has 3 reliable CCs, and one RNG skill that has a 50% chance of being an additional CC.

I actually think you might like mergen over ranger but I would try both and see what you like more as a playstyle.

Ah lol yea i’m the same guy in the reddit, i tried asking here since i don’t get lot of response there