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Very Unpopular and Probably Hated complaint


i don’t think the ability to abuse (infinitely use it forever, whenever, wherever) quest teleport is supposed to be in the game.

don’t get me wrong,
it is extremely convenient and i know for a fact that it helps out with everything, can even help out team mate opens up maps but this kind of use is unnatural, it doesn’t seem to make sense and defeats the purpose of many klai and orsha scroll if you keep just 1 quest.

i think being able to abuse the teleport ruins the economy of teleport shop and narrows the teleport target very much.


I am an extreme user of quest teleports - I have open quests at almost every important map (to me), and I share the frequently in any party. As much as I like this feature, I must admit you are probably right.
Any suggestions to keep the quest teleport, but stop the “abuse”?


i feel you man, i do that too but i can’t help but feel that this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.

i think quest teleport should only be usable if you are in the map where the quest is or maps immediately around that quest map.

then the portal sellers will be much more useful and serves an actual important economical purpose.


Then people would have to walk because every portal seller only sells portals to the popular maps (HG, Spelltome, Waters, Demon Prison, Kalejimas…). Quest warps aren’t the reason why you don’t make profit with your portal shop, it’s because most of the content in this game is outdated, so there’s not a big reason to play in most maps and because Sages only sell portals to the same maps. With the fixed price, there’s no competition.


even if i don’t even talk about the portal sellers.

the abuse itself is unnatural, and it’s not supposed to function like this no matter how convenient it is.


Then there’s no argument.
Klai and Orsha scrolls are useless because you can purchase TP warp scrolls with the free TP. Besides, the game showers you with them in many events.
Quest warps don’t ruin the economy of Sage shops because it isn’t the reason for that to happen. I already explained why.
In the end, there’s no point in removing or turning one of the few conveniences this game still has into a hassle just because you don’t like it or because you’re frustrated because you thought you’d become rich selling portals.
Shouldn’t you complain about the entrances of all dungeons being moved to Klai instead? Less points of interest = less options of popular portal destinations = less competition for portal shops.


try not using them and see how long it takes for you to hate yourself


I agree with this though, this design flaw promotes the leaving of quests unfinished just so players could use the teleport. Obviously there’s an over abundance of quests and the rewards aren’t even worth it compared to having a free teleport but that just goes against the concept of questing.

IMC should make the quest teleport function a one time thing that gets disabled after first use, and get rid of the party sharing function (it doesn’t really make sense cause an actual party should be doing the quest at the same time). Maybe make saving warp statue locations an account wide feature for people who got spoiled by what is arguably an exploit. A permanent warp stone for Klaipedia might also be a good idea (or a selected home town if they push through with town taxes).


I don’t think it’s a hated complaint, though probably is unpopular because people like convenience.

A few people I know are completionists and actually like doing all the quests, and I generally do all the important ones on my main so I usually don’t have this option. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they were planning on removing it at one time, perhaps they went back on the decision because it wasn’t popular. But I do agree with you to a point. I think it does help if someone is stuck on a quest and needs help, and you need to get a friend over to you. But that was back when quests were pretty hard and you really needed to do them in groups (pre-nerf dual centaurs, pre-nerf Tevhrin Gesti, pre-nerf Library unlock). It’s also useful to get a party member to your location if they didn’t ever do a quest in an area, but I think further restrictions could be added to make it less abusable.

Or, give more reasons for everybody to go to more obscure maps, so that everyone on every character passes through more than never, thus making close-by statues more important to pick up. For example, everyone has Tevhrin 5 now because Velco exists, some of my own alts have Tev5 but not 1. This was a great excuse to get people to show up on a map. I’m not saying every map needs to have a raid entrance–but the maps are cool, there should be more incentive for players to visit them.


I have to agree on this one, convinience is nice but quest warps are a little too extreme. A clever way to address that is by adding a map limit on where you can warp, some of the possible restrictions are.

  • Being at the quest map or adjacent maps (Ex: Gele Plateu to Tenet Garden)
  • Maps from the same dungeon (Ex: Royal Mausoleum 1F to 5F)
  • Questline progression (Ex: practonium quest in Mishekan Forest to Klaipeda)
  • Being in the level range (+/-20) of the quest or map level.

As for party warps it can still follow these rules if the character has that quest completed.


Sorry if i’m misunderstanding something, but as a person who cares to do every quest available, I can’t imagine how boring questing (which is already very low paced) would be without quest warps.

Please, in your discussion, consider the real use of quest warps (which I think it is to make questing less time consuming) and how the changes you guys might be discussing would affect the players who uses the feature “rightfully”… I guess?


I have my quest log clear so no quest warps and I am happy with myself…

then gain am a Psycho-Sage so I skip through almost everything with ease and I enjoy exploring :blush:


I like my quest teleports but I’ll settle for replacing it with all teleporting being free.


Don’t think they should completely remove quest warps, but they could limit it to like, only 3 warps per quest then it turns off the warp permanently.

1 is risky because sometimes it bugs, client crashes, etc. So keeping it at 3~5 is reasonable amount.


Think the solution starts with introducing an alternative (a convenient way to warp back to places you’ve been to) that feels natural to the game.

Not sure what though.

But once there is that alternative, the current questwarp-mechanic could be restricted to “on same map”-fucntionality, while most quests would give you warp scrolls to the NPC at the beginning of a quest-line?

what bothers me the most is the convenience of quest-warps being share-able (again after being disabled for a year?), because it feels silly when you’re hastily explaining what is essentially a bug to a new player while you’re in a hurry to start CM or whatever xD

And that’s because there is no easy way of helping other players get where you are going.
…What if there was shared warping? Like, say you are in a party, and take a warp to some place, and then all partymembers that were on the same map, would get a prompt saying “partymember warped to map X, do you want to warp with them?”

Someone come up with more elegant solutions xD


I agree as well.

I don’t think it should be removed though, but nerfed instead. Maybe you could only warp to a quest in another map that’s 2-3 or less maps distance away, for instance.
That way there’s still the convenience of getting around the map, or having to leave for whatever reason and being able to get back without walking too far from a statue/teleport spot.



yeah eventho I’m one of ppl who take advantage of this Q warp a lot, (u know how I am with Q warp sharing. always have one everytime someone ask for warps lol) I do think it’s bad if a feature can encourage ppl to keep leaving quests unfinished forever.
I remember joking with a friend saying “Zanas’ soul will wander forever in kalejimas visiting room & never rest in peace because revelators nowadays refuse to continue helping him & prefer saving his Q warp for grind” :joy:

I don’t think it’s bad enough to be deleted tho. just need to introduce other ways that makes ppl think abusing Q warp isn’t needed anymore.


Please don’t suggest that they make the game worse.

They ■■■■■■ up massively with their bad map design and the amount of them there is, and the only reason we don’t feel it as badly as we would otherwise is quest warps. They’re a good thing, intended or not, game taxes you for using skills, market, statues, and probably some day for logging in you will be taxed. The more money and time we can save the better.


I’m actually very surprised someone would make a complaint about this, and more so seeing quite a few agree. I almost thought this is trolling XD.

Well, since we are sharing opinions, I would too. Please keep in mind this is just my opinion. I do not wish to offend anyone, and I hope you will be respectful, too. I am totally against the idea of nerfing or limiting quest warps. I understand utilizing this feature is weird and is not intended, but I think it is needed for a game that has so many maps, not to mention most maps are quite big. Walking through maps had always been time-consuming for me. I was actually thinking we should have a feature that randomly teleports you within a map (similar to Ragnarok Online).

Regarding the portal shop, I think they are still very much needed even with the unlimited quest warp we have now, so I don’t think this feature affects the income of sages much.