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Velcoffer`s Builds


I see. I guess I’ll stop here since I might spread “misinformation” since I don’t play lancer nor still know people in game who still play it. I can’t test it out or even help with testing it out.


You: Armor break doesn’t work
Everyone on the server : it decreases mdef/pdef by 50%
you: i need proof or its misinformation

Why don’t you just play the game and try it yourself. You will see it works. Not to mention csiko’s whole point is musket armor break is so good in velcoffer that it can be their sole purpose (which is true)


my velco party consist of musket, it just makes clearing final stage so fast.
that guy probably never run velco, thats why he dont understand.

our setup got rune of destruction debuff, lightninghand debuff, serenity’s armor debuff, FF curse debuff, Spiritual shock debuff. it just so damn good fighting against zero armor velco + bonus dmg. xD



PATK: 4161
Skill Factor: 1912%
Enemy DEF: 850

No Armour Break:

19.12*4161*(min(1,log10((4161/(850+1))^0.9+1))) = 56777

Armour Break:

19.12*4161*(min(1,log10((4161/(425+1))^0.9+1))) = 75050

Armour Break does work in PVE situations, Sniper’s Serenity is a 50% Reduction.


If you’re looking to get the very most fastest time in whole world, then no, probably not. Our typical run is about 25 mins (this time was achieved with derpy Velc AI, I also got 2nd on DPS, though you can’t see it). You’ll also notice that I’m only the only physical in the group, so my debuffs (Crush, Doom Spike, Zalcai) are literally blocking all the useful debuffs for the mages.

Lancer offers Ground of evil Upheaval cancel and maybe some crowd control. And that’s about it. This is with a +13 Masi Pike, level 100 Quintain, level 100 Stabbing.

The exact build is
Dopp is taken because I needed something with Double Pay Earn. Lancer 3 is not absolutely necessary.

Stats are pure STR, Ausura Top/Bottom +11, STR/CON boots/gloves. Chafperor (Finestra) in Gloves.


It could be , there’s different types of armor breaks in the game & some similar , so this requires testing , lancer is more PvP* or Bossing Oriented since most of it’s skills are Single target .

The reason why musket is the best or rather in the best spot right now is because , their armor break mechanic can be applied on the mob / boss 90%-100% of the time & dish out high dps depending on how well u know the classes cooldowns & party set up , whereas for other classes , some if not all of their armor break debuffs are different e.g ( 20% reduc / 40% reduc / 15% reduc ) & they supposedly have high cooldowns or a cooldown of some sort which limits it’s consistency .


Christ, people like you are insufferable. You are like a 3 year old running into a group of professors screaming that you need proof.



Make sure u have this attribute on ur Musketeer image
after you’ve turned it on , do the following steps :

  1. duel a friend or so & ask him to tell you how much Physical defense he has e.g ( 300 Phys def / 1k phys def )

  2. Hit him with an auto attack / musketeer skill & ask him to tell you his armor values again

3 . Charge Serenity & repeat step 2 , his/her armor values should drop by half ( 50% )


Armor break has been in existence well before Serenity was a thing, in fact since the game was released it has existed and has always worked in PVE.


This is the most successfully derailed thread I have ever seen.


Are Pelt/Hl armor break still that bad?
Or did they get better too?


What makes velco cast pools and how to avoid that?


Velco will start using the pools in his 3rd phase (as soon as he hits below 84m HP if I remember correct).

You can dodge it by moving around as soon as he charges the skill - the charge animation involves him lifting his tail up, with a purplish orb forming at its tip. He then whips his tail with the charged orb, where the orb seems to become the pool as it hits the ground.

Even if it lands on where you are standing, in my experience you’ll still have about a second or two to be able to jump/run away from it before it drains you dead.

I’m not sure but the pool’s target seems random but still directed at a player’s location.


he casts it if your too far away from him


Umbro thrust : The duration is still bad , 3s only . With Long cd