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Velcoffer`s Builds


This post has the purpose of share some of the most relieable or common build for velcoffer raid, some of the build i could see in the raid was :

  • wiz2 - link3 - Chrono3 - RC - thaum1
  • Cleric 3 - Priest 3 - Kabbalist 3
  • Archer 3 - Scout 3 - Falconer 3
  • Ar - Rang 3 - Fletcher 3 - Mergen 3
  • Ar - Rang 2 - Wugushi3 - Appra - Musketeer 3
  • Ar - Rang2 - Sapper 2 - Rogue1 - Appra - Musketeer3
  • Sw3 - Hl2- Barb1 - Doppel 3 - Shinobi

*please share your build also an advise for the purpose , if you have some videos please link it.


I will make it very simple:

c1 or c2 -> priest 2 -> anything

Non-healer support:
Pelt 2 or Pelt 3 -> anything
Anything -> Thaum3 -> Anything
Anything -> Linker3 -> Anything
Anything that actually does damage -> Falc3
Anything that you don’t swap weapons -> Musk3

Literally anything with a minimal level of weapon investment (+11 Primus/Masi 350-380, stage 5+)

Please stop doing ranger musket builds. Your one job is sniper’s serenity and if your uptime is sub 100%, you are a waste of a slot.

Please stop doing not-thaum3 builds. Thaum3s are so abundant, you are a waste of a slot unless you are also providing damage–which many thaum1-2 builds can do just fine, but then get in the habit of not overwriting good thaum3 buffs with your garbage ones.

Please stop doing 0 damage “I’m going to buff and afk for the next 5-10 minutes of this boss fight” builds, you are a waste of a slot. (This includes 0 damage falc3 builds).

Ignore every piece of the last bit of advice if your build is designed around other things, and you just want to do Velco and are willing to build a group around it. It’s actually very easy.

Some things which indicate your group is probably going to fail:
“LF Kabba3 only” -Your DPS’s armor is terrible and they’re gonna spend a lot of time dead and blame the healer for being oneshot twice in a row through revive.
“LF linker3/thaum3 only” -“We need this buff class but we’re going to make it as hard as possible for you to keep lifeline up and then get really mad when we end up killing Velco 55 minutes in because you do no damage”
“We need someone with 10k patk or matk” -We have no idea what we’re doing and need someone to carry us

Some underloved class builds that make runs 10-15 minutes:
Piper 3 who knows what they’re doing
Literally any DPS class with a +16 t10 weapon


Basically any build will do, as long as you can contribute to the party. Just be sure to bring a character with enough HPs and defense to survive (the usual rule is 80k HPs and 8k PDEF/MDEF – yeah this means investing into CON and transcendance on your armor). Your DPS is useless with 12k matk if you are dead 99% of the time.

I strongly encourage people that are not ready for Velcoffer to use those Legendary runs to get Solmiki items first. I see so few ET parties nowadays when there should be some constantly. ET doesn’t require fully geared chars and can be run with alts. Get runs going with 4 characters and if you can reroll your cubes you’d be able to get your full armor set in a few weeks…

Yeah this is BS. Sometimes you even get 2 Thauma3 in the party and instead of getting the buffs from the one with the highest SPR, you get the crappier ones. I don’t understand why the game doesn’t track which buff is the most beneficial for the char. It’s clearly tracking when a player went to buy pardoner buffs and someone tries to apply a non-shop buff (message “shop buff already applies”). If the buff is going to be of lower value, then the game should keep the current one.


This would be great. Thaum buffs are the most egregious, but there are other buffs too where this is kind of a big deal.


i strongly disagree, if you’re caster musk with min +11-+16 t10 , easy dmg cap, pretty much melting everything in velco.
yes i agree if you’re AA musk


I disagree as well. Even AA musket can utilize ranger1, not like you wil be 100% aaing everytime. When you need to burst you critical shot but during aa you can ignore it.


Kek I laughed at that part too. Don’t even need to main musket to know how broken that set up is


Support/utility, each is usually only good 1 per party:
any falc3, 0 damage or not if you have swordsman in your party or elementalist
any musket3, 0 damage or not because armor break

Any dragoon3 if there exists more swordsman in the party
Any inker3
Any thaum 2-3.
Any chrono3, preferably paired with linker3 or thaum2-3
Any enchanter2-3 if there exists a zealot in the party, Pair with thaum or linker

Any zealot2-3 if there exists a strong phys dps present
Any druid1-3
cleric1-2 priest 2

Notable utility classes( great addition depending on comp/situational ):
bokor1-3, hex debuff
Diev1-3 CDR, aus
runecaster, Great with elememe
taoist 1-3

Solid Dps (there are more i didnt list):

ranger3 fletcher3 musket3
Ranger1 musket3
ranger3 falc3

wiz3 ele3 wl3 ff
Wiz3 ele3 ff3 wl

Any SPR Zealot3
Exorcist 2-3

Hop3 dragoon3
Any fencer3


ok bro !



Hello? this was a bug… the Bleeding one if i remenber.


Yeah, and I’m sure these are the same people who claimed their DPS is so much worse in Velco after every content patch. :roll_eyes:

To everyone saying the ranger thing is fine, please reread the post you are replying to and even quoting in the replies.

I don’t know what’s confusing about this. If you can maintain 100% uptime on serenity with ranger then great, good for you, but I’m willing to bet you aren’t–and all the muskets I pub are indicative of this. The whole 6-7 seconds you get at a clip of actual DPS between swapping and casting is straight-up sub-optimal. Again, if it works for you, great, but when people shill this build I can promise you that 99% of the people who take the advice aren’t doing it properly and they could be having a much easier time of it with any other class.


Nah that screenshot isn’t related to any form of bug. You can always checkout skolver’s Youtube , pretty sure he had a few velcoffer run videos where you can watch.


It’s not a bug . I alrdy capped dmg long before r10 release with scout 3 support , can always go see the video again if u want to , its up to u to believe it or not . You could always make ur own build and show that it yields better results, but since ranger musket is a waste of a slot , i doubt u will ever see cap dmg in ur next 3 years in tos


Yea my dps is ■■■■ after patch , still 9 mins run though :confused: after the “bleed fix”


No, if you can not use ranger’s crit shot and high archoring effectively do not pick up ranger with musketeer. Otherwise it is great. Sniper’s Serenity has a 3 second armor break debuff. If you have enough DEX from gear/equipment you’ll be able to keep crit shot level 5 buff up and keep the armor debuff up with a Solmiki Musket. Also, crit shot assists you in removing Sniper Serenity so you do not have to right click the buff or re-cast the skill to get the ■■■■ out of dodge if Garg or Velco decides to come at you with one of their skills.


brb running content from 3 generations ago


Sure, but so does right clicking off serenity.

You don’t need the cards being bugged to hit damage cap… Literally any musket with an okay weapon can hit that. But again, you’re missing the point. Musket’s purpose for Velco is armor break.

Didn’t you know you need to do 6 months of 2 year old content to be able to do Velco man why is Velco so hard

Also why aren’t you kabba3 we can’t do Velco without me being a QS/musk3 and you being a kabba3 wait where did I get all this gear from

Oh right it was doing Velco for the last several months without any issues because we didn’t take bad advice from shitters who could only do Solmiki with diev/krivs and taos


You this cb kia. Are you tunnel visioned or what?!


Just to be clear… you mean armor break of musket as in “deleting” the “armor gear” of velcoffer which it doenst have???


And the award for the dumbest post of the year goes to…