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Nah the dumbest post of the year goes to that Klaipeda guy claiming to be innocent from the recent exploit then mysteriously disappearing after proven guilty.


He was from Klaipeda actually :tired:


Not so sure if you are dodging the question, or just actually think that musket armor break actually reduce def of monsters… i may be missing something, i was thinking that musket was for sniper “max dmg” and grooving muzzle that “ignore” % of def and does more lines of dmg in crits…

Soooooo, when you say “armor break”, is it in the sniper serenity atribute that its for pvp due to not working on mobs or the grooving muzzle??


Sniper serenity has a armor reduction effect , which reduces the def by 50% for both magic & phys . To apply it , you have to be in serenity & use any musket skill or auto attack , casting other skills from another class tree wont extend the duration , the armor break duration is 3s and refreshable .


is it similar like Lancer’s crush? i wonder if lancer viable as support/dps on velco


you may want to learn about things before posting as if you have knowledge of them


Ok, so then can any1 post a video of sniper serenity armor break working on mobs??? Because when i had the musket3 it didnt work that way…


The 0 def armor break was changed to something around 10-15% iirc, usually last very few seconds…
I really dont know where you got the 50%…

Also, if you hover the mouse on the “armor break” debuff on enemy, it will show that it removes the gear or something similar, dont remember the exact sentence…

You could do the same… or at least show some proof of what you are saying… just check it out in game if you have a musket3…

Again… some kind of proof that sniper serenity actually reduce def or just stop spreading misinformation…


tos.neet is outdated, but I’m guessing this is what you mean

Monsters technically have “built-in” armor. So the defenses they have is already considered their armor defense, and sniper serenity’s attribute reduces this. I have no proof but I do notice my damage increases whenever I party with a musketeer. It’s not misinformation. It’s already known to be very useful for content with high def/mdef monsters such as demon lords and velcoffer. Go try partying with a musketeer3 in a demon lord hunt or velcoffer and check out your damage. Normal mobs won’t really be cut out for it since their defenses aren’t as high as the current end game bosses.


Already did, thats why am asking for actual proof on it… maybe they did change it in the last 2-3 months since i reseted mi musket3…

Also, tos neet is WAY more updated than tosbase…

Also, there is multiples “armor breaks” as keywords in the databse, and they dont work the same way…

Also, what you showed there with tosbase is the old 0 def debuff… that currently is 10-15% def reduction… go try a HL “armor break” if you dont believe me…

#30 was updated last May 15, 2018 and doesn’t even have pied piper, exo, and rank 10. was updated July 10, 2018 and has pp, exo, and r10.

I was looking for the armor break debuff and I was just following up on what you said:

If you don’t have a musketeer 3, then go party with one and check out your damage. It’s such a hassle to give any proof of it since the def reduction only matters in content where it isn’t really that easy to test around.


If you cant give any proof, then dont spread misinformation… at least am saying this from the stand point of me actually have played with a musket… and unless something changed in the last 2-3 months, it doesnt work in pve…

Also, the “update” of tosbase was for the char simulator mainly, they didnt touch the buff/debuff part…


As I said, it’s not misinformation. Your experience 2-3 months ago is different from the experience of players right now.

Go test it out yourself. Everyone else seems to agree that sniper serenity does decrease def/mdef NOW (maybe it didn’t 2-3 months ago, I don’t know) in content where it matters and that you’re currently the only one contesting it, so I guess the burden of proof should be on you and not on everyone else who’re actually playing (or partying with) a musketeer c3 and noticing the difference in their damage.

And regardless whatever content was updated in the database, I was just following up on what you said and found the debuff closely related to that.


how about Lancer’s Crush, does it work similarly?


It technically should but I don’t know about the mdef since the skill only mentions physical and I don’t really know people who still play lancer.


Bring a musketeer to do demon lord、velcoffer or lv18 guild event.

You can find that there is a huge difference between with and without armor break debuff.

Normally, my damage on demon lord is around 300k

But my damage can go up to 600k~750k with armor break.


minus 50% pdef and patk. and minus 50% eq pdef/mdef.


Equipment pdef/mdef is only for pvp though.

If defense is chosen, also reduces affected enemy player’s physical and magical defense from equipment by 50%


yea, thats why i m wondering, since u said monster have “built-in” armor.


Oh I see, but the crush attribute says “players” while sniper’s serenity’s attribute says “enemies”.


in game says enemy, not player.