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Varena Server Implications

b; not in any foreseeable future. the ENTIRE POINT is that Telsiai already has too many players on it.
c; well no kidding.
d; again, no kidding. and there are 2 NA servers (Orsha and Klaipeda). and after F2P there will probably be a LOT more servers for every region.
e; you’re an idiot. how do you read “temporary” and take it to mean “forever” ?

you keep complaining about all the errors and crashes happening because the server is too crowded
and yet… now that they say that the server is full, you’re demanding they allow more people to be added.

F2P players are basically second class citizens, due to the fact they don’t pay for the servers / development. If all your friends are going to be on the other server why don’t you just remake and play with them.

Nothing will be any different for your friends.

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It’s people like you that leave moronic reviews on steam.

You’re so quick to judge and cry over a situation that you can’t even be patient long enough to realise that this entire ordeal is temporary.

Did you just read one sentence of their original post and write this? Because that’s sure what it sounds like you did.

Why even make a new topic? This is beyond dumb and you should feel dumb.

Come on guys, you need to at least try to understand why they are doing it like this.

Telsai has an over-population problem which is causing lots of lag and DCs. If all the F2P players are able to join Telsai, then those problems are only going to get worse, while Varena will be running smooth as butter because it will be under-populated.

IMC is trying to balance the population of the servers so that they all have approx. the same number of players. They are doing this to improve the gaming experience of EVERYONE, even if that means temporarily inconveniencing a few players for the greater good.

If your friends really want to play with you, they can just wait until Telsai opens up for F2P players. Or, you can make a new character on Varena.


they should’ve put options for people to move on new server (Telsiai > Varena) just like what they did before? that would lessen the overpopulation on tels. i think varena would be op then :joy: well some people wanted tos to be just P2p they didnt want F2p to come let them stay at Tels. those from other server who went to SEA actually wanted to play with their friends , then this bad news came… well better than prolonging the F2P they’ll figure it out sooner or later. but for now we deal with the Overpopulated server and the soon to be newbies server :smiley:

Do you retards even read the previous announcement? IMC had stated they will be offering players a 1-time Team transfers to those who purchased Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access. Only 1 Team transfer per Steam account will be allowed regardless of the number of products purchased. So all of you will be able to transfer to the new servers to play with you Free2Play friends.

Now tell your other entitled forumers about this so people would stop making these stupid type of threads.


how about people that transfered to Telsial? they already got they 1 time.

It is clearly stated this transition will be implemented when f2p launches. Did f2p launched yet?

If IMC had the slightest intent to fix issues in Telsiai, they had done something regarding the issues caused by over population by now, even before F2P release.

lol, and what do you suppose they’re going to do?
just start randomly punting people off the server? “you, back to NA. you, back to EU. you, go try the SA server.” yes, this wouldn’t cause any problems.

everyone seems to think you can just snap your fingers, or wave a magic wand, and problems get fixed instantly, but that’s just not true. even Blizzard, with vastly more cash on hand, took months to resolve the massive overpopulation issues when WoW originally launched.

You know all here complaining all of em saying something like hello i got 10 friend here want to play together,well imagine if 1 people of telsiai brings 10 people f2p friend then what? Its imposible to contain all those infection for the worst walking dead scenario which will makes the world itself failing aka crashing… a lot, just think the way they opening this server to let the f2p and possibly founders who are willing to join their friends shaping the markets and server itself without the advantage like EA

It’s because you touch yourself at night. :rage:

I don’t know what to say. Do you seriously think Telsiai still needs to grow at this point? Dungeons are not even working properly anymore, almost every map is crowded except very high level maps where the bad mob stat scaling starts, we’re getting massive lag, spikes and delays, CommanderLoadFail(previous issue). All of these because of the overpopulation yet you still thinking how Telsiai can grow?

I would agree if the server can still handle the amount of players currently but it cannot. It seriously feels like Telsiai will explode anytime and cause frequent emergency maintenance.

Like what randomly ban some of you to reduce the population lol.

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yes i’m sure that there is simply an unlimited capacity to upgrade.

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sure, and it’s infinitely expandable as whole, i’m sure too.

but i don’t care about overall. i’m referring to a single server amidst the bunch.
i suppose i could have been more clear last time.

Eh, like improve server capacity? open new servers? Why wait till F2P release…, for cost savings due to better estimation of influx of players at the cost of current players on Telsiai (founders) to suffer the issues brought by overpopulation? Or was it to bait more waiting F2P players who had friends with founders to buy a pack…

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Not that simple.

They are doing that

because after the transfers they realized how many sea players they had once they were separate, the initial data implied your player base was smaller. And now they are adding a server, they aren’t free and require work to set up so duh it is going to take a bit of time this is IMC not blizzard they can’t make servers overnight.