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Vaivora Event Reroll Festival Thread

Time to show off all the vaivoras that you got through rerolls! I haven’t done mine yet, but i’ll get to it eventually!

Here’s event patch notes/breakdown for all the new/return players who want to learn more about the rerolls/event.

Event Patch Note:
Event Breakdown Patch Note:

Reroll Demonstration by Zraekor



exo–>concentrate defense–>highlander.

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highlander -> doppel -> rogue then trade for friend and get some BG, waiting on other vvr to reroll.

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time rush > fire bolt
eternal frozen > florescence > centerfire

then traded centerfire+50bg to diffuse :star_struck:

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1° try: Rune of Vigilance > Florescence > Necrosis
2° try: Stone-slinger > Biased Gravity

Then after a few trades I managed to get a Trinket :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Appreciate the shout!

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I got from musket to eternal rod, not satisfied reroll again got orbittal, i think enough, remain 1 try, will consider to buy trash vvr,

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Slash Space > wicked > Slash Space.


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only used one here so far, stone slinger > cryo bullet

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slash space > eternally frozen land
bandillero > rune of vigilance

keeping the 3rd exchange in case the random vaivora from box is crap

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eternal frozenland > eternal frozenland >eternal frozenland > eternal frozenland …


Nothing -> nothing. Easy as goblin pie! :haha:

(well we’ll get a random one from the event so unless a huge stream of luck strikes on that one there will be at least three chances to get a good one)


you know how they say it “no money no problem”
“no vv no problem” lol

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Coord Sword -> Coord Sword -> Frozen Land -> Orbital
Rerolling into the exact item you used is troll as fk.

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Triple Steps > Banderilla > Wicked Desire > Necrosis

Unpopular Archer > Killed by weapon swap restrictions/penalties > Cheap > Actually 300m+ and wanted

Edit: Actually bothered to watch the video and I was cringing at how he/she was dragging+dropping the materials into the window when right clicking is a thing.



Fete Something (one hand spear) -> Shield Coordination

Cryomancer rod -> Necrosis

But I pretty much traded down Necrosis with someone willingly but still happy I got what I wanted at the end.

Might reroll the Shield Coordination or just sell.

Slash Space -> Desition (Traded Desition for BGs and a Sacred Armor)

Sacred Armor -> Leventador (Sold to friend)

Double Marking -> Phantom Blade (Traded to friend for Mass Heal)

*[Lv. 3] Florescence -> 4 Mass Heal VVs

*This has no relation to the event


Cata Vai -> 1st - Reti Vai -> 2nd - Pyro Vai

Haven’t used the 3rd reroll, will save it

Edit: Shield Coord -> Rodel Vai
Opened exchange box for Arbal Vai! Took like …20 gold kits to successfully ichor… :slightly_smiling_face:
Also got Orbital from the rando box.

Current prices on Klai

Reinforced Bowstring > Florescence > Grind > Orbital Arrow