Using Wine for TOS


hi ive been trying to download and play tos for a long time now. ive been following the guide and i have gotten all the way until the install components where it says to download the msxml3 and the DXfullsetup. Those two say please wait and it never seems to get past the circular loading. I also have no idea on how to proceed on using homebrew with winetricks. I dont know what thats about at all and the guides ive been trying to follow seem to imply that there are links but i never see any links . I need some help with very user friendly instructions if someone is willing please. I dont know what to do at this point to play the game and im trying not to use boot camp again because it needed the vs c++ studio 2015 and it wouldnt work even when i added it. Im using play on mac and have gotten to the install components part using this guide