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Upgrade priority: Lucifer vs Ark?

I am at the point of game which next upgrade requires big investment from this point on. (Ark and Lucifer)

I have saved enough Teh material to upgrade 2 bracelet or 1 amulet to Lucifer.
But the tough part is the Archstone x2 part.

I am debating which has bigger effect for PHYSICAL ATTACK class when it comes to Ark and endgame accessories.

I checked many of the WBR video, Ark gives a net total of around 7%~15% of TOTAL DPS in the damage calculator from WBR, depending on which Ark is used. (Storm or Punishment)
Do lucifer 2 pieces bracelet provide more damage than this for PHYSICAL ATTACK class?
(Moringponia / Draco Accessories vs Lucifer)

in pt play you can smooch some whale appraiser luciferie lol

ARK does more damage compared to Accessories

I’ll definitely suggest ARK.

PA of Luci is not much (trust me) and you want the madness effect not the PA.

Thanking you

Ark can useful both int and str dps, if lucifer need choose which part u want str or int dps,

I not talking ark spr for healer or summoner,


Definitely ARK

Ark is your 5th class. Luci is 6th.

i need that information too, no youtuber is showing whats gear is the best for upgrade first ? ichor ? +21 weap? ark? acc? card?

Ichor/440 armour and weap def come first.
Much cheaper price for majority of your dm / bulk.

Card is ez. Just get it.

Unless you do hardcore AF rank content don’t even bother to go beyond +16 unless you have nothing else to do.

I’ll put dysnai armor as my first piece to grab.
Then ichor for weapon + glacia weapon.
At least max enhance art for 1 of you main skill.
Grab legend card like marnox or zaura or maybe fancy yourself with nuaele and upgrade to level 4 or 5.

At this point, you may ad aiming for ark and kara accessories. Ark has a better performance per cost “most of the time”, so make you judgement which ark and which kara is the best for your build.

Tbh, before you even touch ark, you may ad spend 300 to 600m, and that may not include vaivora!!

For me, I already have every stuff and it just about upgrading stuff that last longer when tos content change every 4 months. Anvil is definitely out of my consideration. I prefer to max all of my art, ark, and defense card. Trans gear to max if there is weekend burning buff. Heck, I even sell my divine retribution for wing.

i have ark lvl 6 and +21 gear got lucky anvil, but cannot reach 5B damage with meta class , when they can reach 15b++ damage , i don’t know what is the secret , iam to noob to play or they got some secret for reaching that damage? but it is to much different , +21 lucifier with + 5 Seal and boruta *10 card is the secret ? but it is to much power gap

Yes I thin most likely lv8+ boruta card and lv5 seal.

Boruta card do make a big power gap, my dmg does boost a lot with boruta. Plus, lvl25 guild buff (solo and part buff). Both most likely harder to get than a luciferi… :cold_sweat:

Meta class and skill choice also will create a power different. This part is just copy paste others.

In my opinion.
Weapon first at least +16 to clear out content
2nd will be your set ichors (fixed and not fixed)
Seal +3 is enough
Ark level 6 is enough

At this stage people are wondering how to scale more damage?
Me: Why the F*** I’m not doing enough damage? Then I started asking top tier people how to improve???

xx - Boruta card
xx - Boruta card
xx - Boruta card
xx - Boruta card

They all have the same answer.

I started doing WBR last week and the difference between lvl 7 Boruta card to lvl 10 Boruta is 5 to 6 Billion. (SWD class)

Seems like boruta card % damage is not like normal % damage from other source.
Seems like it’s adding % damage on top of the final value your damage. (aka double dipping)

Great to put the card in Guild content which only the guild leader can access to the card lolz.
(Would have been nice if it’s a random low chance drop from Boruta itself on any participants, like giving a box to all participants and it has low chance to contain the card like how wbr boss box works.)

Isn’t the main advantage of Luciferie the set effect? In that case if you have only 2 arch stones I’d go for the ark, not only because it would be available immediately, but also you have no certainty to get 2 more arch stones in the future.

I’d say:

  1. full legend 440 for the absurd flat damage (part 1)
    1b. a second set of full legend 440 armor (if you made savinose for CM then make glacia for boss)
  2. legend 440 set for the absurd flat damage (part 2)
  3. ichors (including vv ichor for your weapon and goddess/demon ichors for your armor – another absurd damage boost)
  4. +3 boruta seal (make your absurd damage boost last longer heh)
  5. not gear but the enhance arts for your skills
  6. legend card (this will probably be Marnox as getting Boruta will be reserved to top players in top guilds)
  7. ark
  8. accessories

Enhancement is not top priority, as it only adds +atk.
+16 vs +11 is something like 700-800 atk, and when you see how little damage you gain when you use weapon maintenance (+1800 atk on a staff for 1 hour) which is like making your +11 weapon look like a +21, you may want to consider all the +dam boosts first.

I don’t know either. My equipment is decent, even if I don’t have anything fancy like ark (still using the placebo one with +stats and +atk) or luciferie (still using the good old drakonas ones), but I barely do 200-300 mil damage on WBR. There must be something obvious I’m missing here… :haha:

"Boruta Card

[Card Equip Effect] Increases damage against Boss monsters by [★*5]% "

Yes, usually the damage is additive: if you have a skill that gives +10% and an item that gives +10% you do (100 + 10 + 10) = 120% damage. For Boruta Card it’s probably multiplicative, so you would instead do (100 + 10) * 1.1 = 121% damage. This is not much looking like that, but most OP effect now increase damage by way more than 10%, and if you consider max Boruta Card, that’s a flat +50% to all the damage output you do.

Haha… indeed… hope you are in a big guild that can clear Boruta each week (what’s the drop chance btw?) and have fair rules on how to distribute the rewards :wink:

Even if you’re in big guild, when the leader get the boruta card you won’t know.
They can keep it to themselves/ sell it.

That’s why big guilds’ leader usually is VERY VERY wealthy.

This suxx. At least when you do guild mission you can see the rewards. I don’t know if it’s still the case (I didn’t see a drop in ages and I fear it has been removed), but during Pantorex mission if the game decided to drop a card, you would get a lottery between the participants and everyone would have a chance at the card. I wish this system was applied to Boruta.

That’s the whole reason why Boruta card is 1.5 billion minimum on market.

Exclusive content for exclusive individuals.

Korean dev never intend to develop their games fair like western industry.

Just go full Glacia first dysnai isnt that important …
(Will change in the next Episode i guess)