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Update Preview Pt. 3: Hunting Grounds

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding 'Update Preview Pt. 3: Hunting Grounds

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You forgot the link.

You’re welcome.


since entries for both bosses are shared (irredian shelter and the new sewers), are you trying to make the irredian shelter HG die?

The new HG is just better (drops planium and lvl 400 items) and the new hard mode option for the boss will probably outclass the magic stone drop from Irredian Shelter boss cubes.
It also doesn’t contain blessed shards (which drop way too often in HG anyway, so they aren’t valuable) or the useless lvl 390 unique accessory recipes.

RIP Irredian Shelter, you didn’t last even a year and will soon be forgotten.

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Thank you for the translated preview.

I agree that the entries for both HG bosses should not be shared. The game should strive to be less restrictive in general.