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Unable to receive collection

Please fill in as much as you can :

Server Name: Fedimian

Team Name: Cryoemia

Character Name: Cryoemia

Bug Description : Im pretty sure I have done almost every quest in game, besides “carvings on the pillar” quest in galeed plateau where it randomly spawns during the day and im still not able to get “Collection: Pasleptas” from [Knights of Kaliss] Wilhelmina Carriot in [Inner Enceinte District].

Have not used any addons. Tryed switching controlls. Nothing works for me. Please help.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Do every quest in game
  2. Try to receive Pasleptas collection

Can any Game Master check if there is something wrong with my account or its a bug, please provide the item if its first option. Thank you.

maybe this can help you

Those posts are about getting items for the collection, im have trouble getting collection box itself, not the items in it.

I know, and i know that there is prequest to get it. She still does not gives it.

There are 2 quests that are based on drops in zones in the area, I think you have to have done both of em.

Sorry I’m not more specific but it’s been a very long time.

Look if you’ve completed all Knights of Kaliss quests before talking to her.

You probably didn’t complete the last quest from Amanda. She will ask you to find a suitable stone to carve a message, then upon completion of the quest she will simply say “I should do something, but what?” At this point, to get her last quest, you simply have to SIT in front of her and talk to her.

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@draconis, yes I did that quest. Every quest that shows up in journal(f4 button) is complete in every single zone.
@Csiko, are those 2 quests are showing up in adventure journal? If not- that could be it. Should i just genocide everythig in Inner enceite discrict and all 5 zones in Sentry Bailey for a couple of hours?
If you or anyone else could specify a little bit more, that would be lovely.
Thanks for replies guys.

Get Better Quest add-on if you don’t have it, that helped me a lot with quests (not perfect as many hidden quests aren’t shown) but supper useful for keeping track of things…

I did tryed it, didnt helped. there is only 4 quests are not done on this account- 2 of 24 hour random respawn quests like carvings on the pillar and 2 raid quests. everything else is done. more and more i feel like its just a bug.

Oh wow how did you figure this out? Thank you!