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Collection: Pasleptas

So I’ve finally decided to get to doing this thing.

The Inscription on the ring - easy enough, I received a Ring in my quest items when doing stuff in Letas Stream, found a glowy orange spirit thing that took the ring and then escorted it to one of them owl statues and I got the collection item.

But now I go for Ashaq underground prison, find the hidden notes on floor 1 2 and 3, get to the final note and receive the quest for the Hidden Silver Bar which tells me to enter the code in the chat box - but there is no chat box prompt, just typing it in normal chat is of course pointless ( I tried ) and so I’m stuck unable to receive the Hidden Silver Bar because IMC can’t be bothered to do proper coding.


Also anyone got a clue how to get Mihail’s Review? I can’t seem to find any hidden trigger on Delmore Outskirts that aren’t part of the other quests - so I’m not sure how to get Mihail to give us that thing. The quest is labeled as (214) but ive done everything up to Lv 238 quests.

Same ! Cant start quest with Mihail !!! him want some story …

tip: use “Best” in front of Mihail, the quest name itself is a clue though it’s really hard to get lol

for the Ashaq thing I’m trying to figure it out, I’ll post again if I find anything

also, how did you get a ring in letas stream? just quests? I’m using an older character so I’ve done everything there

edit: found out. you kill random monsters to get the ring.
–so my new question is, is the orange spirit you are talking about moving? or stationary?

The orange spirit is stationary and spawns at particular times. I saw it spawn at 9pm server time but there may be other times as well.

Where on the map did you see it spawn?

Where the blue spot is:


yeah that’s where I found it on ktos neet

but another timed npc…sigh


I assume its only there for the minute every hour?

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Typing in the normal chat worked for me.

confirmed 8:00 am server time so

might be every hour


Yeah I just did it as well… Seems to be every hour!

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Where did you find the notes at? I’ve looked all over now and cant find anything :frowning:

Aye, forgot one number in the thing and it worked.
Everything was solved on reddit already so I forgot I cloned the post here hah.
Pretty interesting collection, less stupid than the collections that ask for Venier or crafted Agvara cannon to give only a small useless increase…

Wish they’d do more of this kind (with slightly better hints…)

mine for the ring didn’t work (I mean the npc didn’t appear)
need to finish the repeatable quest 1st eh?

Nah you dont need to. If you have the ring (the one that says something is written on it, not the soldier ring from later in the game - but they’re both the same item name “Ring”) then you just need to go to the spot, the ghost appears when you’re pretty much next to it.

yeah …but it didn’t appear
I have the ring

I’d also love to know about the hidden notes on Ashaq Underground Prison; I’ve been running across the prison and I didn’t find any note nor book of any kind. Are they drops from mobs or do I have to wait for a spawn timer to find them?

check hidden npc, then look at the map

do the same for the rest but follow the order on the notes

Lostac , can i ask you how to trigger the last quest on letas stream ? I alr found the Soul at 8:00 AM , but it just said " The Soul Eagerly Looking for something" . I keep click it , but the quest didn’t pop out. ( I already got hidden silver bar and Mihail Review btw)