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Turn base classes into common classes

Despite common classes being cancelled, IMC still clearly likes the idea.

Since the skills of base classes are mostly lackluster and forgotten, why not make base classes the focal point of a common class idea.

  1. Give base classes all the shop class skills as passives
  2. Give base classes the most popular skill effects from their respective tree as base class skills
  3. Rework all classes affected by this with the 5 damage skill & 2 buff skills idea

Example: Cleric

  • Skill 1: Mass Heal
  • Skill 2: Death Sentence
  • Skill 3: Statue of Goddess Zemyna
  • Skill 4: Statue of Goddess Laima
  • Skill 5: Modafinil

All skills are maxed at skill level 1 with the full effects they have now at max level. This would make it less of a requirement for players to choose certain classes that are now required for end-game, because of 1-2 skills they have other classes can’t compete with.

I know this might be controversial, but it would fit the idea of IMC streamlining everything while not stifling build variety.

Just give every cleric DM like it used to be

I dont know, seems reckless to make every single dps cleric perfectly capable of supporting with minimal effort. The only skills you’re lacking for a full package in that list is Revive (and maybe divine might)
And for other base class trees, weapon incompability would prevent making any common ground skills that are commonly used unless you turn them into weapon-neutral skills.
Seems dangerous and kinda complicated for not much gain in my opinion. One of the reasons IMC backed off of the common class idea was because it introduced a lot of new possible points of disbalance while not really being necessary.