Tree of Savior

Trying to return to the game, but I can not access the server selection screen


The game simply has a screen that is sometimes white and sometimes black. The BGM always plays in the background and the TOS Mouse Cursor appear sometimes, but i just can’t see the server list or click in anything.

Things that I’ve tried:

— Verify integrity.
— Deleted user_c.xml
— Deleted all .xml files and verify.
— Deleted entire release folder and verify.
— Reinstalled the game.
— Replaced client.xml and updater.config.xml (from here: Little guide for better revalidation process)
— Test alot of numbers in release.revision

I realized that the game never downloaded the user.xml file, so I created my own manually. Could it be the cause of the problem? Could someone share your user.xml file so I can replace mine?

I’m sure my computer can run the game as I’ve played in the past and I have 4k of hours on the steam. Also, I have not downloaded the addon manager yet, so it is not incompatibility with addons.


Hello Tokita!

We advise you to send us a ticket at, so we can properly assist you with your issue.