Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior secret


Come and share all the secret stuff you guy found while adventure the world of TOS, any hidden item, quest and unsolved mysteries.


~i found a secret - TOS is almost at the …:tired: well lets hope not, i want to play too

~as for hidden item, idk any, but im aware there many player hidden their billion of silver

~Big quest atm~SAVE THE BURN TREE

~Unsolved mysteries, there 1 i could think~ rollback or no rollback or there no function rollback? this really mysterious

those is joke, my bad~ on right thing, you could try search for gimick quest, there many guide already


Shouldn’t telling you stop making it a secret D:

I cant tell you secrets, they are secrets for a reason :confused:


I’m just going to leave this here Owo


scary stuff :scream::scream::scream::scream:


If I would have any I would nicely share you.
whats the purpose of figuring out something which has been done by other players certain times.
It’s not like youre getting a reward you’ll be like " Gawd da m n im so satisfied "

@DrRM are you kidding? delete the whole Class Guides then. lol. But you might say this is different and totally fine. k


its from Taniel I near the Shadow Master area in a dirt pile found it a while ago


the biggest secret I found while playing this game actually was a secret e-brothel I found in ToS’ early days where a oracle would be taking donations of talt dollars in exchange for some hot ERP on channel 3 Klaipeda’s Bokor Master’s house at 2~4PM EST. The hidden code to interact with the e-whore player was the word PurnHob to arrange time and place for the magical ERP to take place at the hefty cost of 50+ talts.