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Tree of Savior needs more Rapier-based classes!

There’s only 1 build in the top 100 build ranking (Fencer > Matador > Barbarian) that involves Rapier-based classes, which completely goes against the philosophy of build variety in Tree of Savior.

Here are some class suggestions to allow for more freedom & uniqueness:


Rapier-based class that provides a wide variety of buffs due to their versatility and also works mounted.


Mount-based DPS Rapier class with a lot of AoE skills.


DPS Rapier class that works with Daggers & Shields as off-hand weapons with skills for both.


Mainly single target DPS that can fit in any Rapier based class build.

Let me preface an important fact: there is only that build with rapiers in the top 100 because there are almost no classes that can use rapiers and have pierce-type damage to begin with. As rapier buffs are extremely restrictive - they apply only when using rapiers and dealing pierce-type damage, unlike spear ones, that apply to any damage type. As a matter of fact, Epee Garde was even nerfed to the same values of Sharp Spear, despite the latter being less restrictive, and doing so those spear builds are free to use shield classes and other general-purpose classes, giving them more possibilities.
Whereas rapier users right now have exactly 2 classes available and lack even a third to properly use their buffs. Barbarian is nice, but it’s more akin to a forced choice.

That said, we do need more rapier classes, but mount-based rapier classes would suffer from the same issue current rapier classes have, unless they rework some of them.

It would also be nice to see an implementation of the italian school of fencing, seeing as the french one is already represented (with the fencer class) and the spanish one has a sort-of representation as well via matador.

I don’t really think rapier classes should be mounted. Realistically, weapons used on horseback were either projectile type (bows & guns) or spear / polearm. A rapier doesn’t have the reach to be suitable for it. In terms of practical reasons in game though, the two existing classes don’t have skills that can be used while mounted. You wouldn’t have synergy with those classes, so it wouldn’t solve the initial problem.
It would probably be better to compliment the strengths of the existing classes or providing additional utility and function. Perhaps something like this…

[ Duelist ]

  • Skills that inflict status ailments (Bleeding, Knockdown)

  • Attack Skills that also give 10-30 sec buffs (Movement Speed, Block Penetration)

  • More positioning skills (Circling around behind the enemy while doing damage)

  • An active parry system where you time hitting the guard button to block an attack (Shield isn’t necessary, that’s just how I envision the mechanic)
    {Arts} Increases the timing window for parry to activate

  • Riposte: Skill that can only be used after a proper parry, but 100% Crit / Ignore Def for big damage

  • En Garde: Stance that when activated locks character into one axis of travel (forward / backward). Uses basic attacks which increase in damage as a meter fills. Meter will lower when not attacking enemies, until it empties completely - ending the stance. Using other skills will also end the stance, but their damage will be increased based on the meter fill percentage. (100% Meter = 100% Dmg Increase)

  • Disarm:
    PVP - Attack with a chance to remove an opposing player’s weapon for 10 sec. Chance increases with skill level.
    PVE - Enemy attack damage is reduced. Damage reduction and duration increases with skill level.

  • Brush With Death: [Passive] When HP goes below 20%, activates a 120 sec buff
    (+20% Crit Rate and Evasion, +3 Movement Speed)

I’m pretty sure that Matador can already inflict bleeding through most of its attacks.

I think that Fencer used to have a skill that functioned like this. Retiarius and Sheriff have similar skills.

I don’t think that these are bad ideas. It’s just that they already exist in some capacity on current classes.

Indeed, an attribute, Picador, gives 5s bleeding when attacking large and boss monsters (or characters with a forced threat debuff).

Attaque au fer. Was removed due to technical issues with unequipping weapons, if i remember well. And then they gave disarming to those other classes. Heh.

I guess it would be better if skills did additional damage to bleeding targets, if Matador already inflicts the status. Or maybe if an attack extended the bleeding duration.
I thought about giving them the fencing mask, but I figured there were enough swordsmen classes with helmets. LOL
I’ve never played either of the rapier classes. I took fencing as an elective in college, so I’m really just coming up with ideas based on that experience.

Inb4 its a Spear/Rapier Arquebusier hybrid