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Tree of Savior is in a bad state, so let's fix it

Disclaimer: Yes, I know we don’t have any power on the changes they do to this game, and I know that the GMs don’t have any involvement on the game development either (they can just pass info to their higher-ups I guess), yet I’ll write this anyways as an exercise, and I invite everyone who wants to build upon what I write or wants to take other changes to another direction to do it. Also, please refrain of anything “dead game” or “why bother” related, as it doesn’t come to the case of this exercise.

With that said, let’s begin.

I love Tree of Savior. I love its artstyle, aesthetics, music, the core gameplay (more Action-RPG oriented) and the Class System overall. But as almost every one of you, I’m not happy with the state the game is in right now. Ignoring playerbase, even if 500k people played it, I’d still not be happy with it. From a while now the game is going in a direction I don’t like, and on future updates they seem to push even more towards that. A lot of people thinks the same, one way or another, and that’s the reason most leave.

Even ignoring playerbase, the game is in a bad state. Content-wise, gameplay-wise, the game is not being the fun that it should be.

And why is that? That’s what I want you to think with me, as part of this exercise (or at least read it).

Let’s imagine you are given the position of Lead Developer of Tree of Savior, with limitless resources to make this, your passion project, the best it can be under your vision.

What would you do to make it the best it can be?

What would you change? What would you let it stay?

You are the Lead Developer, letting it die or rot in this bad state is not an option. Ignore the playerbase. Even if 500k players play it everyday, any changes you make to the game won’t affect that big playerbase. Would you be happy with the state the game is right now and leave it there?

I certainly would not be happy with it. So let me tell you what I’d make to Tree of Savior in this exercise.

Also, if you want to take into account the low playerbase and put yourself on a position of “saving the game”, you can. In my case, I’ll not, and focus completely on fixing the game to what I think would be close to the best it can be.

So, what would I do? I hope it doesn’t end up being a wall of text ;_;

~What I’d do to Tree of Savior as the Lead Developer with limitless resources~

First, I’d like to keep the things that remain good, like the music, the artstyle, the lore (the worldbuilding in this game is REALLY GOOD, I could talk about it for hours. And the main story is… decent, at least until Episode 12), the aesthetic in general, core gameplay and Class System. Of those things I’d change little to nothing. The things I’d change about them will be addressed here.

Second, I’d identify the Essence of the Game. This is the Cornerstone from everything will be built upon. The first thing that should come to mind when thinking about the changes and the gameplay as it is. I believe the game had its Essence on the start, and lost sight of it eventually. They tried to be a hard game on Moringponia days, a easier game on next raids. They wanted to get rid of RNG Stats/Gear on Glacia Days with the implementation of Sandra’s Magnifier for Primus Gear, and now they want it back AGAIN with the new Earring. The game doesn’t have a clear direction to go for years now. I want to fix that.

And the Essence of the Game I choose to follow is Variety. Diversity.

This game had Variety on its heart from the very start.
Variety in Classes to choose, at the start you could choose a new one every 15 Class levels if you wanted. Even now having 20+ Classes per Main Class to choose, and being able to be 3 at the same time is huge Variety.
Variety in Items and how you Gear, letting you use whatever you want and Craft a new Weapon/Armor every two maps you cleared if you wanted. The Collections make Exploration worth on those times.
Variety on Leveling (at least on the start), letting you grind maps or follow the Quests/Story, or a mix of both.
Variety on where to go, having A LOT of places to go, Maps to visit. On early levels you could go to like three of four different places with similar levels to explore or level up. Every place you go had its place on the Worldbuilding or the story, and had an identity. On the Orsha side of the Main Story you were one of the many Revelators saving Orsha and discovering the secret plans of Gesti and the Kruvina. On the Klaipeda side you were THE Revelator following the directions of Laima and the Revelations. Two sides of a coin that would converge on Fedimian. And between them, a lot of secondary places with their own storylines. Yes, the Quests were repetitive (I’ll address that), but the story behind them was good.

Now, the only thing reminding us of that Variety are the Class System, the Housing System and the myriad of costumes that we can use. The worldbuilding is there, but it isn’t worth doing it, and they’ll end up killing it with the next update where you can jump to 450 instantly. Everyone Gear up the same now, with little differences depending on Class. The Exploration is dead (just Automatch lol).

I’d make every change having Variety as the core.

But first, we have to talk about the first big change I’d do.

I will always say this. If this game was optimized from launch, it’d have been as famous as Ragnarok Online. If this game didn’t have problems supporting 20k players playing at the same time on a Server, or dropped you from the game EVERY TIME you changed maps, or had horrible frame drops everytime there’s 10 people on a Channel doing things at the same time, it would be so, so much more popular than it is now.

I don’t know the specifics, but I’d make it so the game don’t eat your resources just for running.

And can support 2k+ players without killing server stability (I remember you, Automatch Implementation, killing game chat, drowning in lag and don’t let you Automatch because it’s broken). Ideally, supporting 500k+ players logged on the server without lag or breaking the systems.

And a full Channel without drowning in lag.

And not dropping 20+ frames every time a Pyromancer casts a Fire Pillar.

And not drowning you in lag/fps drop when you have 15+ people on Boruta/Giltine/GTW.

And not drowning you in lag/fps drop when you compete for World/Field Boss (remember World Boss? Remember the MMO part of this 5-man Party Action RPG?)

The 64 bit update fixed some of it, but wasn’t enough.

Optimizing this game to its full potential should be TOP PRIORITY.

The early game should be a quick glance of everything your game has to offer. This is important.
It should make you invested on the story, the characters, the world. It should introduce you to the game mechanics, to the fun it is to play the game, and show you what it is fun about it.
It should teach you about its systems through gameplay, and not through walls of text or a button on the right corner that nobody uses. Even less through a text marathon on a “tutorial” map and leaving you 20 levels left to max. To me, that last thing is the same as saying “hey, pretend everything below 450 doesn’t exist, that isn’t our game, THIS is the real game”. That’s messed up and kills all the effort done before. The early game of Tree of Savior is repetitive. You oneshot everything until Episode 13. If you ignore the Story you do pretty much the same, oneshoting everything for 450 levels and 12 Episodes, not caring about your Gear (because they gave you an OP one for free that grows with you), and not learning/having fun with your Classes because you oneshot everything. Fun.

I’d fix it the best I can doing this:

  • Adjust the numbers: Test it so you don’t oneshot everything unless you’re really high leveled or high geared. Enough to make the Monsters on every stage of your Questing/Exploring experience challenging, hitting you hard enough to teach you to use your Consumables, and making the moves of the Bosses matter (because they hit hard if you just tank them). And making you hit hard enough to not make you feel you’re fighting a damage sponge, but enough to make you use some Skills and learn how they work for you. And making the Bosses more of a fun challenge, making the Action-RPG part of the game really shine.
    Hopefully this fixes the absurd amount of damage you do on late game, and stop the recent concept of this game of “the game REALLY starts at Max Level now haha xd”.
    I’d like to go one step further, and take the Guild Wars 2 route, fixing your level/gear numbers to the ones the map has if you’re too high, that way every map is a relative challenge no matter the stage of the game you’re in, but that’s just a personal preference and don’t know if it would help the game really. It’s just something I like.

  • Introduce the game systems on the Main Quest/Storyline: This would take a lot of redoing of old Quests, but I think this added up to the point above would make the early game a lot more smooth, and solve the problem of info-overload that happens when you reach level 440+.
    The game has crafting? Make a Quest where you have to craft a special item from a Recipe the NPC gave you.
    The game has Enhance? Make a Quest with a Boss where you deal 1 damage (or something like that), until you escape and the NPC makes you enhance your weapon, and then you hit it like normal.
    The game has Trascendence? Same as above, just make that the Quests before makes you get Blessed Shards and Craft a Blessed Gem with a justification on the story.
    The idea is that through Quests and interaction with the Main Story you introduce every system in an organic way, so we’ll have to do it with Gems, Enchant, Awakening, Ichors, Card System, Assister System, Arts, Atributes, Challenge Mode, Division Singularity, Remnants of Bernice, Choosing and Changing Class… and of course, with the main System of recent Tree of Savior: Raids.

  • Introduce Raids as soon as possible: As the main attraction of Tree of Savior right now, you need to make it known in a fun and engaging way, with nice Rewards for clearing them. Right now, the first available Raid is Solmiki, and the first True Raid (as they’re doing them now) is Skiaclipse. As they are now, they’re not fun or engaging to do, and the Rewards are really outdated.
    I’d add Raids as soon as Crystal Mine 3F, making every single Demon Lord (Mirtis, in the Case of Crystal Mine) have it’s own Raid when you get to their point on the Story. The first ones would be easy, introducing you to how the Raids work, or that those Raid Bosses has their own unique mechanic (like jumping the lightning with Mirtis, adding some mechanic to it or making it more relevant on her fight, with Lightning Stacks or making elevated surfaces to avoid it… it has a lot of potential to make it fun), and this way we can give those Demon Lords more personality, make them more memorable and always relevant. The rewards can be some kind of “Fragment” or recipe to make Gear relevant to that moment of the Story, and make those fragments exchangeable for some Cosmetic that will make it relevant for people of more level (just like the Giltine Feathers do now).
    To make the Raids always fun and not one shot everything, I’d make them fix your level/values of your Gear to the one of the Raid once you’re inside. The Raids have to be Fun, and in any way have to be seen as a “thing I have to farm ugh”.
    With this, there’ll be at least 13 New Raids to do, all with their own mechanics and things to do in them, with an unique and fun Boss. You can “revive” old Raids like Masinios, Wastrel, Asio and Ignas this way too.
    In regards of difficulty, I’d make them have a Solo, Normal (Party, Same version as Automatch) and Extreme/Hard (Party) version. The Solo Version is self explanatory, it has limited runs weekly and is a good way of getting used to the Raid mechanics. The Normal Version is the regular Party Version, can be accessed through premade Party or Automatch, and the Rewards are the regular ones. You can enter to the Normal Version a shared amount of times with all the existing Raids, let’s say 5 or 10 times, so you can do 2 times 5 different Raids and receive Rewards, or all your runs on just one. The rewards have to be balanced around this. Also, they’re shared by all your Team, that way the game doesn’t punish you for having 1 character. Maybe this seems weird now (how we’re used to the recent ToS System), but it’ll make sense. And the Extreme/Hard Version is accessed through premade Party only, and here’s where you use your Raid Portal Stones. Recipes for each Raid doesn’t exist here. You have Raid Portal Stones, you can access this mode if you have the people and the willpower to do them. They’ll be Moringponia Hard (or even more) difficulty, so they’ll test your skill on the game, making the combat of Tree of Savior shine the brightest. The rewards will be worth, giving you materials to Craft powerful Gear that won’t be mandatory to clear Raids, it’s just for the people that want to be competitive in other Content and be one step further ahead. In my vision of Tree of Savior (Variety), being competitive isn’t the only way of enjoying the game, and also it isn’t mandatory. And following this vision, even the Mirtis Raid of my example will be balanced to be much more difficult on Extreme/Hard mode, giving you rewards that are relevant even on late game, and for that reason every Extreme Raid will be accesible for people over some Gear Score and level. Never max level or optimal gear as a requirement, but with the mechanical difficulty I mentioned above.
    I’ll mantain the feature that you can enter Automatch and participate to help on a Normal Raid even if you used all your weekly runs, just to help. Maybe add a Roulette Reward System (like the FF14 one), where you Automatch to a Queue that can fill you on any Raid, giving you random Roulette rewards. The Raid part of the game has a lot of potential.

  • Make the Exploration worth: this part is tricky, but I believe one of the main appeals of Tree of Savior was its vast World and the Exploration that you can do there. I’d like to make it worth somehow. Maybe reworking Collections to be more worth, or giving beautiful Titles (like the Weekly Boss Rank 1 Titles) to people that completes a extense line of Subquests on the non-Main Story Maps, or rework the early Recipes of Weapons/Armor to be similar to the Drakonas Accesories, where you follow a long line of Crafting to get them. That way you can get a Legend/Goddess tier Weapon/Armor just following a Recipe line through your journey on every Map, rewarding Exploration. I won’t make this Legend/Goddess Crafted Gear mandatory, but I’ll make them equally strong as the Normal Raid crafted ones of their tier. That way (remembering Variety), you can be decently geared through many ways, and the people that loves Exploration have their part of the game. This will mean that yes, drops from Monster will be back even on the latest Episodes, and Recipes will be dropped from them too. Maybe this way we can add new Collections for those maps too, or more Maps per Episode, just like it was on Episode 11 and below.

  • Add Animated Cutscenes to the Main Story important events: This should make people more invested on the Story (or at least know what’s going on on a broader way). Imagine the First Revelation shown to you on the Bokor Master’s house through a slideshow of moving, Full Art images with the artstyle of this game (like the Title Screen ones, specially the old ones that moved and everything), or the way we defeated Ignas in this way, adding written dialogue on a fitting way. Telling that is beautiful wouldn’t be enough to make it justice, and would make a lot more people understand what’s going on.

Adding all of this should make the Early game (and part of the Mid and Late game) much more fun and interesting, with a lot more Variety, and also introducing early to the main mechanics of the game. This should make leveling much more enjoyable, and also should prevent of the mentality that your only option to enjoy the game is rush to max level. There’s a ton of things to do before max level now, and in my vision, even the latest Raid doesn’t require it.

People playing Tree of Savior doesn’t need to have “Gearing Up/Level up” as their only thing to do on the game. Remembering Variety, I’d have more things to do besides that.

We can add a lot of things here, depending on your preferences and things you want on the game. The first thing that comes to mind to me are adding exclusive Hats and Costumes obtainable through Crafting Recipes found on maps, or through NPCs that tell you that they can make certain Costumes or Hats if you bring them the right materials (like Ragnarok Online). Some of those NPCs could be unlocked after a series of Quests (rewarding Exploration), or things like that. Some people just want to look good on an MMO and hang out with friends. Giving those people a space and not forcing them to “just Gear Up” is necessary to maintain a healthy game.

We can make the Housing System more fun too. Making more furniture dropped by Monsters or as Raid rewards, making some things interactive or thematic (like a pool party furniture set, disco party, etc), or things like that. You can even make exclusive sets for TP if they take off and a lot of people is enjoying the Housing System, but never adding those things just for TP, always giving an option of obtaining other ones through gameplay. That’s a problem the Costumes have nowadays too.

I’d add more minigames too. Like the Monster Card game we had long ago, or the ones that are on some maps of the game (around the 200-300 level), but make them more fun to play with more people. The memory one on the Jungle map was pretty fun. I’d add things like that on a Game Room on each City, and just let people have fun with the ones they like more. You can add Popolion races where you bet some kind of currency, or some kind of Farm where you can put your favourite Monsters and befriend them, cultivate things (like the Guild one, but improved), and have your favorite Master take care of them when you’re away (befriending them in some way). Between this you can add rewards like Gestures or Stickers. Imagine if there were a System to befriend the Masters, invite them to your House/Farm, unlock a unique Sticker of them or their Master Costume. Imagine if you could have Assister Battles against other players.
All the things that get added here don’t have to give you Stats or Gear or anything that makes you stronger, even less have a Ranking, they need to be things that makes you enjoy the game in any other way that is not combat, “Gear Up” or compete.

I have polarizing ideas on this one. This is because I’m too used to the actual systems of the game and where the story is going. One side of me wants to tear the systems apart and make a completely new system/story, the other wants to try to fix the mess that is the Gear System and the “Content” the players have on the late game right now. So I’ll address the two sides the best I can, but first, I’ll address the things they’ll have in common.

  • I’d add a tool that let’s you test damage and Builds. This can be done through Target Dummies that can be interacted to change their Property, Size, Type and Armor, along with the Weekly Boss damage meter on the Room they’re on. I could go one step further and let the player change Classes and Gear for a Rental one that dissappears once you leave the Room, but that it can have any option you want on it. That way you can test any Gear combination you want and optimize everything before investing your time and effort in getting it for real. For this to work the game should be more than just “hit the hardest than you can”, and the Gear options should be interesting, not just “here, have more damage when X happens or when you use X”. And the Classes more balanced, so the Variety shines more.

  • Every Class should have their identity shown in combat. And also, not every Class (nor the Raids that I talked about above) should be centered around Bossing/DPS. Healers should have a space to shine. Tanks and Supports (from every Class Tree) should have a space to shine. Squire and Alchemist should be more than Shops (like Pardoner). Sapper, Templar, Cryomancer, Sage, all those Classes that are not just DPS-Boss focused should have their space to shine on some part of the Raids, making them always useful to have on your Party, making things easier their own way, but not mandatory to have everytime. Just like a good AoE, a Peltasta with Swash Buckling or a good CCer was a blessing to have on the First Phase of Skiaclipse, when you had to kill all the Varnaclipses at the same time, back when that Raid took you like 20-30 minutes to clear.

  • Late Game Gear shouldn’t require max level. I don’t understand how an RPG in general has Content that requires max level. Max level should always be an achievement, a goal for the more hardcore ones, something you can be proud of achieving. The “Standard” Gear of every update should require 10-20 levels less than the max level. You can add Super-Hard to get Gear that requires max level (making them drop/exchangable from fragments of the latest Extreme/Hard Raids I talked above), remembering that Gear is not a Requirement for anything, but a Reward for people wanting to Rank or Compete in PvE content, like some Ranking on the Latest Extreme/Hard raid, Joint Strike/World Boss, Weekly Boss, Bernice or Uphill Defense (yes, Uphill Defense stays on my Version of the game, but Reworked.
    And talking about that.

  • Late Game Content shouldn’t have their Hardest Difficulty as the only viable way to do it. Seeing the failure that it was Dimensional Collapse should make you get my idea. Having Eleven Stages and having drops so miserable that cheesing the hardest difficulty with Turn Undead is the only viable way to make it worth doing. That’s wrong, so wrong.
    Making the Hardest Difficulties should be a challenge and had rewards accordingly. Following the example of Dimensional Collapse, I’d make Stage 5 to have the standard rewards (what you get on Stage 11 nowadays), and every Stage above that giving you extra Rewards alongside the standard ones, and making it Extra Hard too. The extra rewards can be on the line of what’s important on the Late Game Gearing (like chance of Evolution Stone, Boruta Seals, Vaivora/Blessed Transmutors, something related to the new Extreme/Hard Raid Gear, etc). And hey, you can stamp a Ranking to it that resets weekly, giving more rewards to the people that clear the highest stages the fastest. Supports/CCers shine on those type of content, so there’s that too.
    Same idea for Uphill Defense. Stage 5 is super easy (like it is right now), and until that stage you get all the normal rewards, but after that it gets super hard, only for those ready for the challenge. You get extra rewards related to late game, and stamp a Raking too. Uphill Defense is fun, but right now you oneshot everything and that makes it really boring.
    They’re deleting those contents (and adding another glorified Challenge Mode as a replacement), so what do I know.
    The same idea applies for the Raids, you can’t make the hardest difficulty mandatory to enjoy the Raid as it was intended. But I talked about it above and presented my solution.

  • Make World/Field Bosses return. Remember the MMO part of this RPG? We need things that make that shine. You can use Field Bosses as a introduction to World Bosses on the Early/Mid Game, giving rewards to everyone that participated, and some extra to the higher damaging Parties. They can be of Easy/Moderate difficulty with some fun mechanics that makes you enjoy the combat. The rewards can be any exclusive and powerful Gear useful to that level range, but never drops mandatory/useful things on Late Game. The Late Game people would have World Bosses, with the same principle, mechanicaly complex and entertaining (not the damage sponges we got), take around 20-30 minutes to do 30-50 people with Standard Gear, and drop relevant and useful things for the Late Game.
    Lag or frame drops having so much people on a Channel shouldn’t be a issue because we optimized our game on point 1.
    If World Bosses return, Joint Strike has to go. I think this is ok, and would make more people participate. You’re less intimidated to take part on something with 20-30+ people or with your whole Guild that on a 5-man Party Event, or even daring entering one of those 5 man-Party when they kick you if you’re not meta or not geared enough. You wouldn’t be intimidated to participate if you feel weak because you’ll be going with a lot more people alongside you.
    As for Weekly Boss, I’d rework it lightly. The damage system and reward is fine, the Ranking too. The Bosses would be their Raid Solo Version (because we have a Raid Version for every Demon Lord, see point 2), and add 1 or 2 extra mechanics that make it more challenging/fun. But please remove those tornadoes, flowers, damage runes, meteors, poison mechanics. The Ranking Rewards can be exclusive cosmetics still, that way you can show visually how tough you are. This would not be a problem because there’s a lot more places to get costumes/cosmetics now, even related to the same Demon Lord through the Raids (remembering Variety).

  • Solo Bosses: Remeber Solo Bosses? They should be Raids now, with the same rules I explained above, that way they’re always fun/worth to do.

  • Add something more to the Class Advancement. We got stuck on 3 Classes like 4 episodes ago. I always thought they’d implement something like a Master Class, where you get Circle 4 for one of your Classes, with new Skills on that Circle for that Class, 15 or 20 extra Skill Points to level up and raise the level cap for all your previous Skills 5 more. That would make you take the identity of your favourite Class even further, and have exclusive Skills for that.
    Then the ARTs happened (a redundant feature to Atributes btw, just like Passive Skills now).
    Then Vaivora Ichors happened.
    I guess that took less work and gave interesting effects, so I guess that’s fine even though we’re like 2 years on that system now and we still don’t have 1 for every Class.
    Well, in my fictional world we have limitless resources, so we’ll implement that instead of the Vaivora and ARTs system. The ARTs that are not just Enhance would be just Atributes, and the Enhance atributes don’t exist.
    The Vaivora Effects could be adjusted and be on Gear that can be obtained from Raids or World Bosses, and the Effects wouldn’t be mandatory to make the Class as a whole work, like happens right now with so many Classes.

I believe that’s everything in common for the late game, now, for the polarizing part, the Gear System, I’ll talk about the two options.


4.a.- Try to make the actual System work (the “save” route)
The System we have right now is flooding us with new Gear every time. Not making the old one obsolete, just making it easier to get when before that was really hard to. We’re going to get Earrings now, a piece of Gear so overpowered, and so RNG-focused that would make you grind endlessly if you want the optimal thing for you as fast as possible. And I’m pretty sure that in the future they’ll add some type of system to make that RNG less painful, making all the time the players invested before that go to waste, just like when they added the Dysnai Gear and the Sandra’s Magnifiers.
Just like when they added Episode Rewards and Event Gear.
Just like when they simplify getting Luciferie Accesories and Arks.
Don’t get me wrong, those changes were needed if they wanted to make the game tolerable, but the feeling stays there: the game is just one endless grind to the next one when te old one becomes obsolete. If you’re going to do this, at least make the Grind fun, and not make it feel like it’s a shore. Monster Hunter does this almost perfectly, where you hunt monsters to make Armor and Weapons from their drops, to let you hunt even stronger Monsters more easily. The later Armors/Weapons are obviously stronger and with better Abilities, but the game gives you ways to make your lower Armors still useful.
I’m getting off track here, let’s focus.
Something similar happens with the Goddess Gear. They make it more accessible than ever, and that’s fine, that should stay. But, did you need to make ANOTHER SYSTEM to make the things your older system did? Enhance, Trascendence, Ichors, Enchants, Crafting… everything gets done through another place when you had all the previous game done the same things through perfectly functional systems. If you’re going to rework the Systems and place them all together on a convenient place make it for all the Gear too, or don’t do it. This just makes the game feel like two different things from Goddess Gear onwards, and makes every player having to re-learn things they already know, but in a different way now.
So, this is what I’d do to the actual System to make it work with my Vision (Variety):

  • The Goddess System and Team Storage Ichors/Accessories/Arks have to go, or implement them to the whole game. We can’t follow the dark path of long time standing MMOS where they implement new gear type above new gear type above new gear type above…
    If the Goddess System is deleted, Goddess Gear can still be crafted and upgraded with the same principles that they have now, the fact that you can upgrade your Gear without the fear of breaking it is good.
  • Earrings have to go, they’re just too much RNG and OP for my taste.
  • Enhance or Trascendence have to go. They’re redundant, one or the other has to be deleted. I guess Trascendence is more complex and hard to understand than Enhance, so that leaves on first thought.
  • Awakening and Enchants have to go. The Gear is complex enough without this, so they will get out. Alchemists will have Gems and combat functionality in this Version of the game, so it’s fine. I’d kill Color gems too, but they can be adjusted and not require too much to max level or have different stats so the attack ones are not the only option, and there’s Skill gems still, so they stay.
  • Random Ichors have to go. With the quantity of options on Gear and effects you’ll have with the new Extreme/Hard Raids and field Gear, Random Ichors would be too much. To compensate, I’d make Every piece of Gear from any level-tier Ichorable and Equipable to Goddess/Legend Gear (remembering Variety). Remember that Vaivoras and Goddess/Demon Ichors are adjusted and balanced here to not be mandatory, so it’ll be fine.
  • More Ark/Res Sacrae options. Arks and Res Sacrae stay just because they’re part of the Main Story right now, but I’ll give more Ark options, not just damage-centered ones. Same with Res Sacrae, I’ll balance it so they’re not so game changing, but still feel satisfying to use.
  • More Set Stats options: Remember Liris? Smugis? Ataka? Korup? Gyvenimas? Aqkrova? They’re back now, adjusted to the numbers of recent Tree of Savior. That way you can give even more of your own personality to your gameplay.
    And finally…
  • Give an option to make Old Gear Relevant somewhat. Goddess Gear would still be the highest tier, so it’ll have more Attack/Defense than Legendary or Unique Gear. Still, I’d implement a System that let you Raise the Level of your Gear. Imagine something like having a Velcoffer Gear (that can use any Gem, Set Stat or Ichor), and having an NPC that in exchange of Materials of higher-level Raids let’s you Raise the Level it is required to equip the Gear from 360 to 370, and so on. Did you know that the values of Attack/Defense on this game depends on the Grade of the Gear and the Level Required to equip? With enough upgrades this way, that Velcoffer Gear would be the same as a Skiaclipse or Glacia Gear, and just a little below Vasilisa Gear (because it’s a Grade below). This way you can go with your Old Gear as much as you want as long as you do the new Raids to get the right Materials to upgrade it. Old players can mantain their upgrades, of that gear, just upgrade it to the next Level Requirement, and new players can just do the most recent Gear to catch up quickly.

I guess that’s it for this route. The Extreme/Hard Raids would drop a lot of useful Gear with good effect/stats to make them useful on Late Game, with effects rivaling the adjusted Vaivora and Goddess/Demon sets, and you can always make them Ichors for your Goddess Gear or upgrade them as much as you want to keep using them. Because Legend/Goddess Gear doesn’t use double Ichors anymore, you can use your non-Legend/Goddess Gear as much as you want, but the Legend/Goddess would always be the slightly better option for the competitive people.
This way we’re always adding Variety to the existing Systems, not making new ones to overcomplex things.
In regards of the Story, I’ll use the characters that are already introduced, not introduce anyone else and make it progress a lot more quickly. After Giltine everything just feels like a filler, and that’s not right. But we’re trying to save it, so we’ll make it progress faster so it feels more interesting, on whatever the direction IMC had planned.

4.b.- The “Realm Reborn” route
The Main Story is so messed up, full of plot holes and uninteresting after Episode 12 that I just want to restart it until before Episode 12. With our game optimized, full of Content (both Casual and Competitive ones), things to do, fun and challenging Raids and completely optimized to receive an infinite amount of players if needed, it’s time to reset the Story to that point and go the Realm Reborn route.
We’ll launch a full scale marketing campaign (because we have infinite resources), with a beautiful cinematic with moving drawings on the Tree of Savior (maggi) style, narrating what happened.
Beholder wins. Against all odds, his army and himself fighting an epic battle against an alliance of Goddess, Demons and Humans/Revelators that don’t want the world to end, he obtained the power and everything needed to awaken the Creator, and when everyone just sees that the end is inevitable, Child Laima, Mulia (Giltine), two main Revelators (the Saviors), and the oldest Masters (Paladin, Chronomancer, Diev), and Neringa arrives in a flashy way from nowhere, saying inspirational and hopeful things, telling Beholder that he won’t win until the World itself gives up, and then casting with the help of the Goddesses a beautiful spell that fills everything with a light that starts envolving everything, filling the screen on white.
Then one of the Saviors wakes up, on your Lodge, remembering having a bad dream, and with one sentence spinning in their mind: “you’re the Revelator that will change the World”.
Everything has returned to the beginning of your adventure. It’s the Realm Reborn route woooo!.

Every System and adjustment to the game I made above stays. With the addition that Goddess Gear doesn’t exist, but their Enhance System (with the not-breaking Gear and with chance) is now universal, and Res Sacrae doesn’t exist. Also, the Enhance System is reworked, now instead of a +1 number, it’ll Raise the level Requirement of your Gear by 1, or by 5, what works best after testing. And the beautiful big number on your Gear will be achieved with a numbered star through Trascendence.

Also, everything that happened after Episode 12 won’t happen here. Giltine will always be the main almighty villain on this timeline. We’ll have a Raid against her on Episode 12 to stop her plans (like the first fight we had against Gesti), and she’ll be on her way to something even more sinister and messed up to awaken the dear Creator.
We’ll fix the plot holes too.
Remember that Rexipher swore vengeance to you after he leaves the Royal Mausoleum defeated?
Or Premier Eminent (you know… the old guy from Earth Fortress?) escaping after their plans ruined?
Goddess Jurate finally telling you she’ll help against Giltine at the end of the Coast Quests?
The Cult of the Divine Tree run by an unknown Demon?
Neringa and the Masters saying they’ll help against Giltine?
Neringa never talking to her master (Laima), even when we knew where she was?
Kartas getting the Divine Branch from Medeina? (Baiga doesn’t have it yet, pre-episode 12).
Diena and a lot of Demon Lords, including Rexipher searching for Ausrine?
The lost and hidden Royal Family still on the missing?
The wandering Kupoles convinced that the Goddesses abandoned them and they’re on their own?
Diena giving hints she’s on our side and will help?
Hauberk warning us of “don’t trust the Goddesses” at face value because they’re not what we think?
And many, many others that I dont remember now.

Well, they’re relevant now. They matter and will have an impact on this new Story.
Sorry Pajauta, you’ll have a minor role on this Story, like you were supposed to have. Also, your brother Paulus doesn’t exist, he’s dead, and he never was tortured or used in any way by Beholder. To us he’s just your nameless dead brother.
Mulia doesn’t exist either, or can be reimplemented in another way on the future along with the Rangda Master.

And Beholder… he’s just the neutral Demon he was always supposed to be. He, well… beholds our actions, curious on what the weak and puny humans can do against the almighty Giltine, and everything he does will be according to this principle. We catched his attention since Bramble, and since then we’ve showed him the resiliance of our weak form. He’s just interested on seeing the outcome of all of this, not a master puppeteer from the shadows. But because we as spectators know what he did on the other timeline, we’ll always be suspicious about him and expect the worse from him. Because he’s neutral, he’ll assist us in weird ways (like when he convinced Ragana for us to not invervene), and assist other Demons in a similar manner.

I’ll let the main writer of the Main Story to do what he wanted to do from the start, before the Beholder retcon and everything post Episode 12. This should make the new Storyline a lot more consistent and interesting.

Sincerely, I think having a perfectly balanced PvP scene with so many Classes and Class Combinations is almost impossible. There’s clearly a lot of stupidly strong things, and I’d fix those things, but out of giving every Main Class their Identity and utility on PvP (and specially GvG), I’d let the meta develop and fix from there.

Because our game supports an infinite amount of people on the same Map without any problem, I’d raise the member cap of each Guild from 15 to 20. This way no Guild could camp the 6 maps with the maximum of 90 people per Guild. I mean, they could, but they’ll be outnumbered on every fight.

Also, I’d take the Guild Wars 2 route, cap the level and give free Rental Gear only usable on PvP/GvG, and make that everyone can use just that Gear. Similar to what Gemstone Feud did (remember Gemstone Feud?), but with many, many more options of Gear with interesting effects and bonuses on PvP or around some Classes. This way the thing that will matter the most on PvP/GvG will be the skill of the Player and their knowledge at the time of gearing with the options they have.
I’d like to see regular Tournaments (IMC promoted/sponsored) on 1v1, 5v5 (Party vs Party), and GvG, with cool prices. Also, I’d add Special Rooms that let you practice on this mode and where the matches can be held, and all-time open PvP Queues for people to play.
And specially for GvG, I’d love to have Special Servers where Inter-Server GvG Tournaments would be held.
I’d love to see World vs World (Server vs Server) PvP tourneys too, but with Tree of Savior being a top-down game with small Maps I don’t think it’d be fun to watch/play. So the GvG Inter-Server tourneys is the best I can came up with.


It ended up being a walll of text anyways ;_; There’s so much I’d do with this game if it had the resources/willpower, and it has so much potential to be one of the best MMOs out there, that I had to put all I thought about it out there. I believe the sum of all this things would make the game a lot more enjoyable, with things to do, and a fun time for Casual and Competitive people without making it feel like a shore.

To everyone that read everything (or part of it), thank you, really, thank you for reading what I had to say from this exercise, I appreciate that you care about the game enough to read what some random guy has to say about it to improve it.

And I’d love to see what you think about it, or in what direction would you take the game if you were the Lead Developer of it. Let’s see what happens <3


First they need to fix the game itself – it has been two days now that I cannot even play, each time a loading screen appears my game hangs. This is for Fedi server. If I connect to NA server and play my “test” char there, nothing like that happens.

There’s a lot of interesting (and some good) ideas in here, so i’ll just drop some cents over them.

I’m not sure if you ordered them based on priority. If that’s the case, i’d put optimization lower for sure. It’s still really, really, really, REALLY, important, but the game survived this long (even when it was worse) despite it. Yes, i know, infinite power. Still, on the realistic side, that can be lower in the list.

Absolutely. I’m only quoting this cause it’s absurd that the devs have straw away from this core aspect when that’s tied to the most important and unique aspect of the game.

That’s something i have been preaching for the past years. Each class should have a really clear and distinct identity so you can pick whichever tool you need for the job (and the same should apply to skills). Make Fencer the only swordsman class that plays around perfect timing, and push Matador to be a debuff punisher instead of overalaping with the only other rapier class in the game. They did some nice work with Fletcher but it would be way more interesting if it were the self buff with ammo count in the archer tree (which would be completely unique). I have no idea how good Sadhu became but it certainly provides something that is unique (even if conservative) than a lot of the newer classes.

The game also needs a more even distribution of class types on every class tree. Peltasta shouldn’t be the only tank option in the game (Outlaw is arguably the only alternative, not that it might be practical). Every class should offer different approaches on every role, built upon their respective base classes. But as i keep repeating, class diversity can’t be achieved without gameplay diversity.

Partially agree. Numbers can’t fix the whole issue, we need more PvE interactions. It’s the same as classes, monsters should have an identity as well, that isn’t just their major archetype and 3D model. Hanamings are frail and tiny, would be fun if they ran away when alone and only fought back in packs. Do you engage in combat and try to kill it as fast as possible or try to face them as a group?

Kepa is an onion so make it release an AoE attack whenever it is hit by slash damage, disabled if it received a certain amount of enough fire/ice damage. Sword users have to decided if they want to take the retaliation damage and Pyromancers can become act as a dps-support for a while.

It’s simple stuff. If player does X, monster reacts with Z. Players gain more options than “haha, dps go brrr” and have to evaluate when to take a certain action over other. Monster combat is the only “content” that the game can’t live without it has to offer some depth. It’s a major improvement to the non-gated parts of the game, challenge mode, raids and basically everything else (even exploration).

Absolutely. It just makes the game more hostile to new players and anything in it can be moved somewhere else for the same end result. I’d even go as far as to say that we should take Seals or Arks as the only accessory+ out of the list and give it the troublesome properties (such as the set skills).

Yes. And make it progressively expensive if that’s the case. No one should be punished for not wanting to get the latest gear for any reason. To this day, there’s still equipment that haven’t ever been re-released and going for them is too much of a price for anyone to take.

More equipment options as a whole, that isn’t “make X class stronger”. Collecting gear could also be a fun content, specially for those who enjoy playing multiple characters. Again, diversity over raw power.

Lemme double down on this. Make a room where we can summon a dummy or a monster from our library (no EXP nor drops of course). It could be done after killing X of them or just using those red orbs as collectibles. It could be some fun achievement kind of content for other players that don’t care about DPS testing.

I’d personally make the chronomancer master and sage master to do some joint magic using the goddess power to send you back in time instead. It’s a better option for a reboot and also allows some classes and features to be (temporarily) retired until they are ready to go (in case we didn’t had unlimited power available)

Other minor agrees.

  • Introduce the game systems on the Main Quest/Storyline
  • Introduce Raids as soon as possible
  • Make the Exploration worth
  • Make World/Field Bosses return (though i’d like to have them as temporary raid events designed to favor players around the appropriated level)
  • Late Game Gear shouldn’t require max level
  • Late Game Content shouldn’t have their Hardest Difficulty as the only viable way to do it .

That should be all.


I don’t really want to digress that much on this topic as i already raged enough outside of this forum too.
More or less (partial copypaste):

  1. Implement weekly multi-step gratification/milestones, like clearing X/X+2/X+4 amount goddess raids on the account, clearing X challenge modes, and having it capped at a healthy amount so you can reach them playing a couple characters. It could be silver rewards for CM, Bound brikynite for singu, scales etc. Just to flatten the advantage of alting to a healthy point.
    Reason: Soft-capping alting to a no-burnout degree.

  2. Force at least one third of the solo/auto goddess raid drops to be BOUND on character, to force people to enhance alts over time instead of just leeching.
    Reason: “Other” games do it, it works, it makes sense.

  3. Make “Savinose Goddess” gear, instead of being like normal goddess gear, this kind of equipment drops in fields, trans 10 by default, cannot be enhanced, drops with a random enhance from +16 to +21 and can be sold until equipped.
    Reason: You can gear up fun alts with these without burning all your mats on them.

  4. Make fields give 20% of the silver they gave before.
    Reason: As a newbie, exploring the world feels like a waste when you gain nothing back.

  5. All class buffs and Goddess/Demon armor ichor effects turned into final damage.
    Reason: Having additive damage on these is pure trolling

  6. Goddess/Demon armor system extended to 10 levels (Current values NOT increasing, just stretched out). Level 1 obtained with a short questline. At levels 4,7,10 you need to “upgrade” your unlock with additional materials.
    Reason: More meaningful week-by-week progression.

  7. Vaivora system extended to 10 levels (Current values NOT increasing, just stretched out). At level 5 you obtain a weaker version of the current game “Vaivora Level 4” passive. Level 10 would be identical to current level 4.
    Reason: More meaningful week-by-week progression

  8. Fields can drop account bound brikynite. Box every monday that gives you some account bound brikynite if you did at least 8 singularities that week.
    Reason: Makes brikynite still meaningful, easier on casuals, but not meaningless

  9. Systems front-loading, Legend Cards, Crown Gems, Arks, should start with a base value higher than the current level 1 and gain less power per level so the maximum level is the same as the current one.
    Reason: Reduction of gap between hardcore an casual

  10. Staggered gear, instead of having the next raid replace all gear, have it replace only weapons or armors but not both at the same time.
    Reason: Raids can be released more often with less repercussions.

  11. Skill Gems → EQUIPMENT STORAGE. Collect them all.
    Reason: Throwing them away is not fun.

  12. 5x Weapon Appearance = Craft permanent weapon skin.
    Reason: Duh.

  13. Add services to gabija coins: Bound Ark to Bound Ark level transfer for 200k goddess token.
    Reason: A big expense to fix a big mistake.

  14. Implement field bosses again, have them split in tiers, have them drop gabija + attributes as normal rewards, purple page up to 10 weekly.

  • field bosses split in common, rare, unique. additional drop by chance based on category: | common > low-normal level item appearance (team-storage)| rare > higher level item random appearances like emengard weapons (team-storage) | unique > chance to obtain weapon appearance of the boss (team-storage) + ultra rare tradable costume. (pt2)
  • field bosses are immune to damage when engaged for 5 seconds if common, 20 if rare, and 1 minute if unique. When someone engages a unique there’s a server wide announcement telling you the map where it spawned and who found it. (pt3)
  1. Implement life content and minigames to grind that are completely unrelated to gear progression or obtaining power, such as expanding housing into having a garden with crop systems and crafting for funny items, costumes, or non-endgame potions (transform into popolions, become small in town). Proper crafting but related to some furniture, instead of buying all furniture with silver (not fun).

  2. Introduce game systems through forced quests.

  3. Content should force you to do a weaker / fast tutorial version once per account to unlock that content.


It’s a pity they’re not afraid to complain, just that the player leaves


Remaking the purpose of “Being in a party” system
Being a part of a party means taking a role whether its a minor role or a critical one; being a tank, a mage, a fighter, or a support. This style of party system offers different experience between role players, and is considered as ole’ reliable since it is easier to grasp from other game experience.

But the current state of the system groups you to other members and all have one role to play “play like a single player but with more enemies to face at the same time and they’re all harder to defeat, but this time you have more copies of you. That’s it”

We can fix this system by placing recognizable roles like that can hold enemy lines, apply crowd control to handle and weaken hordes, one that can damage and finish them off, and one can apply heals and buff. We can add any twist to provide challenges that any role players can perform such as puzzles and gathering buffs (world spawned buffs perhaps…?)

Doing party raids and dungeon can be fun and rewarding at the same time (idk what else I can convince you to do this lmao)

Re-attributing Class Types about on what they can offer to players
We actually already have this system; Red offers Offense, Green offers Support, Blue is Defensive, Purple is Summoner, and Yellow is Business. (Riders doesn’t have their own color, and I think they should)

I think it is good idea that players can go full offense or defense, or mix it with other types, fitting to what the player need/want. Yet it feels incomplete on what they can actually offer, so instead we stick to what is safer to build instead of having freedom to build resulting in lack of variety of builds.

My idea is to attribute the Classes Types on what they can specialize;

  • Red types that specializes on defeating hordes or assassinating bosses. Advantage is strength and power, disadvantage is more vulnerability
  • Green types to provide heals and buff, or they can offer minor crowd control to enemies and bosses. Advantage is Utilities it can offer, Disadvantage they don’t offer much offense and defense
  • Blue types to tank enemy attacks, or apply major crowd control against enemies. Advantage is they can soak damage, Disadvantage is lack of offense
  • Purples can summon minions to do their bidding, but they need to rely on having a red, green, or blue to supplement what their minions can do. Advantage is being flexible whether going full offense/defense or in-between, disadvantage is that you can only have 1 purple class on a specific character and they rely heavily on your 2 other classes
  • Yellow is… 5th class…? Possessing 1 class for base class, 3 for advancing to other classes (I think having 2 is lacking), and another 1 for business for doing jobs (monster hunting, blacksmithing, alchemy, buffer, etc.)

In short, have class types offer more on what they specialize such as offense/defense/utility

Better utilization of Ichor
In my opinion random stat ichor is a good mechanic for improving equipment, rather than throwing away the whole equipment just because a single stat doesn’t help or offer much what you expected (I’m looking at you Jenshin). The system is like hammering the impurities and making it better than before. The only problems are;

  • Lack of access to farm magnifiers
  • Other stats doesn’t offer any impact
  • Random ichors are good for endgame, but keeps getting powercreeped from newer updates
  • Fixed ichors can be good for sharpening class type attributes

EDIT 1: Spacing between paragraphs, my bad
EDIT 2: Added another attempt for fix
EDIT 3: Added another again


Yeah, it’s based on priority more or less. Now that ToS has survived so much as it is it’s true that optimization can wait if you had to choose what to do first, but with infinite resources… yeah, I’d like to fix the foundations of the game first.
But if anything… if they’d stop spinning in circles with their Class Rebalance/New Classes it’d be fine. I like new Classes, but there’s no point if there’s not too much content to do with them.

Omg this sounds so good. I didn’t consider it because in almost every MMO all the small Monsters are just there, but that’d give the game so much life and fun. I don’t know if it is too complex for the game tho, and there’s a lot of unique Monsters too, hundreds of them ;_;

Yeah, I wanted to take them out too, but I didn’t know if it would left the Gear options too simple. Also, they’re part of the Story somewhat (the Quest from Boruta and the Arks from Episode 12). It’s the same reason why I didn’t remove Res Sacrae on the “save” route, but yeah, I believe you can give those effects on Accesories or something like that and It’ll be fine and give more depth to them instead of just use one depending on your DPS style.

Agreed. More good recipes through exploration (like the Drakonas Recipe line, but updated and for Weapons and Armor), more unique effects on Gear dropped through maps that you can Ichor if you want, and a lot more Gear options with interesting (or thematic) effects from all the Raids I’d want to implement. Collecting gear is fun for some people. Not everyone wants to be optimal, some just wants to collect everything or be prepared for every situation/build they want.

Sounds good too! Anything that fix/reboot the story please ;_;

This would be fine as long as the rewards don’t make mandatory to reach that soft-cap. I just don’t like when people feel obligated to have multiple characters to be optimal on their game in general, but this option is better than we have now.

This would be a fun and interesting replacement to the Kedoran Growth we have now. You can make different maps drop different parts of their level range, that way exploration is rewarded and also you have a ready to automatch character on the latest levels.

I’d like to have more options on gearing than extend the grind of a single piece of gear, but I understand where you’re going with this. We need meaningful or fun things to do on the game.

This can be fun. In my vision the new Raids implemented would be something like that. Each one giving a set of Gloves with interesting effects, another a set of Boots, another the Weapons, and so on. We had something similar with the Unique Raids, I don’t know what they got rid of that and oversimplified everything.

Yees! But optimize the game first so we don’t drown in lag trying to kill it pleaaase ;_;

I love this, and I love that the ideas in general have so much in common with everyone <3

We had this back when Bossing wasn’t the only thing left to do on the game. I’d like back too, and also for IMC to stop obsessing over making Cleric the only support viable. If we stay with the 5-man Party System and follow this idea, I’d love to see Raids be built upon the idea that the Partys would be 1 Healer, 1 Tank/Aggro manager, 1 Support/CC and 2 DPS.

Anything that makes the game stop being so DPS/Bossing focused, really.

Being honest here. On the production side, that’s something that could be done even with their current staff to be shipped this year. It’s mostly a matter of design, programming and QA.

You can create a lot of variety by having a set combinations of elements with some few changes. Just on triggers, we can use ‘on death’, ‘on hit’, ‘hp threshold’, ‘player getting a buff’, ‘target swap’, ‘combat duration’, ‘hit count’, just to name some few. Any of these can be used to active a skill or buff to the monster, and now we reach an almost limitless array of options for unique monsters, with the ability to give them multiple of these as well. And, as in the kepa example, they can also have some sort of disable condition to double infinity.

Many of the monsters in game are either a duplicate (some with a few stat changes) or a recycled different version of an existing monster, and it would be completely fine to bring them back adding an extra effect on top of whatever they had before.

Now… when it comes the technical side… It will certainly demand more powerful server hardware. Though designing the combat experience to be more party oriented, avoid overloading monsters with the most demanding triggers (like cast skill when hit) and less skill cast exclusive should be able to mitigate most of the issue, even in the graphic/user side.

It ain’t cheap nor super easy to do, but it’s certainly possible.

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Sorry to say, despite you write disclaimer already this discussion will just become meaningless talk. Dreamy talk. Nothing will change. Well unless you are the daydreaming type please continue.

I could’ve write (yet another) suggestions like I did in the past yet nothing will change. The difference between you and me is i just embraced the truth.

Any more sophisticated suggestion will just be the same like newcomers who have no clue how imc and tos situation is and just throwing mad ideas like making over sophisticated hi-budget hi-effort features and changes. It’s just not gonna happen, it’s out of imc scope.

Even simple healthy ideas like changing companion not consume character slot took as long as 4+ years and that’s when all those rich enthusiast pet collector left already.

And to make it worse the patient being treated by some interns or doctors that keep changing overtime, having no sense of clue what the ultimate culprit is, which organs, which cells spread the cancer

There can only be fix if something is fixable and there’s good will and power to fix it.
Tos and imc does not meet all the requirements

The only thing that will be a real actual attempt to help keep the server up, not just babbling how to theoriticaly fix it, but just one and only way, buy those cubes without ever feeling disappointed of imc, like many players left still does.


That’s a bit of a tall order, don’t you think? That requires alot of resources.

Instead of living in this fantasy world that basically does NOTHING to stop the inevitable apocalypse, why don’t we all get real and find a way to invite a couple of hundred people to keep the game alive for idk, how long it can.

One thing will do it, you don’t have to change a thing, except to revert the silver drop changes. It will atleast be inviting to new players and old players will have something to do. Hell, we might even see returnees.
Botters? I can learn to live with them. It’s way better than this sh!t we are in.



The most important thing for now is that IMC should officially acknowledge current game status and allow players to brainstorm their solutions

but , for now , IMC keep acting like deaf developers for ITOS players and introduce something that we never want, I don’t know why we have to waste our time to write something like a drop in the ocean (sorry for a bit harsh but it is a truth)

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Giltine’s Crown level cap 20 is coming by the way. Along with Earrings. With like maybe 100+ players daily in Telsiai, maybe 200 during peak hours, who the hell is gonna want to dive into that Grinding Bonanza again. As if you can grind without paying the cash shop first. You pay so you could grind in this game. 100% Res Sacrae Hard vouchers are going to be present in the next package. What is with all this greed? Simple. They milking out the remaining players til the server dies and they call it quits.

I think you’re missing the point.

I know the truth, I know IMC (for the most part) never listens to its players, and when it does is when everyone on the korean forums are complaining. And even then they don’t deviate from their “p2w make more grindfests” mentality, and keep going in circles with their “Class Balance/New Classes” thinking that would ever change anything significant. And that won’t change, I know the reality this game’s in and the almost certain future it waits to it on the corner, nor I hope to change the situation.

The point is what you’d do if you were in charge of it with all the resources you need. It’s an exercise on how you would change things and bring it to what you think it’s its full potential. You all have your own ideas of it too, that’s why you’re here reading/replying on this little forum still, even tho all you keep saying is “game’s dead, why bother”.

If you prefer to close yourselves to the “game’s dead, why bother” mentality, that’s fine, and I understand it. For my part, I prefer to share with everyone my idea of the best Tree of Savior could be (and you saw they were a lot of things), instead of having them all on my head, nobody ever knowing them, and invite everyone to do the same or comment on the changes people would like to apply. Everyone here have their idea of their ideal Tree of Savior, and I made this post as an open space for them to share that.

If all of this is still hard to understand to you, that’s fine. Just respect the people who really wants to share their ideas and want to take all those good ideas out of their heads.


The problem isn’t about who can fill in the spot of lead dev or what ideas imc should try cause look, imc likely did bring new guy with new ideas to their team, it’s shown in the past changes, how things shifted, but even the changes are end up making the game feels more like a beta game, it’s shows how poor early game planning that it can’t adapt to the latest update, like ever increasing damage caps, one shoted mobs, etc, a poor base which has to change following current most updates, a silly loop of development i’d say

The core problem is indeed imc situation, their resource, which is limited, and it’s shown by their updates quality, their development progression, which is slow, partial and more often disatisfied rather than pleasing, even those who still stay

Its also shown by how poorly tos management and low level to none publishing at all, to the point like it’s feels as if the employees manage the game poorly, they didn’t get punished or sanctioned so they will do better or they can get someone who can do better but instead it’s just ignored due to issue like probably how underpaid they are

I always think they can do better but they didn’t, not because they won’t but they just can’t, because they limited to the resource, or they simply didn’t get what they deserve for maximum effort, they just enough to do minimum effort cause damn look how bad events managed despite it really just same kind of event, different name and gimmick, yet they still manage to mess it up

The problem is not the medicine you trying to seek, it’s tos health condition that is neglected for too long that it’s get complicated and almost impossible due to imc capability now and its just going to be a waste of resource to actually fix it as it will not even reach its optimal health again

It’s likely imc know this which is why all they did is so far to maximize tos end of lifetime, milking players where possible while provide minimum effort update in eye of many but most likely it’s maximum effort imc can pull with all they got left

If you’re talking about the current situation, probably. MMOs a terrible kind of game to run business wise, but doing almost every bad decision is what it led it to this state, and it had a reasonable initial “player funding” from EA packs, nexon as somewhat of a safety net and a consistent whalebase through the years.

Even then, that isn’t that good of an excuse. There’s a producer and a game director, they should be capable of judging which kind of update is better for the game in the long run, yet they’ve kept burning themselves and the playerbase without any significant progress. It’s been a couple of years since they got stuck in this loop, which would be fine if they were buying time for an important major change, and all that resulted in this consistent decline and collective disappointment. I refuse to believe that neither of those two lacked any vision for the game longevity.

Yes, they might avoided any radical change that could scare the whales or were restrained by someone more influencial due any financial risk, but again, MMOs play the long game and doing so is an investment. The higher staff could also be incompetent, but i’d like to believe that isn’t the case…

Absolutely. Though it isn’t impossible to do so if someone is willing to invest on it (quite unlikely for sure). The fact that iToS still has a peak of 700+ players daily, despite all the crap and no perspective for the future, is a miracle.

At last, this.

Take a chill pill man. Most of the people in the forums lost all faith in IMC. We’re just having some fun with ToS in the only way we think is possible right now. The whole premisse of this topic is Let’s imagine you are given the position of Lead Developer of Tree of Savior, with limitless resources to make this, your passion project, the best it can be under your vision., and realistically speaking, it’s as likely as the forum staff bothering to translate anything in here to the devs.

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Adding more raids would be a good start. Could award more scales, raw silver and/or unique armor ichors. Im tired of doing saint sacellum. I would suggest adding more types of equipment, but we already have a hilarious overload of random stuff like Arks, Seals, Earrings and Relic.

After all my friends stopped playing, and finally branching out to some other mmos (not just lost ark) i feel like theres literally nothing interesting to do. All of the current content is very trivialized. At least the door raid + earring stuff will hopefully keep me occupied for a while. I actually like the earring thing, but obviously the time spent waiting for this content has lead to the extreme player bleeding.

They should stop re-balancing all the time since it obviously takes too many resources considering they cant keep up a 1 month schedule for new/reworked classes, and just make class/build switching more pain-less to make it easier to adopt/adjust your classes. (and not remove my awakenings on weapon swap thank you) Guild wars 2 really spoiled me on the complete freedom of changing your build whenever you want.

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I understand what you said but my opinion still stands , despite having limitless resources , there is no point to develop things without understanding what players need.

But for now , IMC creates things as excuses for selling more and more microtransaction items (ichor storages , bounty hunter mount , unbound goddess gear scrolls , etc.) , and soon we might need to buy badges ticket boost if you plan to buy all delmore and snake raid recipe as it costs 200k badges which is a cap of badge earning per week using only token.

You may say something like “just being casual players and you will be fine” , but casual players also want to gear up . If it takes forever to obtain end game items (full+30, lv4 vvr , lv5 seal , lv3 armor ichor , lv10(or 20) relic) and you can easily hack with your real money , how many casual players will remain ? And how long dedicated active player (or hardcore player) will remain if there is not much player around?

IMC should announce open statement (by high level management not normal staff) and allow players to submit their ideas including timeline of development plan which I would do if I were in charge , otherwise , more and more players will turn their back with bad reputation about IMC in their mind and it is going to impact with their future games.