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Transfer from Telsiai to Varena is not going to happen?

I have been patience reading other people’s posts where staff response is non-existent.

Now a Staff replied to that post saying there won’t be a transfer ?

Now people are saying that transfer is over. But this announcement is about F2P transition

and it says

We will be offering 1-time Team transfers to those who purchased Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access.
Only 1 Team transfer per Steam account will be allowed regardless of the number of products purchased.

The transfer that is done and over happened before F2P launch. This is another transfer “3 weeks after the new worlds are created”.

Also … written by a staff :

It’s been 3 week plus since Varena’s launch and no words no confirmation about transfer.


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Sorry, for making a thread about this. I hate myself for it.

There was supposed to be plans for this transfer because it was in announcements regarding F2P transition.

I put in transfer ticket. No response. There was a ticket type called “DLC Pack Transfer” that seems to be designed for the purpose of this transfer. But now it’s gone.

Thanks for replying anyway.

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this was for transferring your DLC pack.

anyway, the only server that -could- be eligible at this time is Varena.
and of course, Varena is already full enough. so no transfer happening.

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We will be offering 1-time Team transfers to those who purchased Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access.

When I see DLC Pack Transfer I thought it meant server transfer for people who bought DLC Pack. Ok, my bad.

But still doesn’t mean I’m wrong about the transfer to Varena. I can understand Varena being full already but I think IMC is obliged to resolve this because my friends are on Varena and I’m on Telsiai because I bought Exclusive Access and supported the game.

And I’m being punished for it.

I can understand Varena being full and finding solutions. But I can’t accept the lack of communication or just saying NO MORE TRANSFER.

that is an egotistical and self-centered idea, completely at odds with reality.

receiving the same treatment that everyone else does is not a punishment.

Max was right – the OLD transfers are ended.
there have been no NEW announcements regarding transfers.

regardless, it’s their server, and they are not actually obligated to provide you a server transfer anyway.
maybe we all simply read that message wrong, and it was a confusing way of referring to the transfers that already happened.

NOTHING is stopping you from making a new team and new characters on Varena. if you want to play on Varena, go play on Varena.
just think, if you’d done it 3 weeks ago, you wouldn’t have missed all this time you could have been leveling your characters on Varena.

Making new characters means losing progress on Telsiai. Losing progress = punishment. That’s what happen when you die, as a punishment you drop your gems.

And I paid for the privilege of head start. Basically paying for this punishment.
And everybody else who are looking for this transfer is in the same shoe. Everybody are punished. Not just me.

I’m not going to tell you which level I’m at or what gear I have. Lost progress is lost progress. How about the TP that I spent on Telsiai ?

Please take that into account before telling me to start over on Varena.

It’s not just about me there are others in the same position. Now you might think if I have good stuff, high level characters I could have told my friend to wait for Telsiai’s restriction to be over but again we have no idea how long that would have been heck even IMC had no idea how long they would restrict access to Telsiai.

They had to see the amount of traffic first then decide. See ? I considered what’s going on on their side as well. Please, I hope you would consider what’s going on for people in my position before you comment on my egotistic and self-centered idea.

Also, why would I start over in Varena when there’s that announcement explaining free transfer that I can do 3 weeks after Varena’s launch.

Moreover, if the transfer happen it overrides my newly created characters in Varena.

Please I know you’re saying Varena is overpopulated and you don’t care what the announcement said. But it said there would be a transfer. AFTER F2P launch. The one that is over happened before F2P launch.

So, you see. I didn’t create new team in Varena because it would be deleted and overwritten if I transfer my team from Telsiai.

I’m just saying if I’m IMC and I’m opening Varena and restricting access to Telsiai for an unknown duration. There’s this obvious issue of early adopter not being able to play with their friends. Then I would feel obliged to resolve this issue for my customers.

I’m not going to make early adopter who paid for head start start over.

Anyway, thank you for your time and interest in replying my thread. Peace <3 :3

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nope, it’s still egotistical and self-centered to think that “receiving the same treatment as everyone else” is some kind of punishment.

you paid for a head start. you got a head start.

there was never any guarantee that you would be on the same server as your friends, especially if they started at a different time.

starting over on another server doesn’t destroy any of your old characters.

they could have waited until the server restrictions were removed.
they could have bought the founder packs to join you on Telsiai.
you could have bought the founder packs as gifts for them.
you could have have left Telsiai sooner and joined them on Varena as soon as it opened.

the server restrictions have been removed, so they could join you on Telsiai now.
or, again, you could join them on Varena.

there were, and are, plenty of available options. if neither side chose to use them when they were available, that isn’t anyone’s fault but your own.

you want to play with your friends.
you want to keep all your stuff.
…but you can only have one, and now you have to pick.

or you can just keep waiting and hope that one day they do decide to open some server transfers again.

IMC doesn’t owe you anything. they said there would be a transfer, that was the plan. plans change.

does it suck? sure.

is continuing to whine about it going to help any? not even a little.

dude starting on over on another server means abandoning that and you’re not going to play two servers. So it’s still there but it isn’t worth anything = lost progress = punishment.

You know when you criticize others you’re criticizing yourself. You didn’t even try to see the problems from my perspective.

Why should I “have left Telsiai sooner and joined them on Varena as soon as it opened” when they said there would be a transfer ?

There IS going to be a transfer. Why should I leave all my characters ? When they told me there will be a transfer ? To play on Varena only to get the team on Varena deleted and overwritten when the transfer happen ?

You can’t just change this kind of stuff. Plus they don’t tell us if the plan have change or anything. They just pretend there was never a plan which of course is a lie.

I don’t know why you feel like you need to reply you’re not helping anybody.

i said you -could- have, not should have.

sure you can. there isn’t any law requiring that they run their server according to what -you- want.
if they -haven’t- said anything, then it’s because there is nothing to say.

servers are closed to new players to fix server stability issues. why would they allow server transfers which are simply going to cause -further- stability issues?

i’m not telling you what you want to hear. that isn’t the same as being unhelpful.

what if they just delete all characters data ? is there a law that say they can’t do that ?

no there is not. they own the servers and everything on them.

if they felt there was a truly pressing need, and it was worth completely gutting this game for at -least- the next year, if not entirely destroying it straight up, it’s perfectly within their rights to wipe the servers.

but, just to say it again, like that old adage… “just because you can doesn’t mean that you should.”

Pretty sure you will get the transfer, however since everything is delayed and the servers are on lockdown hence it is no surprises that the transfer are delayed too. Can’t be entitled to everything.

Just make sure to SS their statement on the free transfer to Varena from Telsial 3 weeks after f2p launch just in case. Though I’m sure if you did slightly follow the announcement the transfer will probably happened after IMC manage to handle server stability issue. Until then, hakunas your tatas.

Sure. I still think that there are things that could have been done to deal with my issue instead of nothing. And no communication too.

Thanks for replying my thread anyway. I think making a thread about it is not bad. It’s not too polluting. Just friendly reminder that there’s this issue.

Sorry, if I offended you during the discussion.

Hi, hello.

yep this is still a thing.