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Toy Hammer good for monks?

Hey everyone, I was just wondering if toy hammer is a weapon that’s worth getting for a monk. I know that sometimes double punch will kill before getting to the 10 hit proc, or is it better to save and buy probably a magas mace in the near future.

My poor man’s way - Fedimian Mace to 170 then Suncus Maul.
Might as well save for Karacha or Venom o.o

Thanks for the reply. I guess if poor rng, fedimian is the way to go? As of right now in using valia, cube dropped, with arde on secondary, also cube dropped. So would you recommend sticking with valia until I hit 170 and get a suncus?

On a good day, suncus costs around 50k.
Would you say no to 2 ranks of DP and energy blast?

Valia is good enough, Toy Hammer isn’t going to make things much easier for you. It’s cute tho

Definitely going to get a suncus once I hit 170. So I guess toy hammer is for the rich and bored. Sticking with my valia till 170.