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ToS Wikia - Featuring Artists

The Tree of Savior Wikia is open for submissions for those artists who wish to get their art featured in it! The art you wish to get featured will be posted in a specific page according to the concept. Example:

  • Art featuring your Swordsman will be featured in the Swordsman page.
  • Fan Art featuring Demon Goddess Giltine will be featured in Giltine’s page.

ToS-Re Circle Star by ToS-ReHow to apply?

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Join the Tree of Savior Discord
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Submit the pictures you want to get featured in the # fan-art channel
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Link your gallery and the name you want to be known as! Or you can specify your Server and Team Name!

And that’s it! Take a look a the Tree of Savior Wiki to read more about characters and know the game’s lore! Next thing we’ll feature will be Locations !



-starts to pack up things-

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Are you guys connected with Deviant arts ToS fan page? or seperate?

The Wiki itself isn’t connected with the DeviantART ToS group. Nevertheless, ToS deviantART group is affiliated with ToS RP group on deviantART! ToS RP, on another hand, is affiliated with the Wiki, since I’m admin of both. :smiley: