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Tos Streamer saying hi and asking a question

Hi all I’m xtigermaskx I stream TOS a few days a week every week and it’s been amazing. So many great people have come in and watched as well as help me get used to the game.

What I’m wondering is if I could get any sort of partnership with TOS so that I can interact more with the game and the community. I know everything is based out of Korea but I’d love to be helpful in any way.


This partnership you’re talking about is pretty vague, as to:

There is the in-game social community, guilds, grinding parties, and casual chat. Along with these, this forum.

If you are looking for some kind of advertisement of some sort (this is just how i interpreted your statement), I’m pretty sure you’ll have low chances as you know iTos itself had a lack of advertisements.


Yeah I left it vague because I don’t know if they even offer anything. Some newer games like dauntless have a full ‘partner program’ that ties in specifically with streamers. I was more curious than anything as if there was anything I could add to my stream to help promote the product more.

It’s not so much that I want advertisement for me but I want to help be the advertisement for the game. I’m really happy with the turnout I’ve had from people coming to see streams of the game and I haven’t quite gotten to a large part of the content yet.